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  1. Not even logical. No one is playing PVP so you wouldn't encounter a huntress.
  2. What do i have to do to change the value of a mana crystal? I would like a purple crystal to be worth like 50,000 mana
  3. Cooking a TC will automatically cook all the Map files located in its "Maps" directory. Then to have them be accessible via the you UI, you should just be able to edit the array of map entries in the UDKGame\Config\DefaultDunDef.ini -- that does not work for you? -Jer Did this work for anyone else? Im trying to get the mad mana map in the hero conversion listed in the completed mods forum and i cant get it to work.
  4. Without a playtesting server this will continue, Im out. Was fun way before super loot. Was fun after super loot till you took away the chance of being the same as everyone who played that day. Goodbye.
  5. * All: Monk Weapons retroactively buffed 33% Melee Damage, Monk Ranged Damage Exponential Ramp nerfed 20%, Monk Hero Boost upkeep cost increased 20% What was the basis for this?
  6. Hacking is hardcore rampant in this game. People are suspicious because Trendy takes to actions to stop them. You exactly the reason why this game will erode quickly, "Hey all, lets keep the exploit a secret so ONLY I know about it." And exploits can be corrected and fixed. You talk like you're an addict, I'm so glad I don't have your personality. No he isnt saying keep the exploit secret. There is a special forum where you report these things and no one can see youre post. OMG IMAGINE THAT.
  7. Microsoft takes about 3 times as long to push something through then sony does...
  8. Granted, but now even the nubby monsters are able to 1 hit you! I wish for the new 4 character and warping core DLC! :D Granted, but now you are locked out of the other missions, I wish for a monkey pet
  9. Hey guys, I bought groceries last week and when I went to the grocery store today, they expected me to pay for more groceries, WTF! Quoted for truth
  10. Anyways, I'm out, Thanksgiving and all that jazz. I've explained the same post about 9 pages. I hope you relax a little Keith, I don't recall being hostile to anyone, and would hope that people would handle themselves in a civil manner. As far as the steam user agreement goes. That's not very concrete considering they can change it at anytime. Also, just because they can do it, doesn't mean they should do it. I never once said it was illegal or prohibited. You are being hostile to Trendy for something they are doing to help the poorer people out there, as for my actions to you, youre retardation has caused that.
  11. In no game has DLC ever effect the type of achievement Legendary Defenders is, like borderlands. Most ps3 games also have a trophy to get all trophies of the game and those never include dlc. GL achievement hunting!
  12. Legitimate complaints have become trolling attempts? All I have been given in this thread are bad analogies and wierd "what if, crazy scenario, bad game choice" analogies on why the sudden sale and price difference is okay. EDIT: This is not a logic fallacy. Launch price was: 14.99 A new purchaser can buy all the dlc, the full game for the same price as a consumer did a month ago. The consumer that bought it a month ago, has to pay even more to get all the dlc. Its just penalizing the guys who bought it early. The ones that even made the game successful enough to warrant more DLC. This launched a month ago, its not like the game has been out for ages, I understand things drop in price, but a month is just silly. We have offered you evidence time after time and you ignore it, claiming it doenst matter. You are now being a piece of ****. I hope you get banned for being such an idiot. You dont want to argue you just want to be right, and you are not. Seriously go away.
  13. 6. Referencing the avatar as if that had some form of invalidation. White knighting and legitimate objections to an argument are two different things. I can differentiate. I just typically wont go "HEY THIS GUY IS A WHITE KNIGHT" because its gonna stir up drama. Ambiguity like the patch notes is key. Almost every example you give me will have a much larger time frame in which the Marketing price drop has happened. I worked As a Gamestop Manager for 4 years, I had to change most of the prices on failed launches pretty quickly. Most companies also try to avoid penalizing their customer to quickly. If you want a better reference to help elaborate why I am seemingly so deaf. If lets say Skyrim, you know just launched, and next week they announce a new DLC campaign. Within a month of release. Its VERY unlikely they are going to give new buyers a Bundle for the same price as the base game so early. This Price difference has happened within a month. give or take a day or so. And is giving all the new purchasers everything in a mass purchase for the same price the original consumer paid for the base game. Forcing the people who bought it earlier to pay an additional fee for the new DLC that was added. Its just frowned upon, and Its rather frustrating to see happen within such a short time from launch. Its black friday. This happens every year. Since you seem so out of the loop you must have been born before the last one. And your my little pony avatar supports that. I saw a game that was released yesterday that was 75% off because it is black friday, today it was 33% off and will be until this sale ends. Orcs must die was 75% off yesterday. Now its 50% off. Came out nearly the same time dungeon defenders did. There is currently 1650 sales on steam right now, You are basically saying anyone that bought ANY of those games on their release day is getting screwed over. Trust me, 90% of those games were also on sale LAST black friday, they will be next black friday and the next and the next. This happens every year. Kindly leave and never come back to this forum, go hang out at 4chan bronie.
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