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  1. Same just logged for the first time in over a year, my inventory is gone and all my heroes equipment. Contacted support.
  2. Just logged for the first time in over a year, my inventory is gone and all my heroes equipment. Contacted support. Still have my hero levels, ascension levels and currency though.
  3. I'm not going to lie I was very disappointed when I noticed the Pylon shards only worked on blockades. I had big plans for them with reflect beam. RUINED!
  4. If this is not a bug changes definitely need to be made to avoid core damage at least. A 6000 range explosion that one shots anything under 450k health is insane. If Zapper spawns in some of the closer lanes its pretty much a guaranteed map loss.
  5. Supposed to be https://twitter.com/TrendyEnt/status/848982070206615552
  6. Agreed, then proceed to open all maps in every tier please <3
  7. Practice mode has to go, it’s confusing to new players evidenced by the plethora of forum posts and stream comments wondering why they are not finding upgrades. You lose nothing by failing other than potential victory rewards therefore practice by doing, we don’t need an extra game mode with trash gear. Allow us to select the map we wish to play. Bring back modifiers to give people that want added challenge some options while progressing through the chaos tiers. Incursions can be rolled into rolled into this system. Change Chaos Trials to be a daily or weekly event, expand the map pool to include every map and pick 3-4 non repeating maps randomly to progress through, yes they absolutely have to be rotated, give a few medals and an extra chest as a reward or something. Bring back Onslaught as the true end game (that infinitely scales), players will always blitz through the content no matter how difficult you make it while enemies remain static. Make sure this scales quickly so games don’t last for weeks. Scrap the 3 waves per round system and keep it based on waves alone again to shorten map duration. Focus on this so we don’t end up having 20+ chaos tiers. Remove the awful gating system, items drops should be based on map difficult alone. There are currently people emptying their decks and faffing around with crap gear wondering how to get upgrades. Even seen some people superstitiously equip the bulwark shard in order to find legendary drops / upgrades no idea how that rumor started lol. The whole system is incredibly convoluted, be transparent with how the system works and that includes when you stealthy nerf drop rates. Open up all inventory slots for purchase. Thanks for your consideration, here’s to hoping!
  8. Max number of bags is my complaint as well, I went to purchase them all the other day and noticed the cap. I’ve not been keeping up with dev streams but if the question was indeed asked and devs said extra bags would be a legacy thing then what the actual ***. Better start racking up those ascension levels people, if the system is ever changed it will no doubt become a legacy feature and you will miss out on a ton of sweet sweet stats... same notion and at this point wouldn’t be surprised if it happened. It’s just as ridiculous as providing extra inventory for a select few players. Cosmetic legacy rewards great! But don’t give unobtainable advantages to a small portion of your player base, let’s try to keep things balanced shall we? We had this same *** with frosty power passives on gear. I hate raging but for christ sake trendy absorb some information and learn from past mistakes. Apologies if this legacy stuff was never mentioned.
  9. Would be a lovely change for sure, I was going to suggest just removing the campaign box but I like this idea better.
  10. While on the bag subject can we get an equal amount of bags for everyone please, max is currently 8 tabs but there are people floating around with 10 due to purchasing all pet slots pre patch... Shard stacking will go a long way in terms of inventory management. Never complain about more bag space though.
  11. Horrible system... wont be pushing until drops are based on chaos difficulty alone. I refuse to upgrade my gear just to progress when I can already clear most of the content. Hope changes are made soon shard farming can only last so long.
  12. After reading about item drops based on currently equipped gear I lost interest. I have cleared higher difficulties but because I don't want to upgrade my current gear I will not progress. The system is ridiculous. My preference would be to let all maps drop the same item level based on difficulty alone, on top of this please allow us to select the map we want to play. Who cares if people will pick the easiest map to farm, player choice is ultimately what matters (Still hoping for open private to public and host kick controls). You can encourage players to explore different maps offering unique weapon models or shards, that's more than enough. I agree with [[150185,users]] I am happy with the loot frequency. At this point I've pretty much resigned myself to C1 for that elusive range increase shard to make tower defense more preferable. Having said that I have played countless games and haven't seen a single one, I'm approaching ascendancy level 100 if that gives any perspective on amount played. A way of controlling which shard I get would be welcome. I am really enjoying the shard system though, just need some stacking and filters to make inventory a little more manageable.
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