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  1. UGH! Playing at work. (I know I know) Was on wave 4... trying to beat this map. Had to put it on standby for a min. (Which was working fine till this time) by tapping the power button so the screen goes off. I come back, do the unlock swipe, then DD was closed. My assumption based off Androids is that DD got closed as a background process when Android needs to. Would be good to put DD in the foreground so android can never close it while game is being played. Can this option be done. Its kinda really needed to allow these devices to be on standby/idle sometimes.
  2. Ok, one thing that is throwing me off ALOT, is that my Char does not walk backwards. If I move the touchpad down or so, my char tries to "Turn" to that direction. I dont WANT that. Now if I turn the chase cam off, they turn around quick to walk in that direction. Turning the chase cam on, the ONLY time they will walk backwards is if you are firing at the same time. So rather annoying, can this be fixed up?
  3. Hey I am all for a Dye Tub! I loved those in Ultima Online. =D Sure, but no one complains about the people running around with weapons 3x the size of their bodies. Youre right, I dont. Loved the BFG! And I love them in DD too. =D
  4. Something I would love to focus on for the 1st thread is a section for "Trap Huntress vs DPS Huntress" There is a difference and unlike Squire.. trying to find a balance, doesnt work well for the Huntress. I know personally I play as a Trap huntress. I play with friends on IRC, So we all have our role to support each other. Plus.. to me.. a DPS Huntress, While AWESOME.. doesnt help if you wanna play the tower/trap mode only of survival. Heh. But some good skill planning notes to which each should use is a good idea.
  5. Idk.. I am all for customization on all levels. However.. it would seem odd to say.. have a weapon that is lets give an example.. A Twin Disc Shooter.. but you like the model of the Tri-Crossbow... so then youd have a Tri-Crossbow that Shoots 2 Discs... Since as you said, just the MODEL changes up. Not the stats or what the weapon was. Just seems a lil odd... I keep thinking about this thread and thinking.. "Yea.. if only I couldve swapped things in Diablo 2... wouldve loved to use that glass/crystal sword with my amazon and still be able to use my skills for the zon..." But as you know..
  6. Well ok, lil focus change. This way it doesnt sound like its a thread against knowing what "path" is good to go with on a Hero build. What items in the mod tool do you think may hurt ranked play from being fun, or hell, could even be used to exploit the ranked leaderboards or gameplay of it? Knowing everything isnt always the best. That is why the challenge of the Grind and respec is out there. (Least to me, figure out what works WELL, post about it, and let others judge) I look forward to all the good mods. Hell.. I still wanna see that Head Stomping idea from my other thread.. Imagine..
  7. This post is brought to you by Spanky! He loves you LONG time. =p Geez... but man.. so many to collect.. Guess I should get around to them..
  8. Well if its on Open.. then personally I still say, make leaderboards for local host only. Best score while that HOST has played. Keeping ranked for global.
  9. Well its not that, I mean I too like to have a gameplan when playing sure. Saves time and respec. But then yea, After the final end all be all info is known. Then what is left? Thats what I worry about. I mean now if there are multiple ways of rocking it still, fine. But like I said, its a concern I had, just made the post about it for discussion.
  10. Ok well after it patched from the Market, I loaded the game. Waited for ALL the files to download again.. and load up... yep.. still 6.5 I wonder if thats a bug, that it is 7.1 but says its 6.5. I guess Ill send a email in.
  11. Just a concern I have with the idea of the mod tools. While I love the idea that we will get great mods. The concern is. This would unlock alot of mystery and values in the ranked mode too if the values stay the same during balances and so. Sooner or later, those values and knowing what upgrade does what, whats the "best" plan, and then use that data as a means to justify anything not going by those values to "suck" Just feels that peoples opinion will not matter cause the values will speak for themselves. What do you all think? Personally, I feel once the mod tools are out. Values of ra
  12. You know.. something I do dislike about these patches.. is how long it takes to download the files to play... Unless I plug in to AC adapter. This can drain the battery like mad, cause 1: You wont be using 3g/4g for these patches, and on wifi you will drain more. So is there a alt way to download the files and put them into the Tablets ourself? Make this quicker?
  13. Something I havent seen. (Unless I am blind) is the option to make a screenshot in the game. Would be nice to be able to get those to save and share. =)
  14. Well I had the same thing. Loaded my game up just to check from my Streak 7. In the market however, It says "Installed" instead of "Update" however if you load the desc from the market, the option to "Update" comes up. Click it and atm its updating. I will edit back if it did indeed goto 7.1. But it is odd that in my apps list, it doesnt claim that it needs a update, till I load the store page itself in the market and manually go to update it.
  15. I am still waiting for the game to accept alternate IME controls too. So BUMP! =)
  16. So if its not a VW then, what is the amount of damage you have been able to get and with which weapon? Hell with that much DPS. Do you even use a trap anymore?
  17. Just had a nice thought. Imagine if there was a option for a Grid Map. Then if enabled, it would show you the POS on your UI. A-1, B-3. Etc. This would be a nice easy addition for making guides or explaining to others where you are talking about. I see maps with traps on it etc. But sometimes it would be easier to say "D-5 is a key area having issues" or "Place "x" at "x"" What do you all think?
  18. I keep hearing about the VW. I will get it soon. But yea.. going from 2k (barely) dmg, slowly to this, is nice... Halloween DLC.... you will be beat on hard now! (Past 5 days kept failing on the final wave.. even tho we had a nice setup) Nice when you just mow something down.
  19. Just noticed it last night. Was easy to overlook but a cute easter egg none the less. =)
  20. Its o.0 awesome. =D Ranked server too. Seems trick is, just beef up the DMG only, not the elemental. Hell only level 56, so I can still improve on this. But yea, my build is for traps too. So Now I can use my traps and just mow everything down. Woot. =D Whats the Highest you have right now? Got a pic to share? 15K is nice (When using P.Shot, otherwise its 10-11K)
  21. While I see why this could be helpful. Personally I like the hectic stuff. Makes me think FRAG FRAG MUHAHAHAHHAHA!!! As they burn in my flames. =) But yes, I guess a option to reduce maybe useful. =)
  22. Heh, I guess so? But yea, personally, I didnt know thats what those are when I read your thread. Which is why I PMed you. =) Can you add lil more detail on that in the 1st post? =) Another thing that may help this thread, pictures of the said weapons. =)
  23. Update for the 1st post. Ray Guns (Looks like a cone on the end with a LCD screen) Those are AOE blasts.
  24. Only valid time to bump is if an issue is unresolved, or a super good topic or idea stays around so it doesnt get sunk by all the other threads. (Like this one should get closed soon) heh. If you bump a non good thread, ppl frown at you.
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