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  1. Ok well at least it's not just me. Yesterday I tried playing a map solo, and was barely able to keep things in check with the rubberbanding and teleporting around. Today in a private tavern had the same crap and didn't even bother starting a round. I wonder what the problem is?
  2. Hoping this is not just me. Haven't played in weeks, but fired up the game yesterday with new patch to test it out. I'm getting horrible lag even in the tavern to the point where the game is unplayable. I thought maybe it was just because the new patch came out and everyone was playing and the servers might be overloaded. But I just tried again and the same issue. My FPS are rock solid at 60FPS, never budging, but just trying to walk around the tavern, my character jumps around and teleports. It's basically unplayable. Anyone else having this? Or know what I could try to fix?
  3. Thanks guys, that helps a lot. I don't have a single piece of gear upgraded yet. I was holding out to find the "high end" stuff before wasting time on upgrades, but it would appear now that maybe I have that high-end gear already. I had no idea upgrading gear increased iPower level. I'm definitely going to start upgrading some of my "keeper" pieces now. Thanks again.
  4. Stupid question I know. But NM4 Ipower 1000 maps say loot should be up to 700. I just hit 50 on all my chars a few weeks ago and have finally worked my way up to NM4 Assault on THrone room being trivial. I've done maybe 100 rounds in the past two weeks there and have yet to see one single iPower 700 item. My highest iPower char is 695, and the rest are low 600's. The highest piece of gear on any of my chars is 698. Are they just really rare? Or do I need to be doing Onslaught modes or something? I'm also not sure why it says iPower 900/1000 required for some maps, when from my understanding th
  5. Thanks all. I just plastered through 5 more rounds and finally got a weapon drop with 2%. Actually had decent stats too so am now happy. Now just to find the darn relic!
  6. Thanks g_cracka, I'll keep looking then. I've basically just been running Assault on Throne room NM4 since it's in the highest Ipower bracket and I can basically AFK it.
  7. I just found out about this passive. I've been playing solely with my EV out for over a few dozen NM4 runs over the past three days. I've yet to find any weapon or relic with the passive on it. I would have expected to at least see the passive even with crappy stats at least once. Starting to wonder if maybe it was removed from the game and I'm wasting my time? Can anyone confirm they've gotten the passive recently since the patch?
  8. Just came here looking for this. Just had the problem on an insane level. Every single item was Ipower 1. Kinda annoying and makes me not want to play if it's a common occurence.
  9. I had the same problem earlier after the patch once the game crashed from Playverse.. Simply quitting Steam fixed it for me the first try.
  10. Former DD1 player. Played DD2 since it was first closed beta. Had 6 Characters at max and played non-stop until the character wipe (think it was a few months ago?). Haven't had much urge to play since as all my time invested was wiped. Now that the game seems to be stabilizing much more, I'm starting to play again, but find a lot of things I'm not quite sure about. Is there an actual updated manual/help for where the game stands today? I've looked but can't seem to find one.I see on some items there is what looks like a gold sundial icon next to a person icon with like 0% or 19% etc. What exac
  11. Think that is more an anecdote than anything. I've heard people say it's fireball towers, others cannonballs, others ballistas, etc etc.. Everyone has a theory but obviously they can't all be correct. I've made it through rounds with all of the above with no issues, then had the issue on the very next round.
  12. I believe this is a known issue, but wanted to post about it in case it isn't. Since buying the game months ago I've never had any crashes and things have been great. Since the latest patch which added incursions, I crash multiple times a day while playing incursions. Screenshot of the error is attached. It also seems like everytime I "verify integrity of game cache" on Steam, it always comes up with the same message that 8 files failed to validate and redownloads them. I can repeat this every time and it's always the same.
  13. Yeah this is a major issue.. I always kept my 25 squire/monk in my deck, and would bring in huntress/apprentice to level up. The game would simply downlevel the 25's accordingly.. Now, the ONLY way to play my level 10 apprentice, is to empty my hero deck so it is only him and go to Campaign.. Meaning I can not build with any other characters.. This simply must be broken, otherwise it defeats the whole concept of having multiple characters. Hopefully they can fix this in patch on Monday.
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