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  1. I know the feels. My daily login looks similar to Fozzie's, takes me about 20min to get in finally
  2. You look like that ! When i see your avatar. XD LOL! I didn't even think about it like that until you mentioned it hahaha
  3. lol Yeah I like the hypnotic skins too
  4. Chaos 1 introduces Vanguards (Shield Goblins) they have very high resistance to frontal damage. So essentially the strategy is, put up your blockades where you think they should be, setup towers to hit all the enemies in the back starting at their spawn, then you can setup more infront of the blockade to deal with any of the meaty enemies that get past the initial towers. I used Poison Dart Towers, Flamethrowers, I even used Dryad and setup slime traps with blockades just barely behind the slimes. Dont get too frustrated if you dont finish the whole thing, essentially you need to finish at least wave 2 and continue to gear from there. You could even use EV2 Weapon manufacturer and blockades as well. Flame auras also are good. You have many options to work with, try getting the whole cast to level 50 while doing it. Good luck
  5. I agree, I think that coloring them on the mini-map would be another great quality of life addition
  6. Thanks for all the replies! The round before he randomly glitched up the stairs to the left of my two blockades, I swear I killed him quite a bit further back than where he spawned at though. So in the future if he gets past defenses that no other mob gets past, should I delete my blockades and move them further back in the hopes that he spawns in front of them?
  7. Chaos 6 - Assault on Throne Room - Wave 3 At the start of wave 3, 20 million health boss spawns within swinging distance of the crystal (Throne Core). He doesn't have to move or anything. I am wondering if this is intended as a gear check, because on my gunwitch I am almost able to kill it before it can even swing using CC. Quite frustrating either way losing because boss spawns on the crystal and I lose the map because of it
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