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  1. oh no...what did I do....-_-
  2. Thank you all so much for your help!!
  3. yes but theres some I play that are way too low, and I can't remember the order they were unlocked. The last time I unlocked any was when we still choose the level range then the maps.
  4. Can anyone point me in the direction of a guide to the maps? More specifically what the recommended level is for each map? please and thank you!
  5. Hey, was wondering if anyone has started a thread for pet designs? Or if anyone can point me to the page to submit mine? If the answer is "no" to both questions....Welcome to the pet design thread! lol
  6. Not sure where else to ask this, but has anyone started a forum for pet designs? I would REALLY love to get in on this!!
  7. Just wanna say, I LOVE THIS GAME!!! (I & II!!) It's the only game I'm willing to watch stream! (Usually I get bored!)
  8. Cool, thanks! Any chance you know if they will be utilizing the billions of doors in the tavern? (Maybe have one lead to a trophy room, one lead to a stable for pets, and the room with all the beds could be for all your characters (when playing solo) or your top three). I love customization! :-D Also, any idea about the trophies/awards appearing like in DDI?
  9. Hey, sorry if this has been asked already (I couldn't find it if it had). Does anyone know if they'll be doing the trophies and awards like DDI? By that I mean will we see trophies/awards in the tavern (either scattered around or in one specific room)? Also, if I remember correctly, I think there was something special about the hero pictures...something like they were blank or not there until you made a character of that class...I liked that too. While we're on the topic of the tavern, a little customization would be cool too!....just saying. XD
  10. Ok that makes sense! Thank you so much! We have noticed that it randomly changes leader on us (probably bc it's one vote for me and one vote for him) :-) Thanks!!
  11. Not sure if anyone has talked about this or not (didn't really see anything, but I may have missed the post). Once you finish a map (while playing with others) and the stats screen pops up, what are the arrows and star next to the players for? I've been playing with my husband and after each map I hit the up arrow and the star. Once I hit the star it sounds like XP goes up (or maybe coins are dropped). But we haven't been able to figure out what they are for. Thanks in advance!
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