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  1. It's about the same. It's hard to say for certain because at the lower levels your towers shoot much slower so the training dummies can't give you an as accurate DPS count as they can when your towers are shooting out a steady stream of projectiles. Regardless, I've done quite a bit of testing in DDA with MM towers just to see how effective they are and they feel really weak. On Lava Mines with my standard flame tower build I can basically AFK to wave 25 on insane other than repairing auras. I tried the same thing with MM's but I added in some proximity mines to clear out the trash mobs since that's what MM's are weakest at. I ended up getting overrun at wave 20 and I had a hard time even getting that far. Two MM's at 6 DU should deal substantially more single target damage than a 5 DU tower that also does AoE damage. But they don't.
  2. It was more than 1/2 in DD1, I jumped on real quick just to verify. My MM towers DPS is 92k, my Fireball towers DPS is 135k. So it's about 70% of their DPS. Of course when you factor in single target vs AoE its effective DPS is much lower. Personally I'd like so the the MM's in DDA be even better than the ones in DD1.
  3. So at this point my characters are lvl 50+ and I've done all the content on the highest difficulty that the game has to offer and I've beaten all levels to wave 25 on insane so I feel like now would be a good time to throw in my two cents. Hero Deck: I like it. I like being able to swap heroes on the fly and I think it's a great change. My only concern is that it's currently only 4 slots. For now that's not an issue but could become an issue later on as we get more heroes. Mana: Mana is probably one of my biggest gripes at the moment. You just flat out don't get enough mana and, to me, never having enough mana just isn't fun. Apprentice Balance: Flameburst Tower: These are fantastic. I love that the projectiles move a lot faster than in DD1 and it's just overall a great tower. Elemental Barrier: It would be nice if this could strip resistances from a distance. It's just not useful waiting for an enemy to attack your wall before its resistances are stripped. Magic Missile: These need work. Their DPS is just too low, even for their 3 DU cost. Two of these (6 DU) don't even have the DPS of a single Flameburst (5 DU) AND they're single target. They need a niche to fill and right now they don't have one. It would be great if you could use these as a way to deal high damage to a single target like ogres while other towers handle the crowds. Lightning Tower: This tower also needs work. It's bugged right now but beyond that its DPS is just pathetic. It's nice that it stuns targets but that's just not what this tower should be for. A gas trap can stun targets much more effectively and for less than half the DU. This tower should be for clearing out trash mobs and for 7 DU it should be good at it too. Deadly Striker: No complaints here except for its bugs. It doesn't shoot through walls as it should and it also shows you a wide firing arc when you're placing it, but in reality its firing arc is much more narrow. Squire Balance: Lets be honest most of his towers are useless except his high HP wall and his harpoon turret. I was hoping something more could be done with him but I also get it. You guys are busy so you probably don't have time to redesign a hero right now. That being said: Harpoon Turret: It's still 6 DU just like in DD1 and I think it should be cheaper. It's just flat out not as good as the Flameburst tower and its projectile is waaaay too slow, probably even as slow as it was in DD1. Bowling Ball Turret: It's expensive (7 DU) and it's just not very good. Certainly not worth the high DU cost. Bouncer Blockade & Slice and Dice: Less HP than the normal barricade, cost more DU, and have to be in melee range to do damage. If they had the extra HP to justify their high DU then maybe they could carve out a nice niche but right now there's just no point. Huntress Balance: Honestly she's in a pretty good spot. I think her explosive trap could use a slight buff in damage to keep her competitive with the other heroes. Only real issue she has is the Inferno trap. Inferno Trap: It costs 4 DU, just one less than the Monk's lightning aura but it seems to deal way less damage. It also has an ungodly long reload time (maybe a bug?) but when you take that into account its DPS is almost nonexistent. Monk Balance: The Monk is also in a good spot. Only real issue I've seen with him so far is the ensnare aura seems quite weak. Kobolds seem to run through it like it doesn't even exist. Final Thoughts: I love the game, you guys did a great job and it really does feel like I'm playing an enhanced DD1. I won't even bother getting into the UI because I know that it's subject to change but I do hope that you can recapture some of the charm of the original UI. There are also some issues with hero damage, especially the huntress, but since there are no item upgrades currently I think it would be pointless to discuss. Overall really great game and with a little polish I think it will surpass DD1.
  4. Was this in late survival? It's a sporadic bug and the towers will work fine at first but eventually just quit working.
  5. If summoner comes back it shouldn't have it's own DU like in DD1, that was pretty broken.
  6. I've gotten lots of bad pet rocks with only 1 stat but this is my first zero. Wave 15 insane.
  7. Are you me? This is all pretty much spot on so +1 here. The only thing I would add is that I wish there was a way to tone down the brightness of some of the defenses. When you have a bunch of auras and flameburst towers the brightness and flashing lights can be a bit much.
  8. I had the same issue and have patch 3 downloaded. I also happen to be watching a stream and they just hit wave 25 as well, no pet.
  9. There's still plenty of room for co-op even with the instant character swap, remember that a lot of DD1's maps were huge. Right now we just have a handful of small maps that are easily solo-able but we'll be getting most if not all of DD1's maps. Personally I really like the change and this is coming from someone who didn't like DD2 at all.
  10. I don't believe so no. It's a pretty strange bug, hard to narrow down what causes it. I sold my lightning tower that wasn't working and replaced it. The new one worked fine for a few shots and then broke like the last one.
  11. Just to preface this, a proper bug report has already been submitted but I'm putting this here so it will hopefully have more visibility to the devs. Lightning towers are not chaining properly and often not chaining at all. This seems to only be an issue in survival so it may be related to the amount of enemies on the map. When you first start the game the lightning towers work as they should but once you hit around wave 7~ish they just stop chaining completely and become useless. As you can see here the lightning tower is only hitting one enemy despite that there are many valid targets surrounding it.
  12. The limited mana is what makes it a problem. Even with 2000 enemies in a wave you're only getting like 500-700 mana total. And then 300+ of that is going to repairing. If you're running auras and traps it's more like 400-500 of your mana is going to repairing and you have to repair multiple times in a single wave. It's ridiculous. And again this is with nearly all points specced into fortify. I have 135 fortify on my monk and I'm repairing auras twice a wave at wave 15. I'm not asking for invincible auras and traps but their current state isn't good.
  13. It's not really an issue until you play survival. Wave 15+ and your traps/auras will go down on every wave without repairs. And that's with pretty much every point specced into fortify too.
  14. Personally I like most of the changes they brought over from DD2. Forge isn't necessary because you can swap hero, check inventory, and apply skill points just from pressing a button on your keyboard which is nice. The forge never made sense to begin with, it was just a huge inconvenience for no reason and was my least favorite thing about DD1. My only real complaint is the lack of mana to upgrade your defenses. After wave 3 they just give you a slow drip of mana that's barely enough to repair your towers and you have to save up for several waves to upgrade a single tower. That's not very fun imo. I think the Monk and Huntress towers also need to be looked at, their towers get depleted way too fast and when you couple the constant repairing of auras/traps with the low mana it creates a problem.
  15. I do like that the loot is color coded but I wish it was just a bit brighter, especially on the higher quality loot. I've had legendaries that I didn't even notice were there until I started picking through the loot.
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