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  1. I love Dungeon Defenders and I love that quality content is coming out at a very impressive rate but currently I'm having a lot of trouble motivating myself to log on. New heroes such as EV take less than a week to gear up then I go back to where I was a week before with only trivial upgrades to search for. Bling King was perfectly done (minus reward bow quality even post buff) but farming endlessly for 10 specific gloves that are just 40+ ilvls above what you already have when all content can already be obliterated is silly. Also please please please fix bug kicking people out of game when e
  2. I have heard a lot of really cool ideas lately from the devstreams and logs but when they started discussing the dark mage shield I became concerned. A shield that blocks all projectile towers and suppresses traps will require hero involvement and combined with intense incursion demands that could easily lead to situations that are impossible to solo. Picture 3 dark mage squads plus a need to collect gold pieces or dispel ghosts etc. I would like to know if the devs have ever said they will preserve the potential to solo? Keep in mind I don't mean AFK. I love unholy catacombs as I feel like th
  3. Also shows itself in # of towers buffed. So if you run it through 3 towers and nothing else is on the whole map it will show 5 buffed towers. That was not the case on day 1 of release but ever since day 2 or 3 or so it has been that way.
  4. Besides the fact that the buff beam won't show stats on harbinger I have not seen any bugs. Pretty sure thats what Trendy said too so they can push her out :D. Display bug when another one places 4+ lines down through a passiv or sphere, double bombs when you place a big boy, switching inbetween gives you another big boy, dying gives you another big boy, you can perma spam flying bombs without flying, you can see any defenses as a wall, the buffs can be transfered to another tower (not from buff beam), reflecting range passiv is added to the damage (does not make them do more damage tho) on
  5. Besides the fact that the buff beam won't show stats on harbinger I have not seen any bugs.
  6. Maybe 1/3 hard mode 25++ games i get gear in the 150 ilvl range. It seems wrong that you can do that content and the best reward you get the whole game is ilvl 106. For that to happen consistently.... :-( Even 1 ilvl 152 per match would be nice.
  7. Awesome! thank you very much. I didnt even consider that. Looks like they are on the right track.
  8. I am in the process of moving to Korea and i missed it and I can't find it on Youtube. Any idea when it will be posted? I want to see the new stuff!!!!!! :-)
  9. Not sure if this is your issue but I had the same problem. Hit Ctrl-alt-del click task manager click the processes tab click show processes from all users at the bottom of the screen Sort by CPU usage. If its DD2 taking all your cpu then this wont help but for me it was svchost.exe. (never happened until I started playing dd2). maybe coincidence who knows but if thats what you see right click it and end process. enjoy smooth gameplay! May need to do this again each time you play dd2. Hope it helps.
  10. Ok so where this is coming from is I'm currently watching devstream 13 (Sorry I fell behind a bit) but it just came up that maps take a lot of work and are expensive. I know this would not be very quick and easy but why not make some map-making tools that we can download and submit things such as models to full maps to trendy. They can approve/shoot down stuff and use what they like. Maps that they don't want or shoot down can be put into a pool of "just for fun" community made maps. Maybe playing these maps wont give you xp/loot but can just make for some fun crazy adventures. I have no doubt
  11. Sure thing. Submitted. Probably just me though as its pretty severe and I have not seen reddit/here blow up with unhappy people lol. Just started since the loot/lag hotfix.
  12. I love a lot of the above challenges. (All posts) Here are a few more. (If I missed these above sorry!) Deadly Air: Perform a critical hit on a target that has been knocked into the air. Come back: Win a map after losing X (5?) defenses Squire mastery: Complete a map with only squires and their towers. Apprentice mastery: Complete a map with only Apprentices and their towers. Huntress mastery: Complete a map with only Huntresses and their towers. Monk mastery: Complete a map with only Monks and their towers. *Class* Supremacy: Complete ALL maps on 25++ using only *class* and their towers
  13. Title says it all. This has happened about 1 in 3 games today. Randomly I'll be kicked from my own game. Normally I'd just shrug it off but its happening quite a bit. Does not happen on any certain action. Sometimes build phase sometimes in the heat of battle. Wave 2-4 so far but im sure that is just coincidence. One game I was kicked before i could get to a recently dropped legendary! Sue it would have been useless but I can dream. :-)
  14. Two points I want to make. First for all their talk about buffing everything, except maybe fireball towers, seems to be nothing but a mega nerf. Yes, range was buffed within categories but that ended up as better at t1 worse at t5. Yes they said that was how it was going to be but calling something a buff within a smaller category is a clever way of saying the end result is worse. Given that they buffed the health and seriously reduced the effect of many popular specs lets be clear. This patch was a mega nerf to most tower related aspects of the game. It can still be done of course but what
  15. January is almost over. Hopefully if we don't get a patch this month we will at least get some new info. Or screen shots of new maps or something. Takes very little to make me happy lol
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