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  1. But if you arent looking to buy anything else then what? Wouldnt it be better for the consumer to be able to purchase the amount of gems they need for what they are looking to buy?
  2. Greetings Previous discussion got deleted because it was a rant. So if thats true, then this discussion should be fine as long as it's not a rant. It has become standard practice for companies to find ways in which they can manage microtransactions in their games. And personally, I would prefer if cosmetics and other items were locked behind achievements, but if microtransactions is what is needed to keep the company going, then thats alright. So overall, I dont mindpaying for cosmetics in DD2. I also think they look good enough. The problem I have with the shop in Dungeon Defenders 2, and in other games for that matter, is when they price things in a way that force you to make several currency purchases. In this case, a costume is set to 1200 gems, but the closest tier of gems you can purchase is 1100. That right there pushes me away from making a transaction. Some people wont mind, and yes there are worse practices out there, but I think any practice like this is subject to criticism. Keep in mind that this is not a game breaking issue, and it might even be an issue not many people agree with. But we all have different values. Cosmetics are being sold because certain people value then. I would like to know what you guys think about this. Should they price things accordingly? If not, why not? Peace!
  3. I want large apprentice sphere for ability, since they are all for towers!
  4. The stun combo is indeed very powerful. But what are our alternatives? Every other line of defense we can throw up does not hold out. For ogre you cant do anything. You can slow it down with a barricade. ( I know stun does not work on ogre) For mini bosses like the long ranged ones, they will easily erase the barricade before you get their 900k health down, then 1 or 2 shot at the defenses and you are screwed. Barricades needs to become more viable, either by upgrading their base passives or effects, make better spheres or boost gear passives. When we have more than 1 choice with defenses, then they can nerf the stun combo.
  5. - Are there still key elements from DD1 you are looking to bring into DD2? (Maps specific loot, achievement items, time challenges etc). I'm especiially hoping for the uber game mode! (fighting hoardes of monsters without a defense objective) - Is the next boss going to get the players more involved with its mechanics? DEMAND: APPRENTICE LARGE SPHERE FOR ABILITY BUILD!!! D:<
  6. This has happened quite alot of times now. However, everytime it seems to be triggered when a player goes up to attack her around the area shown in the picture below: It does not seem to happen without player interaction. It's possible to get her over to the towers by kiting or pushing her. If she is pushed or kited away, she will occassionally start walking back towards where she was stuck though, instead of heading towards the eggs.
  7. Greetings! I got a small topic to discuss, which is player collision (being able to pass through players, or collide with them). When I kite ogres, I have to dodge every single hit, or I get killed. It's all it takes, 1 hit. I main my tower apprentice and I usually stay on him so Im sure to find the appropriate upgrades. The biggest issue I have with kiting, is collision with other enemies, but definately also players. I will move in to activate the ogres melee attack, and back out again, but other players will be in the way, resulting in me taking the hit. So should player collision stay or be removed? What do you all think? Edit: Removing collision will also make it easier to approach an NPC in the tavern if said NPC is surrounded by other players.
  8. Going to a private game surely is a temporarily solution, but why should we be forced to go there in the long run? "Private game" is not an excuse for this behavior. We should not be discouraged from the social aspect in the game, and have to hide in private games.
  9. We do have a Council only forum its not much different though The idea to have a few questions chosen from both pools works. Ah okay, I wasn't aware
  10. Progress but I also believe that anyone on the council should have more say as promised at the start, iam not sure about others but myself and a few friends all being council members first gen are feeling a bit ignored, and I understand that the team can't get to everyone so it can be a difficult situation. Warframe has a design council sub forum exclusive for council members. In that forum, the council will get sneak peaks on future content, exclusive polls for deciding content or helping developers choose, as well as posting ideas to a subject the developers provide. I don't think that council members opinion are more important than the regular user. Both have valid thing's to contribute with. However, I do believe from what I have heard, that council members do not have the benefit suited for their title. Here is what I suggest: - Make a council sub forum - Make a "Question for dev stream" thread on both the council forum and regular forum - pick 7 or 8 council questions and 2-3 questions from regular members
  11. Thanks for making this video. I don't personally use squire, but I'm sure it will be helpful for those who do
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