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  1. hallilughya! or however you spell that word! So glad the game isnt COMPLETELY and utterly abandoned. Lets hope all goes well and they can get that team on DD2 again! :D
  2. yeah no, there is nothing wrong with posting this guide. Freedom of Speech yo. Not like he is putting anyone down, or being rude, or such. Just informing people "hey, this is how you do this." in a way that even the CG can appreciate, cause if they do wanna fix this bug out, now they have a very explicit guide on how to reproduce it and fix it. So nothing wrong with this guide either way. Few extra medals never hurt anyone, especially since they are not the currency you have to buy for real money.
  3. im totally on board with this topic, have been for some time. I want countess back, i want the alt gender heroes finished as promise. The countess was my all time favorite hero. Also, dont say the current alt genders dont bring anything to the table, cause they do. They may not be the "meta" towers or skills, but, honestly, a lot of other heroes also have nothing that no one cares about. Lavamancer being one of the more popular of the unpopular heroes, followed by mystic. Doesnt mean they dont bring anything to the table, it's just stuff most gamers here dont want. Id imagine that's because they arent suitable for pushing onslaught difficulty >,> ANYWAY. For the love of god, please finish the alt genders T^T
  4. ireally hope DDA is a side project and DD2 wont just die outright shortly after DDA comes out. DD2 still needs work, there's still holes that need filled in for it feel like a more complete game, and they made some good moves in their latest updates, gives hope for better updates that fixes the game and makes it actually better. I much prefer DD2 to be successful over another game that has the same graphics as the DD1 game. Dont get me wrong, i loved the heck out of DD1 back in the day, but today the graphics just, bug me, especially after seeing how DD2's graphics can be. DD2 looks and feels so much better, tis why i want it to be as good at least, hopefully better. And dannnng it i really want Countess at the least before dd2 dies x.x lol
  5. im not too happy of seeing that post on fb honestly. DD2 needs more love still, and it was going into better directions. But this is like. wow, okay, guess they are just about giving up on DD2 with so many holes left in it :/
  6. the new forum is, so weird, after being in the old one for so long. Not to mention yesterday getting a security scare from the site, making me owrried you guys got hacked or something lol this will defo take some getting use to though, but i can see it being pretty cool looking ^,^ also, yay for first post here lol
  7. I know this question of mine isnt what everyone wants or cares about, but it would be nice to have some kind of info, even if it's a big fat no, but .... Do you have any info on when you guys might bring out the remaining 2 alt gender heros? Countess and the Hunter(especially Countess ^^) I've been waiting for them for a long time and it's been to a point now where i dont even know if you guys even still wanna do it or you just dropped it entirely or, idk anything. Be nice to have some kind of info on that regard. See if i can have some hope or have to make due with the heroes we got.
  8. does automation trigger if that servo in the tree triggers? Accumulator Servo it's called.
  9. imsorry but ... again? lol when were they ever great? XD from what ive seen, they havent had any love since the shard system became a thing lol none-the-less... +1 lol boots need more shard love
  10. Countess, and the rest of the alt genders they started a while ago but stopped part way through lol but mostly Countess >,> lol
  11. I have to agree with this. a 24 hour reset clock is, imo, the worst thing, any and every game or program etc can do. I get you want it daily, but there is SIGNIFICANTLY better ways of doing that. A 24h timer though, is just terrible, for all the reasons the OP said, it gets so horrible keeping up with it and eventually, you will have to miss some days, not because you couldnt get on every day, but because of that 24h constantly creeping later and later into the day. Should, at least, be a 20 hour timer, leaves plenty of room for mishaps like the OP mention, and im sure that is easier to fix sooner than changing it over to a daily reset just like daily missions.
  12. Yeah this has been a thing for, over a year, at least. Im surprised it hasnt been fixed yet.
  13. Can't say the OP is the reason i "quit". And i say quit with quotations cause I do not consider myself as having quit the game. I simply lost the ability to play it for some time due to pc and then net issues and now have a lot of crap on my plate im trying to shift through, with DD2 being there, waiting for me, for when i can get back to it. I'm also kinda waiting for the other 2 alt genders, ESPECIALLY countess >,> lol That said however, this thread is for thoughts on the grind. I think, personally, the grind for this game has gotten a lot less .... tormenting? Cause now we can have the choice of grinding whatever maps we want, we have ways of getting around Hard-Counters, so we can do what DD is suppose to be for, build how we want, have variety, freedom, to do whatever we want to do, enjoy OUR style, not the 1 meta that works. The grind is still painful in some regards however, like MODS, those things are just plain horrible to farm for the perfect ones, i find it better to just pretend like they dont even exist and make due without. I also quite HATE the idea of Ancient Power. Im sorry Trendy, but, resetting my char for a minimal lil buff and there is dozens of times you need to reset to get these things going? And on top of that, resetting all of our stuff back crap quality, when it takes SO much gold and SO many medals to rank that stuff up. I'm sorry but that's just not cool. Take out the item resets and it would be better, but I still feel like gaining ancient power shoulda been done differently. Because it's buffs idea is cool, but the way of gaining those buffs is not.
  14. i agree, need more difference between mod tiers instead of all of them being pretty much the same number with the last tier being a huge jump in difference. Make the tiers more balanced and spread out please.
  15. im on board with nerfing Cyborcs, and geodes really, they are the same thing, but for stuff liek cannons, pdts, ballista, harpies, anything with a projectile really. And no, "this is what challenge is" is not a valid argument. Cause 1. They are still pathetically easy, just dont build that tower. All they do, is force people into meta's, everyone uses the same thing, over and over, thus creating mass boredum really quickly. Mods have helped this, quite a bit though, like tenacity which was previously mentioned. But most of us dont have the luck of getting that lv 5 tenacity with the max/near max reduction so cyborcs(or geodes for puncture) arent quite as extremely "Dont use this defense!" so yeah, always on board with doing away with hard-counters. also, wish i had more time to play DX too much stuff, i havent been able to fully enjoy the mod system yet cause pc issues arose x.x
  16. the rest of the alt gender characters, Countess and Hunter, especially Countess, I want my dang Countess already XD
  17. i do enjoy this survey, doubt ill win, but glad to put in my input when i can, since i cant currently play x.x You know what sucks? When the game brings out an update that you can finally enjoy it again, and your PC goes on the fritz and you cant play till it gets fixed, which is taking a while x.x
  18. I want it on my World Trees on Dryad, get two shard bonuses in one and then i can put another shard in there, like range.
  19. I posted a bug on the ingame bug report thing that mods on protean weapons are broken. Least for the protean bow If you put a mod in the Protean Bow, and then you upgrade the Protean Bow to the next Chaos tier, it deletes all the mods in the bow, but leaves behind the lil guage, like lil red to green bars that represent the mods level/power, but there will be no effects. Upgrading the bow further will remove even the bars and you basically have an empty bow again.
  20. honestly, i find when building for a crit tower, dont pt in DCD until you have nothing else to put in. Getting your Crit Chance as high as possible first is the way to go. That way it makes your damage boost from critical hits more reliable and consistant, which increases your dps more than just stacking on DCD first. Cause what good is the DCD if you arent proccing it enough? lol
  21. NP, me and some friends pretty much tested it out, seemed like, whoever loaded in and could see stuff first, was the new party leader, so more of than not, the person with the best connection lol
  22. Not really nope. Except in the rare case where, if we were in a party and then they started a mission, and then one of us DC's for some reason or another mid wave or whatnot, we have issues getting back into the room then.
  23. I personally feel fine with it. Is it perfect? No, but almost nothing ever really is in this game, it's gone too far into its coding to be able to effectively get things perfect. But I have no problems with the shard. I mean, it trades out 10% DP for a +30% to do at least 50% more damage. Now I know with math, the nerfing DP by 10% essentially turns the 50% damage boost into more of a ... roughly 40-45% over all damage number on the dummy increase, but it is still technically more damage number when it procs. I see it as a means to push Crit Rate to 100% with less shard/mod slot requirement so you can put something else in there, like if you were making a ... idk .. just giving random example here ... Flamethrower. Now flamethrower, for some builds, does have other mods/shards that it could use to make it shine. Like say you wanted a crit Flamethrower tower that can support my fav arc lightning spam build, so you need Mark Targets shard on it. Power Transfer can help with that more than the regular CR shard for 15% more CR. This way you get your crit build flamethrower AND can utilize them to mark everything for you so you can be like "Arc Lightning Spam!" and zap all da baddies with amazing output lol So in my eyes, Power Transfer still has it's handy uses, it's just not a "OMG you HAVE to have this! In EVERYTHING! :O :O :O" shard anymore, it feels more balanced out vs most of the other shards in the game now lol Game feels more about, building for whatever crazy style you wanna try for. It really helps challenge the mind, finding new ways to make things work.
  24. with this new update, i play as much as i can whenever i can. Cant give a solid number cause my time fluctuates a lot depending on life and what alls going on around me that i need to get done lol
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