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  1. While you're at it add Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts too. Writing in Latin letters is awful. Hope Trendy will show some love.
  2. I asked something similar here: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?23498-Adding-own-localization-3-questions. it's terribly complex to do and it seems you have to use a Total Conversion so you can't play on Ranked with it. T.T
  3. This is exactly right. This is not an item that can be farmed. To simply tell those people who got an inferior one that "life is tough, deal with it" is stupid. This is something that many people spent 200+ hours achieving. Not only that, but the fact that people got it before the minimum level 60 upgrades will have the worst ones as people who get it now after the minimum upgrade change have a 99,9999999999999999% chance to get a better one.
  4. I've only seen one cheater in ranked and he only brought his weapon in with permission. So masochism is a hyperbole when used to describe my game play situation. Typo?
  5. You know what Trendy should do? Work with Valve to add an option that deletes your chicken and resets all your own achievements. Then anyone raging about having only 64^ on their chicken instead of 65^ can farm a new one. That's fair. Oh, wait.
  6. It IS Standardized !!!!! It has MINIMUM UPGRADE of 60 which make it SUPERIOR to ANY PET in game. The only difference is that some might get 61 62 63 64 or 65 rather than 60 which results in ~200/4000 = 5% dmg vary. What is your problem? That's not standardized. That's still randomized. 5 more upgrades is a lot, especially for min-maxing purposes.
  7. If you read the news you will find out that people in charge of Chinese prisons have been forcing the inmates to farm gold for World of Warcraft." That's even worse. Not everyone who is in prison is automatically a criminal. So I still don't see how that is remotely funny. Anyway, I'm done with this topic. Gets boring now that Nithalik is gone. T.T
  8. I'm sorry, but this doesn't make any sense in English. Could you please clarify what you are saying? People are constantly making fun of gold farmers from China without actually looking who are behind those people. These are people who can't find any work, homeless children and other sorts of people who are pretty much forced to sit with their butt on the computer all day farming gold in some MMORPG's to be paid a little bit of money by their boss so they can buy something to eat. You were making fun of gold farming on World of Warcraft. I told you what kind of people you were making fu
  9. Major nerf happened in 7.09 when they buffed Insane monsters. By buffing our enemies they weakened us (compared to them). This applies to everything (including all items in the game). Our power-level got nerfed, new gear and raised hero cap compensates this. I know this may be just preparation for future but I'm not going to bother analyzing what this game might be some day. That wasn't really a very bad nerf, especially if you already had pretty good gear. I started to wonder if I was in a Chinese prison where they force you to farm gold for World of Warcraft....LOL! Poor little childre
  10. they need to nerf the good stuff What weapon or armor piece did they nerf in 7.10 apart from the elemental weapons? Make me a list. Then you can call me a troll when you have the list done.
  11. Yes the logic is failing. It's so you can prepare and gear yourself up for the new hard content and difficulty as said hundreds of times. Expecting Finally to pop in here any second and close the thread with one of his witty comments.
  12. Korean is pretty much a genre because koreans have godly skill at mmo gaming. Actually, we play MMORPG's for the social aspect of it. We play games that require lots of thinking and quick reactions if we want to be godly at something, RTS especially.
  13. I already retracted and edited, did it really take you 2 minutes to write all that? Out of curiosity, what's the point of this thread? It's made by a company from the US. Question answered? Okay good, thread over then?
  14. And Wyvern Kobold Bombers. :wyvern: :kobold:
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