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  1. I played DD for over 500 hours I took a break in December, I just came back and dropped $12 on the DLC only to hear horrific static crackling upon loading the game. I've triple-verified the game cache and confirmed that my sound works great outside of DD (in other Steam games and music files, etc.). I even tried another suggestion about enabling/disabling multicore rendering and disabling CPU 0 in the task manager. I'm reinstalling the game now but I find it hard to believe that I would be the first person to ever have this problem.
  2. It's not like I'm pissed at him for posting blueprints. I'm just peeved that wasted an hour on this specifically because the OP made this sound like the best setup ever. 3+ minutes left at the end! No bugged monsters! Total Easy Mode! I'm almost 99% sure the OP is flat out lying about 3 minute+ times on the last wave. I'm sure it's possible to win using this setup, but there are literally 4-5 other setups that I've won with that all went MUCH smoother than this one.
  3. I call bull**** on your bull**** call. Done it with just one set of auras easily. As long as you stay mobile and kick ***, the map is relatively a cakewalk. That and knowing which ways to run, when, and where to not confuse the spawns. That being said, I could easily see this build working out quite well. I'm pretty sure I'm dumber after reading this post. First off, where the hell does he state in the OP that we need to be running around? He states that the whole strength of his blueprint is based on the camping location and he specifically says: "The record is actualy 3:10 on timer, Du
  4. I call bull**** on this thread. Me and another Huntress have a combined 800k DPS with piercing weapons. The aura monk and traptress both had over 750 tower attack and 200-300 in other tower stats. We have super-app guardian and a super fairy. We went balls out and lost on Wave 13, didn't even make it to the last wave. There are MUCH better strats out there, defending in the middle (to the left of this blueprint, where you can stack up ogres easier), on the top bridge, or in the top-right corner have all produced much better results than this sad failure of a blueprint.
  5. 1) Yes 2) While latency problems have been improved, this map tends to have lots of lag problems with multiple players. Good luck "dodging" when you can barely control where you run. High resistances are not hard to get, are always useful, and are generally a good sign that a player knows how to allocate stats and not be completely useless. Plus with the sheer volume of enemies you are going to get knocked around eventually. Don't be the guy getting 2-shot by assassins. 3) Unless someone is intentionally knocking up their score by taking a busy route or something, the more useful players w
  6. I'll pay anything up to 2bn for the imp, I can also include a giraffe (78-79^, upgraded for tower dmg) + some pre-nerf huntress weapons (an amazing 83^ bone bow with small size and incredible stats, a tri-shooter that does >500k DPS on my Ranger). I've also got some pretty good uber-MF armor that can hit the stat cap for hero/tower atk. Add me and we'll talk: ForcefulCJS
  7. I'm more curious about what the gas traps are for. There's already an ensnare aura - though the OP said he wasn't using an app guardian so maybe he needs the gas to keep enemies slowed.
  8. The more it heals the more mana it uses obviously. However if you're not interested in it, I'd be glad to buy it from you. This looks like a half-assed attempt to scam/rip off the OP. As far as I know the Imp either does not scale its mana cost off the heal, or the cost difference is very minor (my 500 heal imp drains like 40 mana, and my friend with a 1500 heal Imp said his cost <60). Either way the mana cost should be manageable.
  9. That and tower spec is completely viable in a group scenario, stop grouping with pubs. Op is clueless I'm no pubbie, and I can solo insane uber MF - if I ran a group I would instantly kick someone trying to play a tower spec unless they had 800+ tower atk, a super app guardian, and I had 5-6 other people there for DPS'ing. Otherwise a tower spec playing during combat is just dead weight.
  10. lol I run an even goofier setup but I can clear the last wave with 1:30 to spare. No str drain/healing/etc auras. Just lightning and proxy spam with 1 ensnare for bunching up the ogres top. I stay top and clean up trash while bunching up 5-10+ ogres and cutting em down with my blade/disk shooter + piercing spam. I kite them across the map and clean up the trash along the way - I use a super fairy though and have 750+ atk stats on my traptress and monk with a 96^ weapon on my ranger w/ full resists and 500+ atk and 300+ PS.
  11. Because a 100^ weapon can trivialize every piece of content in this game. A 150^ pet probably has cursed stats and will be one of those stupid tigers/dragons/robots that doesn't scale with Hero atk and thus is utterly worthless unless you can build it for tower stats.
  12. Looking for those 2 pieces of armor, high ^'s - good stat exposure - and high stat levels are a must. I already have great items for these slots but I'm looking for some truly top-tier armor to use. As a rule of thumb, if the attack stat (hero for Pristine gloves, tower for the helm) can't be upgraded above 90 before the set bonus - I'm probably not interested. Good Piercing shot is also important for the gloves. I can pay with hundreds of millions of mana, super pets, other top-tier armor, 70-83^ weapons, etc. Just post what you've got or add me and we can talk. Steam ID = ForcefulCJS
  13. 2bn, a 78^ giraffe with tower atk upgraded, 55^ super-huntress animus, and perhaps some armor pieces you might be interested in. Was this an uber-MF completion reward? I haven't been able to get anything above 80^ since the patch.
  14. You sold a 65^ app guardian for pure mana? sigh...
  15. Offering anything from pets, mana, armors/weapons. Dont have any mega uber weapons sadly. The weapons should have over 100 base damage at least. Willing to pay 1KKK mana worth of stuff for a really good one. steam is dnomyar16 What kind of pets do you have? I'm looking for a some super-imps or super-app guardians. I have a very nice Crystal tracker, 82^.
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