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  1. I've seen it show up a lot and have no idea what it means. What is PDT?
  2. As the title suggest. I've been playing on my squire and have seen maybe one Hearty passive in a week
  3. So I find it odd waves can get the same boss on two different lanes. While I don't think is too big a problem for most bosses, it makes Malthius almost unbearable. I don't know if anyone else agrees, I just find it annoying getting to a certain wave then having two long range summoners overwhelm every lane
  4. I loved it :D. Wish it lasted longer though :/
  5. After playing either free play endgame or normal free play and winning a different map 5 times you get a bonus in either xp or a legendary chest. Either a ton of XP (in non-endgame maps) or a guaranteed legendary chest (in endgame maps). Thank you
  6. Oh thank you, I wasn't sure where this would need to go
  7. So I got past NM2 awhile ago. I think only one of my characters needs gear for NM3, but I've come to pretty much a stand still solo :/. Do I need to do more NM2 and try to get more specialized gear?
  8. Steam, really shoulda put that in the original post lol
  9. Is there anybody doing NM2 who needs a group?
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