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  1. Thanks for the giveaway! Very generous of you!
  2. I actually just did this challenge for the first time on hard, I only have one 50 character and he still has level 38 gear for the most part. I thought it was an enjoyable challenge. Maybe it's because my gear made it so it was just barely easy enough to accomplish with proper placement of towers, or maybe it just seemed a novel thing after playing basically the exact same game mode the entire time. I discovered what the purple rings meant in the first wave when trying to dps down some mobs in the one that starts in front of malthius, and once I realized it restores them to full every seco
  3. This is how it was in DD1 and I loved it. I'm glad to hear they are planning to implement auto sell.
  4. Same issue here. Mine says "Error 2003: Server Request Limit Exceeded." I'm trying to play on a private server as well. Edit: It finally let me into a private server. Edit 2: I'm in my tavern but I can't actually play a map. So there's that.
  5. Start a new character, sell all of your things. The only thing that doesn't do is re-enable achievement rewards, which would be a bad thing to allow anyway.
  6. that has a certain drawback though, being; for lower end players not knowing when to repair/upgrade towers If you make it a quick access toggle, you can, for example, hide towers for a minute while scanning for gear, then show them when you are done to look at what needs repairing.
  7. Here's the issue I have noticed with auras: If you try to upgrade or repair them, the cursor will automatically focus on the aura's center. The problem is, the aura's center cannot be interacted with, for whatever reason, I assume it is a bug. So, when you go to upgrade your auras, and a trap is there on the aura's center, it will go to the next best thing and upgrade the trap.
  8. I prefer the Aquanos combat phase theme myself, though I also like the build phase music. Aquanos is probably one of my favorite maps in the entire game, actually.
  9. What I want to know is which Tower Stat you need to increase the likelihood of a decent item dropping/loot dropping over other stuff. Any DDDK experts out there? I believe in the stream they said that the percentages were constant. No stats change them, they simply change the stats of the towers you get when you get towers and such.
  10. Andy, l2read before replying, bad attempt at trolling right there. Trendy, l2test/l2fix/l2balance before releasing new content. I was TESTING the map for the third time, and last 2 times i tested on easy the boss fight was broken. And trust me hackers couldnt finish it off since they couldn't respawn without being instantly killed, meaning the head would take no damage. We lost 18 or so lives in less than a minute, thanks Trendy! And wasted like 1 hour for nothing, i feel like punching someone in the face for this, any volunteers? Plenty of people have beaten it already. Bugs happen.
  11. I've gotten one before that was myth with 242^s. Would kept it too... If the thing had been bigger than my barb's hand. I guess I should have though and renamed my barb wolverine. :) Edit: that pic is interesting... 8k resell after 196 upgrades? I think the primary issue is also the fact that it has 147k elemental damage, AND at least 12k base damage. Just doesn't happen (afaik). Edit: After viewing one of the videos, he isn't even playing in Ranked. He very likely has modded gear, and potentially modded maps and such.
  12. Anxt


    I have I think 36 or so small eggs left myself. Have no idea what they are worth. Any one know? I would say at least 3600 mana. :P Seriously though, I have no idea. I have like 15 of them myself, and 6 humongous eggs.
  13. Don't think it's particularly ironic, but in City of Heroes there's an invention origin enhancement recipe called "Pacing of the Turtle: Dam/Slow". Sure, it's short for "Damage/Slow", for the properties it enhances, but every time I see Pacing of the Turtle: Dam/Slow I just laugh a little to myself. http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/3qab90/
  14. They're also probably working hard on Jester too. Hope the digest comes in the next couple days. Digests are always on Wednesdays, so there will be one at some point tomorrow :)
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