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  1. So how do you do the secret on stage 6? 4 of us tried it but nothing appeared...
  2. Do you guys know about the high memory usage which makes the game literally unplayable with the lags? Hope you do. And please try to fix it. :(
  3. On asia server, infinite black screen after a match confirmed.
  4. Go to the "Skill sphere shop" and buy the Gold bonus sphere lll and ll. Then you will have 50% of jackpot dropping. You can also buy the Hero gold bonus sphere 1 and the gold bonus sphere lll. Your choice. The spheres give a 50% of jackpot dropping? o_o
  5. What a good time to join back DD2
  6. Hi, what is the best method to farm gold? And where do I get those "Jackpot" equips? It seems that I need the full set to get more money.
  7. As topic, just re-started DD2 and now trying to get back into the game. Also, which pet is the best? Which map and mode to farm to get lvl's fast?
  8. Same here, got the best medallion for my apprentice and what the *** it's gone. Thanks alot DD2.
  9. Honestly that would be the best.. however right now seeing as their on hiatus(holiday), all I want is some cool update.
  10. *** RNG. Lol, right after I posted this this happened. RNG god listens. http://i.imgur.com/QpCMSA2.png
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