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  1. Not sure which category to put this under. I'll let you guys decide!
  2. Last one stuck.. Good thing I'm not under pressure.. Oh.. Thank you game! >:c
  3. Bugs - Version 20.2 So I have been gathering some bugs from the current version. I know a lot of these probably already have been mentioned before. But I thought to myself I'd share them with you guys anyway. So here we go. 1. Forest Biome - Siege Roller not attacking core. Went AFK came back to this siege roller. It did not attack the core. Killed it and later won the match. Not sure why this happened. 2. UI - Selecting hero problems. Tried to change between the heroes. Suddenly my F3 had become my F4. Had to unequip all the heroes and restart my game two times before I got my F
  4. Tried to make them look as much as the original ones as possible. So I used the same colors and made what I would call really good pictures for DD2 achievements. Also used HTML editing to make a pretty good example of how it would look on steam. Titles can of course be changed. Lifelong Defender - Reach Level 50 on a hero. [Locked] Example: Lifelong Defender - Reach Level 50 on a hero. [Unlocked] Example: United Defense - On four heroes, reach level 50. [Locked] Example: United Defense - On four heroes, reach level 50. [Unlocked] Example: I might add more in the future. Been t
  5. Question: Have you guys ever considered putting some of the maps from DD1 into DD2? Maybe like a rework? I think that a lot of us old players coming from DD1 would love to feel the nostalgia when we enter some of these old amazing maps. - Sure even the new players would love em' too. Who doesn't love new/more maps? - Maybe even put some new loot based on these maps? Lightning: - New/more pet eggs coming soon? - Any plans about increasing the size of the tavern? Maybe adding an outside area to explore?
  6. Okay for some reason my brother also needs to re-buy his game? I really hope this will be fixed soon. Cause I'm starting to think we all will lose our game.. (Fixed without we have to buy the game AGAIN). http://imgur.com/w2jMZ4P As you can see he got the same problem as I, and I have no clue why this is happening. I bought my game the same day as he did. Now we both can't play it. We have to re-purchase it again. This is simply not fair at all. So please Trendy, if you see this, please give us some answers and find a fix, cause this is just sad.
  7. Haven't been playing for almost a month now. (Waiting for the next update). Now suddenly I have to purchase the game again? Why? I even bought the collectors edition... So why can't I play? Cause I won't purchase the game again? I really hope you can fix this, cause I simply can't start the game and purchase the game again is not an option. As you can see on the screenshot above I have been playing for 140 hours and I must say I would hate to have lost both money and time.
  8. Yup! Though the towers was actually build by a huntress and a squire. Couldn't do it with Apprentice and Monk. - Also, as you can see it also uses some of the build points on the screenshot. Want me to record as video? Or? ..
  9. Hey Trendy, well I think I might have found a bug in the tavern. Sometimes you're able to deploy towers within the walls in the tavern. I have 2 screenshots for you here. Hope it helps. :)
  10. Just got an ingame message about downtime 2-3 hours. Well the text was way to big and all the text wasn't even on the screen. Can anyone tell me what all this is about?
  11. 5/10, not really my style.. Sorry.
  12. I think this is a great idea lunee! +1
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