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  1. Just sharing my 2 cents. I feel like the game already failed me. I havent played since the last update. I got over 1500 hours of gameplay and I'm simply tired of solo play. I remember why I used to enjoy this game back in alpha. There were only a couple maps available and playing in groups was just the norm. Now everyone is lost somewhere in the floor climb and have no reason to play together. Different solutions have been proposed by multiple people, but they fell into deaf ears. Right now i'm taking a break, I'll come back whenever Trendy actually attempts to address the problem with their updates.
  2. And what do you use for Multi-Target / Physical? Think about the different types of attacks/situations you want handled. 1) Single Target Physical 2) Multi-Target / Physical 3) Single Target Magical 4) Multi-Target Magical 5) Blockade 6) Anti Air Situational: -- Controlled Burn -- Geode -- Cybork -- Frosty Orcs -- EMP This will help form your hero deck and strategies. Personally I love the Mystic's Blockades. Especially when assassins are involved. I am also a fan of the Cannonball Tower with Stunfire.
  3. I'm having issues with SLIMES on a Timmy's revenge lane with CB. Some mobs don't appear to oil up.
  4. omg ty, I've always been curious to see how the player base has been doing over the years. (I bought the game in Alpha and have over 1.5k hours of playtime) http://steamcharts.com/app/236110#All It reached its peak of 18k players (probably when it became Free to play) and went down to 3.7k players 3 MONTHS later. Did nobody on their team notice those numbers?????????? The game had so much potential but Trendy was never able to deliver. It's ***ing Sad. Why am I still playing this game?
  5. What I think he meant is that the way the game is developing is only making coop games harder to find. For several reasons: - Firstly, they usually don't let you join a game past wave1 - There is no way to see all the games that are running in a single click. You have to search one map and one mode at a time. - There is absolutely no incentive to replay lower floors. With all that in mind, the player base is simply not big enough to provide joinable games most of the time. Hey there, How so? Thanks!
  6. It's already hard to find a game to join for the common player on PC. I can only imagine how hard it is for Xbox1 lol. And it only gets worse the higher floor you go, It's a very lonely path if you want to make it to the top. If I was a developer, I would make it my #1 priority. Well I'm not.
  7. I do admire your optimism, it's just that I've seen too many good suggestions ignored to believe in the system. I do secretly hope for a miracle, I wouldn't still be around if I didn't.
  8. As an old time player as well, I feel most of your pain. But as you mentioned in your post, there are huge red flags surrounding the evolution of the game. Annoying bugs that have been around since the beginning and still haven't been properly addressed, that's a deal breaker with my trust. Now, I must ask you, do you actually believe that they are now suddenly going to start listening to people like you?
  9. I only started climbing the floors after the barb patch and only got 1 purple pack so far. That's going from floor 65 to 123. I am disappointed.
  10. Never tried but juicebags has a setup that works for most chaos grind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PS7t1zmwR-Q
  11. 2 years later, I see that was never fixed. Me and my friend both got dc on wave 5 unholy catacombs. Lost connection to host.
  12. It does not work and you must be aware of this. When is it gonna be fixed?
  13. yeah, it's pretty dumb. The item should be generated according to the hero who opens the gift but it seems to be linked to the hero who joined the tavern.
  14. Game was fine before the update. I mean serisouly, how do you manage to *** up this much? It feels like we are being ignored with the new patch today who doesn't even address this problem. EDIT: I seem to have found a solution. I don't understand why but here is what solved it: My laptop was directly wired to my Modem and by unplugging my DSL cable and connecting to the modem with the wifi signal instead, the game suddenly started working again. So the modem that my ISP gave me was blocking something when directly wired.. It makes no sense. My game was working prior the patch and suddenly my modem would block something? I have to idea. But it works now.
  15. I'm assuming you are talking about the tavern when you say tower? Fact is your "friends" are clearly immature ***s so it's probably all for the best.
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