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  1. Sieg is just a preview for what Phase 3 will bring us soon™. You can see (a few) details about it here. This is so refreshing to read! someone gets what I have been saying! I am getting so bogged down with the two camp on each side of the siege roller debate just completely unwilling to see that a he has both good and bad aspects to his implementation. I almost want to give up on it as its turning into purge evil vs PDT debate 2.0 which was a nightmare :D Don't worry Zimmerman, I think just like you, Sieg is something that this game needed, but not the way he is right now.
  2. I suggest forest poachers, it's the most easy one, and the where most of newcomers farm their gear. Return of maldonis, demon's lair, altar of athame and blood moon are the ones that I know for sure, but there might be more.
  3. Can you do Nm4 incs? Because some of them doesn't have Sieg spawn.
  4. Disconnect also work. But "exit" is less letters. Lol But "exit" will close your game while "disconnect" takes you to start screen, and you only need to type it once, later you just have to press tab and up '-'
  5. **saving it as favorite for the future ** You should make this a steam guide, it would be easier to find there than in the search system this forum has.
  6. Could you be more specific? I have a 796 monk, not sure what you mean. I'll try anything, but which abilities etc are you using? Base attacks build, halloween weapon with elemental damage +critic chance and critc dmg passives + power up passive in the weap and ring + stance sphere + sandstrom pets (if you need a boost you can always use SA with hero damage buff and world tree).
  7. My 710 monk with messed up passives is handling it just fine, I just swap to him when a tank spawn and swap back right before it dies to get the loot.
  8. Yep... From the front you do 50-100 dps (not 50,000 - 100,000.. just 50-100).. from the back i appear to be around around 15k (15,000).. these are from Heroes that do up to 1 Million Dps on the dummies.. Im been targeting the big arse RED Y looking thing on the back ... nowhere else appears to do damage. Weird, maybe monk is his counter? or base attacks? or he is just glitched? We could use a Dev answer around here. :/
  9. Have you guys tried Dpsing his back? I killed over 10 with my poorly geared monk with no problem, sometimes when two appears in different lanes one of they reached my walls, but all it needed was placing the wall far away so his missile doesn't reach the defenses (like we used to do with ogres jumps when the game was hard) and me dpsing his back while fixing the wall. The only thing I agree is the fact that his destroy traps, been invulnerable I would understand but destroying it makes no sense.
  10. All spooky weapons drop in Blood Moon inc.
  11. I think you misunderstood what I said, I never said that I'm mat at it, I said that people will get mad, and they really will, didn't you see whole drama over skeleton skins coming back, or how the special pets had to get a recolor to come back? I don't care about some slots, I bought that to help trendy over a year ago.
  12. So... if I have 16 premium bags(512 slots) I'll gain no free slots, while people with 10 premium and 1 small(336 slots) will get free 48 slots because the next 64 multiplier is 384? Boy, that is harsh, I can see people getting mad at it.
  13. I wanna say Akatiti Jungle... but I'm not sure.
  14. Yeah, I only got 2 yesterday and after today's midnight one, the clock said 12 hours. I Needed those for the new hero, but apparently I'll have to get her a few days later :/
  15. "Legends says that Harbinger real name is Carl, but he will deny it forever."
  16. Completed before, no medals this week. Tuesday. No, that's two days without any daily.
  17. No wipe is require, "just" release a new difficulty with higher Ipwr drops in the strategy revamp and everyone will have to re-gear.
  18. Ok, I admit that they were a little OP and they needed a rebalance, but this was WAY too extreme, they went from useful to nothing. The biggest problem is that squire got in same train, now I have a useless 60/60 pet and my squire went back to building some walls and goodbye, you are not welcomed here anymore. R.I.P. And seriously Trendy, please make your next goal (after loot) pet system and melee rethinking.
  19. Lightning: Will we have a pet Karl?
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