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  1. Only thing I dislike at the current moment with every monthly I've completed. Is the pets are worse than the one I got at the very start for being an Early-Access P2P player. It's a shame because I put a lot of effort into getting them, and they look nice. But there really is no use in them as their abilities suck and their stats are just nothing compared to my starting pet. Maybe it's just the RNG being mean to me, but it just feels a bit useless to do for the end payout. Perhaps as above post says, just something else apart from nice looking pets. Because at times I don't want pets, I just want to look nice. :P
  2. Simple question, I have barely anyone to play with that thoroughly enjoys the game like I do. And soloing Nightmare 2 is starting to bore me. Does anyone live in the EU and want to team up?
  3. This part. Just letting you know that's part of the mystery, if we knew what it looked like and what it did it most likely would turn off a majority into wanting to save for it. And onto what it most likely will be, a simple huge passive bonus apart from the current 'standard' eggs as well as higher statistics. Other than that it looks very pretty and is incredibly rare. And whomever gets to it first, I envy them. In short the Betsy egg will most likely be some stat differences, passives and just overall being rare. Kinda like for bragging rights.~ But about what this topic really is, at the moment yes. Wyvern Tokens are slow to gain and the prices are rather ridiculous to gain some of the spheres/items. Hopefully this will lead to a minor change in how we gain tokens (Aside from quests) and how long it takes to get said tokens. I hope they add personally a way for tokens to drop from Betsy, but with the current "Boots" bug I highly doubt it will be for some time.
  4. I think we can all agree we need a hot fix ASAP, as each time I go for a 25+++ incursion I get someone abusing the bug. I just can't enjoy the game if that's all it is right now... No cooperation just some guy killing himself on his towers, and the game consists of just standing and watching. Just boring if you ask me. :/
  5. I use the Betsy weapons as well, not really too bothered about the stats, just love how they look. But I totally agree, I hope sooner or later they'll have one big update consisting of higher variations of designs. (Something tells me that it's going to be related to the Crafter influence vote).
  6. It isn't just Gato that is effected, it effects all variants of pets. It seems to happen randomly when modifying your loadout at any given time, even in the social tavern.
  7. Decided to take into account of the glove idea made by Black Man and the arrow extension made by Yuwee. (Updated the image on first post).
  8. Originally during drawing I was thinking the same thing, but then I was reminded of the massive bulky bows that already exist in the game (Mainly talking about the massive glowing green skeleton dragon one). And 75% of them don't really fit with the whole "Forest Huntress" dealio, but damn do they look cool. (My fav so far is the Betsy Bow~)
  9. Well with most wires the metal is made of copper, the magnet can still magnetise to the wire either way but I can see what you mean from a cosmetic point of view. I love the idea of making some sort of glove that comes with the bow (Kind of like how the new Wyvern bow adds a sort of protective gauntlet over the Huntress's hand). Although I'm not too sure how it'd be designed unless making it look like a very plated and bolt'ish fist. I've taken into account the arrow and will change the size of it to fit when the bow is pulled back. D'aw shucks~ ^^; I don't feel it's worthy of the fan art section though, it's just a little spruced idea which was quickly drawn up.
  10. Thanks guys for the feedback and support, it's nice to see what a welcoming and creative community DDII has become! ^^ I've decided to make some small tweaks to the bow to fit around the feedback I've received, let me know what you think. (Updated the image on first post). P.S. (The electric around the arrow is experimental, I tried to go for a different design)
  11. Thanks man, I'll see how it looks with some improvements!
  12. Hey guys, so I decided to attempt to draw a type of bow for Huntress (Admittedly I'm no artist), but was wondering if there was any chance in some advice into making it look better, cooler, sleeker. However you want to put it. I was going for a metallic and electric charged bow, using parts which you'd see in steel craftsmanship. And as you can tell I aimed to make a bow for the damage type "Shock". Any feedback is gladly appreciated!
  13. Maybe perhaps having some sort of specific loot from certain incursion maps. To you know, balance the "If I grind this map it's more efficient" mind set which most grinders have right now. I don't know how it'd be implemented but perhaps having certain designs of weapons being specified to the theme of a map. Or perhaps by implementing a sort of "Anti-Grind" to certain maps. Where loot becomes more scarce the more the player plays the same map during their gameplay, example: ([X] time/map = [X] total end map loot). To make the player want to vary their gameplay with other incursions. Just a thought.
  14. Perhaps instead of multiple incubation stations (Which arguably would make pet farming way too easy in my opinion) perhaps just a simple way of having a specific small storage dedicated for pets which delays or nullifies the rot timer.
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