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  1. Maybe Trendy will work toward that. People were also pointing out the lack of being able to "choose your own map", which was an essential part of DD1 survival as well. I don't think it would be too complicated for Trendy to add an Infinite Onslaught mode that functions as you described with any map of your choice. There would need to be a trade-off of course, a reason to play Onslaught vs. Infinite. Flairs would be a good incentive to play one mode over the other. Onslaught has these twenty flairs, Infinite has these twenty flairs - etc.
  2. [[166314,users]] - QAing the visibility and usefulness of lane elements might be beneficial. I've found myself personally getting in the bad habit of never checking what comes in lanes until now and I think part of that is because of readability and poor communication. Easy symbols to indicate what type of schedule and modifiers might be the most beneficial. That and larger heads.
  3. Hey @Trendy. Enemy Schedules are perfect and mixed with Mutators allow me to play with defenses that I actually want to use and aren't just meta. Thank you, Charr.
  4. I didn't overlook the Ancient Power system; I chose not to even consider it. I have nothing against Ancient Power, I think it's fine for the time being. But you can't swap from an RPG about leveling and geargrinding to an idle-esque style of prestiging. That essentially makes the question; are we just dropping gear altogether? And even then, Ancient Power really only improves your damage by a few %. The Ancient Powers were capped at 5 each.
  5. I am a little concerned that during the livestream we were told that Onslaught gear will only go up to Chaos 7 level gear. Yet, at the same time we're told that Onslaught will be "nearly endless". What's the point? Why not just have Gear be nearly infinite as well? I see absolutely no reason to restrict us to Chaos 7 gear standards. I imagine the reason is because Trendy doesn't want us outgearing Chaos entirely, which I understand to some degree. They've invested a lot of eggs in the Chaos basket and have no plans to get rid of it most likely; however, this is limiting end game content by acting as a gearcap to the rest of the game. I propose either: Remove Chaos (lol)Find a way to extend chaos' gearcap.Merge Mastery and Chaos (since Mastery scales down gear anyway, this will remove the gearcap for chaos mode).Change how Chaos mode interacts with gear (if the above mastery merge isn't chosen.) Essentially, at the end of the day, I'm scratching my head at what the plan was here. I assumed that Onslaught was going to emulate Survival from DD1 but with some new twists to it. I'm genuinely confused as to why we would want hard caps on gearstats especially when the Onslaught content can easily scale much higher. Isn't indefinite randomly generated content a good thing for Trendy? It would mean a much longer end-game for minimal effort. Yet this C7 gearcap enforced on Onslaught seems like it's shooting itself in the foot. I don't know. Confused by this as always.
  6. [[166314,users]] consider dynamic scaling in objectives. Not sure how well it would work in Mastery mode, but let's say that the 30 second build time best applies to a map that has 4 players, then logic would follow that a solo player should have 2 minutes minimum. Stuff like that :)
  7. I've wanted a true Onslaught mode since 2014. Hell ye am I content.
  8. This happens a lot. Like a LOT a lot. I'm still not sure why Hosting has still not been made a thing. These exact issues were talked about over the last year to two years. It's one of the most rage-inducing moments of multiplayer. But honestly, at this point, multiplayer is garbage anyway.
  9. I'll be honest; any mutator that makes the tower defense aspect of the game more difficult to idle in, is a concept I won't enjoy. Although I'm sure it will be more of a voluntary game mode versus the forced Chaos Trial nonsense. A fun alternative mode is essentially following the spirit of DD1. So I'm all for it in that regard. Also yes, Strategy mode should return :)
  10. Considering you confirmed earlier that you don't have any relics equipped - no sh**, genius. So far I haven't seen anything that's been changed for the better and gotrunks712 you're right. they did revamp the whole game. this is NOT the game I left. It's like a completely new game. And I did try a CT1. Was crushed in seconds. I've gone from being able to solo the top endgame to not even being able to do some of the higher up Campaign missions on hard. I feel like the time I spent grinding and coming up with strategies has been ***ted on by the developers. Take this as a learning moment. That was when the game was Early Access and Trendy was extremely transparent about how the game will change dramatically during that period. I do agree that many changes were not "for the better" but the community has done its best to point out flawed design elements - despite the ass kissers you apparently believe everyone to be.
  11. I love this thread. This was always something that I think has bothered players, but it's been difficult to take the time to construct a reasonable post about it. Thanks to the OP for taking the time to draw those pictures up. I agree with Giga and the others that spawn protection pretty insane based on many of the current map designs. I get that we don't want players just spawn camping the enemy spawns, but the maps can't just poop enemies out within ranged visibility of everything. We need to at least have the opportunity to fight back.
  12. I agree with most of these changes. I'd also like to point out the opportunity for Shard interplay here. A shard that reverts the World Tree back to a blockade, at the cost of additional mana.A shard that causes the Nimbus to deal damage/bonus damage - maybe when paired with another defense or combo shards.A shard that allows the Harpy to attack ground targets again but she prioritizes and deals bonus damage to aerial targets.I spoke about this before in my "let's make the defense less bland" thread - but shards can and probably should provide more customization versus optimization (that's what gear stats are for.)
  13. I was playing the other day and thought about the possibility of having their spawn rates drastically reduced, but their health increased to be more in line with Geode prime. Personally, I think the special mobs should all be treated as mini-mini-bosses, so as to not ruin the entirety of the game, but rather require the players attention briefly to handle the situation as it comes up. This opens up the possibility of the following example: - 4 Lane Map: The player builds 2 lanes with projectiles and 2 lanes with traps. When a geode mini-mini-boss comes out in a lane with traps, the player doesn't have to assist and can instead focus on other things. When a geode comes out on the two lanes with projectiles, that's when the player intervenes. This also prevents players from being overwhelmed by too many special enemies at once.
  14. That being said, while I can not agree more that we need to try and make towers more different from each other than they are currently, not sure I agree with all of your ideas for doing so. Ones like your flamethrowers/fire aura ones kinda work against the idea you were pushing. But love seeing other people's ideas how to make towers more unique, so thanks! There still needs to be an archetype that focuses on flat damage and I didn't want to individually pick apart every defense and provide an example for it - I think what I should have been more clear on is that I'd like to see status effects be taken advantage of, in the example of defenses that are strictly fire damage, they should inflict burning, etc. Each individual defense would still be treated differently, however. Fissures of Embermount for example could instead deal no Direct Damage - only inflicting Burning based on defense power and then inflicts an enemy slow based on the defense's attack speed. Additionally, Flamethrower Tower's Jetstream could last a duration based on that defense's attack speed as well -- opening up more options for build creativity I suppose and illustrating a point I had mentioned above that, which is the possibility of more proc based shards to promote Attack Speed as a more viable stat in some instances for defenses that benefit from it more strongly.
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