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  1. How to do it? :kobold::kobold::kobold::kobold::kobold::kobold: How you guys done it?
  2. i went through the patch notes but i can't find when they nerfed UMF. As i saw, the buffed defenses dmg, hp, item quality, item quantity and nerfed monsters... I can't see reasons to avoid patching
  3. I think you can only play with people who have the same patch installed. Another thing is that there have been like three patches in two days or something so maybe other people are stuck waiting for long downloads if you are on the current patch. hmmmm, maybe this is the explanation :D
  4. 1 - yes, i rebooted 2 - yes, not in open, trendynet always :D
  5. Since friday patch i can only see about 7 or 8 game rooms on the "lobby". Where are all the other players? I'm playing from Brazil, can this be somehow related to the explanation/problem? Like dedicated servers per country, or stuff like that?
  6. How much time did you spent doing this run? With how many players?
  7. I was just checking THIS out. Take a look on the gallery, search for the loots. 51^ Godly Cap with average +30 bonus on stats. NICE
  8. shop stock >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> survival loot in terms of armor and pets, it completely craps all over any time invested in survival. survival is where you go for good 40-60 upgrade weapons, and a giraffe (if you really wanted one). But don't you have to go survival to restock the shop?
  9. If you're undergeared, do Alche lab insane survival. Even with weak gear, a good setup should still bring you to wave 20 (or at least wave 15 regardless, if your gear is absolutely pathetic..), which should net some low end superloot (40+ level weapons, 30+ armour) along with a good amount of mana. This should be enough to prepare you for harder maps or modes. In your opinion, where should i farm after looting some nice gear on Alch Lab?
  10. Just a simple poll to help those who need an equip upgrade :D If u can, leave map suggestion. EDIT: The fourth option is Pure Strategy Mixed Mode :P Survival Pure Strategy doesn't even exist
  11. 7) Leave a game without having to go all the way back to start screen Self-explanatory, imo? This! Man, it SUCKS to go back to the damned Main Screen. Quick Match -> Some guy using tavern as SHOP -> Exit Game -> BACK TO SQUARE 0 :kobold: 4) Monk aura radius without negative effects. This isn't a unique suggestion, as I'm sure none of these are, but the most common suggestion I see is an option to resize auras manually. This would be a decent way for more advanced players to get finessed use out of their auras. Alternatively, if possible, why not just allow auras to overlap but o
  12. If I had to vote on it - and there was even a voting option anyway :) - if the player (him only) watching the cutscene presses a key during the cutscene, they should be thrown back to the map. I guess that would return the mechanic to making more sense. Yeah, instead of the classic (Alchem or Throne) sequence: Boss -> Loot -> Crystal -> Cutscene They could swap to be like Boss > Cutscene -> Loot -> Crystal -> Tavern/Next-Campaign-Map-That-Will-Be-Out-23th-11-YAY
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