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  1. Seriously? It currently takes literally hundreds of pet food for the second evolution and I can only imagine more for those beyond it. And now you reduce the amount of pet food we'll be getting? You might as well delete evolutions beyond the first completely! ^^ this!!! And since we literally don't have gold income but all the prices rocketed to the sky we don't have money to spend on pet food either. Just couple of examples besides the sphere prices: pet reroll 50k, unlock costume parts 100k... Very welcome all the fixes and balances but would like to see them in the economy too in the near future :) From end game chests guys.... this means 1 less pet consumable from each game you win, this is not a big deal at all.
  2. I disagree to OP, I think that NM4 should stay really hard to beat, casual players will still be able to join others games plus it's called Nightmare, what would that be without it being really hard?
  3. I've already bought 4 extra character slots and will probably buy more. I'm saying I don't want to buy one for each of my friends, it will be good when the game is free to play they can just get the free game and sign in to their account so they have all of their stuff and characters on local-online play as well (hoping we can have local-online play)
  4. When you add local multiplayer to the game it would be cool if you could allow the extra players to sign in to their own DD2 account so the main player doesn't have to purchase more character slots :)
  5. Its easy enough and I doubt you're using all of your pets or have all your pets max level...
  6. Mine got solved randomly, had 3 quests, completed 2 now I am stuck with a single quest again doesn't seem to add more daily :L
  7. Says it all in title, is this a bug or is there something else I have to do?
  8. Hi DD community I think that adding map specific drops would be a great way to add tonnes of replay value to the game, especially lower level maps that never really get played. Hope this gets added! :)
  9. I think you should be able to set different titles to different characters
  10. So I would really like to see the tavern trophy system back, it was a feature that I loved personally. For those that don't know it basically gave you an in-game trophy in your tavern for each achievement. Would be an awesome feature in DD2, you could integrate it into the tavern customization maybe.
  11. So I'm not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but I think adding some emote animations such as dance, wave, cry etc would be fun :)
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