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  1. Well, the skin cost is 1200, but it does not have any customization? Is the official price or is a release price?
  2. Well, i was playing as usual and i notice something... The Lockboxes now only can drop the costume parts that u dont have? Well, Trendy, i spent a lot of medals (REALLY A LOT) trying to get some pieces of costume in those LockBoxes, and now you can simply and easy got everything? so i just lost those medals? i'm really pissed off, i played for days and hours this game and I gave up of some spheres just to get keys with medals, and now anyone who didint fight for this can get all the hard stuff that i got with like, five keys? Rlly, i bought a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT. And i lost my last carn
  3. I do love Countress, and her design in DDII is so unique, she's not a copy of Squire anymore. Countress got her own characteristics now. And all that fencing thing, a femele melee DPS, super classy. I want her so bad in DD II. I got a lot of fun playing as Countress on the moba, and she got a art already. Bring back Countress
  4. Agreed i dont fell the power on lvl up in this game...
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