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  1. I said this when eve2 was released and will say again: We have leaking mobs every since this game was a game, and ev2 has everything that it is needed to "fix" the problem, but for some reason Trendy is the only one whom doesn't see it.
  2. Yeah having less than 20 points on c6 just doesn't make sense, no one use DP in c6 because it's not worth, I don't care how they fix it, make DP viable or give us more crit chance. Whats the point of challenge that require us to play with something we are not used to and will never use outside Mastery? Because if you are using DP in C6 Trails you are doing something wrong.
  3. This is an open post to talk about new achievements, feel free to suggest your ideas From another 2d World - Beat forest biome onceGobu Quicker Killier - Kill a siege-roller with one hitTanking the Tank - Kill a roller without hitting the weak spot Ready for battle - Have all heroes lv 50Armor breaker - Kill a Vanguard from the front.Gobu Killer - Kill [InsertNumberHere] VanguardsOut-smarted - Kill a Cyborg with a ground defenseSystem crash - Kill [InsertNumberHere] CyborgsIt's my fireball now - reflect back a projectile reflected by a GeodePrime Killer - Kill [insertNumberHere] GeodesMY RULE
  4. I'm an old NM4 player and I got 9 bags in trails from the weird math on the inventory revamp, if I buy the Bag Booster Pack will I be able to get the 10th bag? Ps: You might want to specify the answer on the Pack description on steam, because I'm sure it will be a common question.
  5. "Some Shards have been disabled from dropping, but don’t worry, they’ll return with the new Chaos tiers just around" iamisom Could you tell us which? I don't feel like wasting hours of farming for a shard that is not there anymore.
  6. Someone please tell me I got It wrong, Auras, flamethrowers a-like defenses and traps are getting nerfed for been AOE while cannonballs are getting buffed because they are single target? That's really bad, Its already hard to use ground defenses because of cyborgs, flamethrowers because they have to be near the lane so they take a lot of damage, with this changes ranged towers are only getting stronger, which is the completely opposite of what I was expecting, considering cannonballs and pdts are already are the meta. Hopefully the speed and critic changes compensate the range loss, because o
  7. I can't talk about everyone, I'm talking about my case in specific, I have 3 full bags of shards, and 0 range shards, which is useful with almost every tower in the game, Can I beat C4 without it? yes, but it would be easier to progress if this shard wasn't extremely hard to get.
  8. DD1 is FAR from a perfect game and I really don't get why people talks about it like it is super perfect and trendy should never given up on it, I can say the same complain as in dd2 (before trails), which is "only moving when a boss or a mob arrives and afk the rest of the time is boring" Dungeon defenders 2 is a ACTION tower defense, only moving when a boss or mob arrive and killing them with no problems its not action, its boring.
  9. Yes, heroes MUST have something to do: Because this is a hybrid game. At least it's MEANT to be a hybrid game. The problem is that towers currently feel like crap, bar a few exceptions. I agree that being able to AFK farm is bad, but the way they've gone about that by allowing a wave to make almost every tower worthless with ease is BAD. Very bad. I'm not saying towers don't need counters, but what we have no doesn't feel like the right way to go with the way it's been implimented. That's not to say that these new enemies are bad ideas, persay, but they screw things up far too much together. T
  10. No, definitely no, whats the fun of just moving when a boss arrive? It's more annoying than just afk and wait until everything die. Heroes MUST HAVE something to do in the middle time, doesn't matter if it is repairing walls or aoe stunning, that literally where the fun comes from. The game is in the right direction, we just need some nerfs in OP towers/abilities and a mob to counter flamethrowers/nimbus/etc.
  11. I feel you, I really don't get why is so hard to get this shard, I got ascension 35 only doing C1 over and over again, I have 1 and a half bag of shards and nothing, I'm tried Trendy.
  12. No, because I'm stuck in C1 looking for useful shards even tho my gear is good enough for C4.
  13. I agree with you, for me the only main issue was trendy not giving defense range in the start-pack, which force us to farm lower difficulties until get it. But after that the game is so much more fun and rewarding.
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