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  1. Wow, that is a legendary answer! I bought some shards with the leftover resources I had from when I was playing and I decked out my Monk. I was able to clear a Chaos 1 map without much trouble. I used a combination of fire auras, boost auras, lighting auras and spike blockades, topped off with a buff beam for each lane. Now on to farm some gear. Thanks for explaining how to farm it optimally (iPwr, mule), because that is beyond counter-intuitive. Thank you sir.
  2. Hello! I'm a long-time DD1 player and I played DD2 a little bit. I played the game during the PTD era where you would stack buffs on a PTD and slow the enemies as much as you could. I had about 100 hours put in that time. After the new updates, let me tell you that I don't recognize the game anymore and I'm looking for some help. I remember stacking specific broken PTD bonuses on my huntress and pretty much steamrolling my way through all the content. It seems it doesn't work that way anymore. I have every hero at level 50 and I have a whole page of various mystic and legendary level 50 totems. They seem to give the best bonuses when it comes to towers, so I equipped them on my favorite builders and built Assault on Throne Room and kinda beat normal difficulty. I figured since I had pretty much the best gear in the game pre-update that I'd still be able to clear the high-level content, but I just don't get how to increase my damage. I spent a few million coins upgrading some green shards, but that didn't really benefit my towers' damage. Am I missing something? I feel like I should be hunting class-specific shards to stack bonuses, similarly to how I would stack PTD bonuses before the patch, but I don't know where to start. Any and all help is much appreciated. One last thing : what is the difference between Chaos 1-6 shard packs? I have 500 medals and I'm wondering which one I should get.
  3. Hi everyone, this is my first post here and hopefully not my last! I want to buy some event items for items that I have no use for. More specifically, I'm looking for: Mana Master;Glacier's Demise (x2); Rainmaker;Greater Magicite of Wind (the quad cap diamond) I know those items are super rare but hopefully you'll find your pick in what I'm offering. I have loads of armor. Plenty of ultimate pieces that I'm willing to trade for those items. I have at least 4 sets of capping (in terms of tower damage) tower sets and most of the pieces have all 4 tower stats. Pretty much all of them have at least tower health, damage and attack rate. I also have capping ultimate++ weapons from Akatiti Jungle. I have one staff (Obsidian Clava) with all four tower stats in the 600 range (radius is 597) with 413 upgrades and 647 tower damage. I have some sparuses and gladiuses with similar stats. I also have a few DPS gladiuses if that's something you're looking for. I have some in the 70k range when fully upgraded and I'm pretty sure I have a few in the 80k range. I have some genies with 300+ upgrades and positive hero damage. Great upgrade pets. I also have some propeller cats with good boost intensity (>200) if that's your thing. I can offer some supreme accessories (Santa Hats and Beards) that can go above 400 in one stat when fully upgraded. I don't have any (good) bracers that I can offer, unfortunately. As far as cubes ad coal go, I currently have 6 cubes and 60-something coal that I can pitch in if all else fails. Oh, I should probably mention that I don't care much for traceability. If you can trace it, awesome! But if you can't, too bad, I'll take the risk. I don't play much and I'm mostly buying those 'cause I want to have them. I had all the event items on the PS3 and loved them but GameSpy got shut down unfortunately. Thanks for reading through!
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