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    Fantastic suggestion. I 100% approve of this. Would help players know what they're getting into when joining a game.
  2. Can you please allow us to block people that continously deny to build stuff or help out in any way? I've been teamed up with the same dude for 3 maps and he didn't contribute in any way. :(
  3. Welcome back gentlemen! Looking forward to more content and game improvements! :D
  4. That's a really cool idea for showing off builds!
  5. I present to you - Corgi masseuse! :D
  6. Will you guys be doing the same thing with DD2? As in adding tons of DLC we'll feel like we have to buy to get the most out of our game? I wasn't able to keep up on DD1 due to the sheer amount of DLCs that was released. Would be nice if there was abit less of them, or none at all and maybe content released in patches? Just suggestions of course.
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