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  1. That model is perfect, i cant wait for the textures! O_o But im kind of hooked on skyrim right now, ill play again in around a week or so, but feel free to add me on steam, info on my sig. (Still using the old challenge equip. :P) I dont know anything about modeling, really, so i cant help you with the polycounts... Thank you for the progress so far! ^_^
  2. Tom Launcher. (For those who dont know, Tom is the rock.)
  3. The new items are made to reward high-level and high-skill players. If you cant get them, of course you will hate them. :c
  4. I still want my Pinkie Pie launcher... PS: Trolls will be reported on sight, and will explode in a shower of cupcakes.
  5. I've been gone since 11/11/11 (skyrim derpderp), and just now decided to check the patch notes, etc... Super-loot and shared exp are great ways to promote playing with a team, VAC is finally here, and now we have a pretty good trading website! (http://defendersstore.com/?p=store for those who dont know.) If there was a "best gaming company" award, im pretty sure you would win it.
  6. Selling is not fun at all, shop closed forever. c:
  7. +8 character slots, please... So i can make two builds of each. :3
  8. Farm the mana, if you don't like farming, beat the Demon Lord on Insane with a squire, spend 3mil on upgrading the Rapier, sell it for 10mil. You've more than tripled your money, now quit whining you dumb kids. You cant do that on PC. Who's the dumb kid?
  9. Seriously? I've been playing since release, every single day, and i have 250 hours... Dude, what?!
  10. Nerf 'em. Reason: Me: Well met Mr. Dragon! *Epic battle ensues* Me: This is fun! Now for some wishy-washy banter! You go first! Dragon: RAAAAAAAWR!! Me: Um.. I don't know where to go with that! so- *Fireball Tower destroyed* Me: What the dilly!? *looks around* Warrior: I'll be trollin' 'round that corner when I come. I'll be trollin' 'round that corner when I come‚ô™. Me: What the F- *Fireball'd* *Respawn in 3* Fireball Tower destroyed Magic Missile Tower destroyed Magic Missile Tower destroyed Magic Missile Tower destroyed Fireball Tower destroyed Fireball Tower destroyed
  11. 6th thread about this, not a single **** was given by trendy on any of them. :c
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