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  1. Lucky for me, I was able to complete c5 when cyborks' stuns did not affect embers, now they do...however at the time there was no cooldown on the stun/silence of the assassins, so you would get perma stunned. Stack HP+armor and hang out around anti-air (sky guard, pdts, and lightning aura). Also, somtimes jumping like crazy allows the assassins to "miss" you. They fly towards unable to latch and just start slashing. You have to be careful not to be near crystals as that's an easy way to lose the game.
  2. I thought I read something about free ascension resets friday-sunday ... can't seem to find it anymore? Ascensions still cost.
  3. It does 0 damage with defense rate, destruction, and defense crit. It says 1mil dps but when it hits, it doesn't do damage. I've gotten it to fire properly in tavern and hit mobs at least once or twice.
  4. I use the Maw. They attack air..so that helps. Totem with %health, shielding guard, and the shard that gives more damage when enemies are frozen.
  5. Alright, I finally beat Chaos 5 Dragon Falls. I'll give an approximate ascension level and stats. Ascension lvl 75. Walls: Maw with 7200TH Totem runes %health, shielding guard, and %TD (2.5mil health) Defense: Fissure with crit relic 8200 crit damage (started with a 7200 relic with TD. I got lucky with a C5 wave 2 mystical drop) Runes: %crit, deadly strike, %attack speed (900 damage, 90k crit damage) Ascension: range and TD of fissure PDT with 8200 TD relic (started with 6700 TD relic) Runes: ehanced poison, %damage (180k dps) Ascension: range and pdt TD Frosty tower Runes: %health, split freeze, and increase %slow 1 Snaking sands: This was to get the Dark Assassin off, giving me 10 extra seconds of survival Hero: Squire with 130k health. (all items are C5 gear, avg of 2200 armor w health stat... started maxed c4 gear) Runes: %armor, and damage return runes, with faster build rune. The strategy was to place a frosty at the beginning of a cluster of two fissures. I would stick a PDT per lane with an extra PDT for air lanes. When dark assassins spawn, I run to the place with snaking sands and PDT. I would pop my pet, dragon lich, and just tank the damage. Snaking sands would stun a few assassins while I tank the other. After losing about 50k-70k health, the assassin dislodges, allowing me to #3 and stun. Die, repeat the process and hope the Maws haven't been destroyed. The PDT would usually be able to kill one or two assassins only so I'd have to die once or twice to get kill all fo them. Died maybe 6 times on wave 5 due to a random flier that got past PDTs.
  6. I am not understanding this Dark Assassin mechanic. I was finally able to clear wave 1 of C5 of all enemies except 4 assassin. I die, the assassin show up as "air" icons at each of the beginning lane locations. I immediately respawn and get jumped by the 4 assassins. I can only make it about in range of 1 PDT, 1 frosty, and 1 ember before I die. I am a squire and 88k health. I die about 20 times to finally clear the wave 1. The way I was able to clear it was 1. I was the squire 88k health. 2. Every time I respawn, I would be attacked until about 20k health where I would stun with my 3. 3. I had about 250 crystals so I would stun, and then quickly upgrade PDT til I died. 4. Up until lvl 3 was my PDT finally strong enough to kill them in the 15seconds I could stay alive otherwise they would respawn at full health. I don't see a way to break into c5 unless you just break the "ascension" threshold needed to beat c5.
  7. I think I'm maxed out gearwise on c4. I don't have all legendary 60 upgrades or anything but I'm at a point where I barely get any upgrades. I have a few medallions and totems with 7200DH/DP. I tried c5 but quickly get annihilated by assassins. My towers are strong enough to deal with c5 mobs but still needed dps support. What's the best way (easiest) of transitioning to c5 and dealing with assassins? I have all heroes except abyss, decent amount of shards (only one deadly strike shard), and at about 70 ascension lvl. I've tried snakes walls, but unless you have 2-3 of them free, they do not stun the assassins fast enough to help. It's getting boring just farming c4 for runes and the occasional leg armor\relic.
  8. What happened to the Hero Info page? It was pretty useful info.
  9. What happened to the Hero Info page? It was pretty useful info.
  10. What happened to the Hero Info page? It was pretty useful info.
  11. Can we make "non-Trials" maps drop items equivalent to their Chaos tier? I accidentally played Nimbus Reach on C4. I noticed that the items were campaign level ipwr even though the enemies were clearly C4.
  12. Ic.... I think it's kind of inconvenient that it costs to reset ascension abilities. It deters from experimentation. Now that you mention frost towers, they were my favorite before endgame patch. I haven't been using them because I've been investing in range for flame towers.
  13. How about we put the blacksmith to use and allow him to craft us specific shards using other shards? Campaign shards>C1>C2 etc..? or 10x C1 shards for 1 specific C1 shard etc... That way, even though RNG doesn't treat us well, we still feel we make progress by collecting shards.
  14. I haven't been playing much other than doing the daily quests. Just got done playing Horizon Zero Dawn, so I've got more time on my hands. I'm ascension level 24 with nm4 relics and maxed standard runes: crit damage/crit chance/%tower damage increase. I can't seem to beat wave 5 of chaos II. My flamethrowers always seems to get one shot by bosses (and seem to be bugged when trying to attack purple crystal guys while they're tunneled). Maybe I shouldn't be using TD/CD/DS rune and go for Tower HP? I have all the characters except abyssal lord. At what ascension level did you start to be able to reliably beat Chaos II? I'm currently mainly using flame towers, while experimenting between mystic and lavamancer walls.
  15. if I select it and try to put it in my armor/weapon it always says invalid slot. I'm putting the proper runes in the proper armor. Is this a bug?
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