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  1. So started playing last night, got the CE. ^^ Loaded up. Gameplay itself seems very similar to the 1st DD. Which is good. However the UI and Graphics... remind me very much of World of Warcraft. Am I the only one who feels this way? Not sure I fully "like" that. I really liked the style the 1st DD gave us. Either way, least game seems fun. Wish controllers were working on it. Seems option stays grayed out. Anyways, was just wondering if its just me with this whole WoW thing or what others think. :)
  2. Heh.. I mustve been faster on my Galaxy S3 then I thought. I had DD installed.. just didnt download the files. So when I loaded up, it downloaded the game files. =) Soooo with that in mind. All you need is the DunDef apk (Id post it but I am not sure if this was taken down by Trendy or Google) But if you find it, install it, then you can download the game. (Or wait.. was there a free DD version? Cause obviously cant put a paid app here for free) Now if this was a google issue and there is a free APK version. Trendy could just upload it to the site and we could manually install.
  3. I am curious tho whats up.. granted.. I dont think DD for mobile even gets updated with all the stuff we have on PC sadly. PC is really the way to play. Tho.. still would be cool if least open MP worked for android to pc heh.
  4. /me Puts on her Robe and High Heels and Cracks her Whip. So whats the news? =p Just saw today that wasnt on the Play Store lol. Was gonna try to install this to my new Galaxy S3 =) Tho maybe I should just take the titanium backup from my xperia play and restore. ^_^
  5. How do you get the present? I beat the game (my secret room is open) but there's no present under the tree for me :( See Screenshot, its by the forge, That tree. Also its still lil lame that mana could be taken by others period. =/ You sure it was 4k? My screenshot said 12k.
  6. Yea thats what happened to me too! 1 got stuck behind the dummy, wouldnt budge, then my friend walked by, and it went to him. Dont know how much its worth, but that was mine! =( That being the case, I worry, what if more went to my friends by mistake. =/ You can see it stuck behind there.
  7. Hey I dont know if this was by design or a glitch. Last night friends and I wanted to get the Holiday map done. I goto the tree to open my presents and I see the mass mana. Couple of them got stuck behind the training dummy and wouldnt move. Then my friend comes to check it and I could swear, the mana went to him. Is this a glitch or was I just seeing things?
  8. I would send a message to jpeters. Or email him about this issue if you have all the details.
  9. Honestly, that wont really help 100% as too many people use custom roms, which usually is better. Cause doing it the way you suggest, also blocks out sometimes devices that could run it 100% causing more frustration for people who want to play.
  10. Wow; that's absurd. The reload time must get exponentially greater as it gets further into the negatives. Actually personally Ive seen that based on the ammo amount. I mean takes long enough without a reload + mod on it.
  11. I've got a -5 reload speed Bone Bow with about 120 clip. It takes almost 15 seconds to reload. Burn it... with FIRE!
  12. Well they upgrade after a certain amount of level ups on the weapon. So gotta keep leveling it then 1 of the levels they will open up. Then will stop until another stretch.
  13. Yea but take into consideration, mobile has less mobs during the wave too. I also believe that when playing MP with the PC host, you have the DU based on the PC.
  14. It might, but that would be due to lower abilities. Cant have as many monk auras on a mobile device vs a pc ;)
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