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  1. You say "bear the loss" as though a physical copy was paid for. It's a digital game, meaning it costs nothing to supply it. They could sell it for $.50 at a profit. (Bandwidth is far, far cheaper than you think it is.) Apart from the question you're asking, in the end, Steam sales raise actual revenue more than selling the game normally, no matter the "hit" either party takes.
  2. Not gonna lie, was expecting devastating explosions to be something really perverted.
  3. i have a key for the beta but wasnt going to play it, didn't look good enough. Congratulations! You win the "CRAZY GUY" trophy!
  4. Oh man, don't even get me STARTED on Planetside! I looooooves me some Planetside!
  5. Yeah, Wii's totally dead, Skyward Sword wasn't the fastest selling Zelda title ever released or anything. You've got around 30 million Wii owners out there dying for an awesome game to play... Why not give it to them?
  6. If you love awesome shooters, get in here! (1080p or die!) And that's why! If you want to play, add Xbob42 in-game. Getting into the closed beta is real fast and real easy, so sign up already! All beta progression gets taken into the full game, so you don't lose any classes or unlocks!
  7. Or just even out the scaling. It could be 1 ~200 2 ~400 3 ~600 4 ~800
  8. Someone probably already said this, but I'm not gonna read through all the pages of replies. But... if they shouldn't listen to the whiners or forum-goers, that means they should ignore this thread!
  9. It's not trolling, it's a Westborro Baptist Church site. Of course! Icy Spear – The Icy Spear is the name of an actual weapon in the game of Skyrim, but on the *** streets, it is where a *** freezes their meat banana with ice cubes and than forcefully injects their partner’s demon tunnel with their icy flesh spear.
  10. I love that site, and I love how people have to ask if it's a joke. Look at those friggin' pie charts!
  11. I hate it when I say "go north" and people actually have to ask me "where's north?"... NOBODY uses the damn shift button. Even the people that claim they do. I literally HOLD DOWN the shift button the entire length of the game because I like to have map awareness. You know, this isn't a mini map btw. If it was a mini map, it would be in the corner of the screen. This is a full blown map on your screen. What they need to do more importantly than rotating the maps, is actually implementing a mini map so I don't have to hold shift the entire time. They actually refer to it as a minimap
  12. Does it come with hot chicks? That is the only standard I set for computer-based purchases.
  13. Trendy please ignore all criticism and never ever take it personally. If someone has too high expectations that are not according to reality he has created that problem for himself. But please accept all praises and good ideas. Ignoring criticism is quite possibly the absolute worst thing any provider of content could ever do. What a monstrously bad idea. Do you live in a BUBBLE?
  14. Indeed, that leads down a nasty road that I doubt either of us would like to see DD follow. Some people do stay, yes. But the question is, do they make more money off a few people paying a lot, or a lot of people paying a smaller amount? From all the evidence I've seen: When a game is well-built (As Dungeon Defenders certainly is.) then more people paying smaller amounts for stuff that doesn't give them any sort of advantage over those that don't then I've noticed they tend to generate more revenue. Someone posted this video on the General Board, and I think it hit the nail on the head,
  15. The main point I was trying to make wasn't that "everyone's gonna jump ship!" it's that people tend to stay longer and pay more when they don't have to pay.
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