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  1. my name with letters instead of numbers
  2. 1) champ select ahri 2) load up this video 3) put on repeat while playing your match 4) ...... 5) EPIC PROFIT
  3. how many times do you see a ww with the recruiter skin? *crickets chirp* yea. that many times. i'd probably be the only person on the NA server with the skin unlocked (minus the obvious people who have it, like HsGG etc)
  4. 6 normal matches (assuming wins and average length of like 30-40 min) per account 60 matches @35min each would be about 30 hours that's about 2-3 days of playing for me also if you only do 2 accounts a day, every day, you'll get the warwick skin in a month
  5. i just found out you can refer yourself for the referral thingy. free champ ftw?
  6. i don't like BV, the shield gets popped instantly and never blocks anything worth a damn. the other stats on it are basically worthless imo, so there's just no reason to use it edit- sigh, i really wish there was a "casual" mode for LoL. basically a mode where people go when normal/ranked is making them rage, so they can just kick back and play for fun (aka no tryhards allowed). then you can report people for "playing to win" which would result in a perma-ban from casual mode (also would need some kind of "appeals" system, where you can present your case to the GMs why the ban should be re
  7. my choice of items is actually the statistically best setup for caitlyn, with one slot being "optional" 2 bloodthirsters - 200 AD - 50% lifesteal 2 PDs - 110% faster rof - 60% critrate - 24% movement zerks - 25% faster rof - boot2 optional slot, which i chose to go elisha miracle or w/e it's called for the 25hp/10, 20mp/10, and 35 tenacity. alternatively i could have taken an IE for 80 AD, 25% critrate, and 250% crit damage
  8. protip: don't tell me i've never played before, i end up ripping you a new *** lol our zilean wanted mid. i was like lolwut. so i went bot, and this is the result oh yea, he went negatives edit- semi-related sidenote- runes are OP as hell, and most certainly decide matches
  9. Weak argument. You can say that about absolutely any character. Except Olaf."play smart" is a weak argument? or did you say that in reference to shutting them down early? cause alot of champs don't need items to be viable at 30min+
  10. What? Poppy has a built-in Ghost. She will be faster than you. And if you Flash/Ghost away from her, she did her job of taking you out of the fight anyway. Poppy reduces all damage by half if it would do 10+% of her hp. You burst/DPS her down? I... guess this leads me to my next question. Are you even level 30?all my champs have either higher natural speed, use boot3, or have built in escapes. combine this with my summoner spells, its very rare that melee champs are able to do anything to me 9 times out of 10, my deaths are to ranged champs or when multiple people focus me down pop
  11. akali has an amazing early game, but she falls off very quickly late game. especially if she doesn't get fed kumiho is likely going to have burst similar to leblanc and mobility like ezreal. the range thing is probably going to make her relatively weak in teamfights, but she'll probably be OP as hell in duels
  12. i've never had a poppy even hit me, either they drop DI and i just walk away, or they die to my burst/DPS before they can get near me. poppy is extremely weak if you know she's there, which makes her a very weak champ overall a part of having skill is being able to keep track of enemy cooldowns (even approximations). once you are able to do this, the game becomes 100x easier as you know when the enemy will be able to burst you
  13. kumiho is coming : D sounds like a hybrid ez/akali tho, which isn't necessarily a bad thing as i enjoy playing ez. that being said, this whole "gotta be close up to do damage" thing is probably going to make her really weak in the current environment of normal games
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