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  1. Yeah, that's what the "needle in the haystack" thread hit on very well. How would you suggest we address this? I'd love to hear your thoughts. :) I would stop making passives Do or DIe. Passives are required at this point. When Ipwr 200 is better then ipwr 800 because the 200 has a passive and the 800 doesn't... It's broken.
  2. Reset DD1 imo. DD2 is clearly being balanced around a 4 player team game and the stats/gear are boring. I'm a solo player who enjoys playing a TOWER DEFENSE game. DD2 doesn't cater to what i'm looking for. Towers are weak and boring (no def speed or range stats) and lanes need to be babysat (must multiplayer) = No fun for me.
  3. Wipe my gear if anything. Wipe for 5 level 50s and i'm moving on.
  4. WHy did i come home early from work!! Defaults doesn't work. Damnit.
  5. Any time frame for improving the Quick match options. It would be nice to see which maps have players and how many. If it's a started game might be nice to see... those kinda things. Is there anything planned for stats on items? For instance, crit and crit dmg seem like messy stats that require spreadsheets to manage effectively. Are you happy with this? The only scaling we get from gear ATM is power and crit. I'm just saying, without defense speed from gear... Items scaling my towers consist of a stat making them hit harder and another stat making them hit harder. Do you see a proble
  6. Alright then. Simple maths, got it. Speed is valuable regardless of the value that is set to it. Even if they were to half the ratio, or reduce it to almost nothing, everyone would want the speed that they could obtain to get benefit from it, then stack everything else. So people will stack speed even though mathematically, point for point, it's weaker than Power or even crit?. Unless you're implying people have some uncontrollable fetish with defense speed.. they will stack what gives them more benefit, usually the most dps. How you do not understand speed doesn't nullify overall strate
  7. Definitely feel like this should have been the solution. The removal of a stat seem to be an extreme case scenario, in my opinion should not have been followed through. Like you said: a soft cap, a max limit, scaling of other stats, and more could have been possible alternatives. It would be welcomed if it returned for many players and also anger at Trendy from those supporting its removal. Honestly, I would love for it to return. [[5609,hashtags]] If it doesn't, oh well. Guess I'll try out the next few patches and leave it behind when Diablo 3 - Season 4 starts. While Speed does provide a
  8. Tower speed is probably the best way to visually gauge your power increases with gear. It's a very Engaging stat. It's too crucial to remove. Trendy should've just put soft caps in. Or adjusted the scaling. Going from a 3 second firing turret to a .2 second fire is INSANE. Is was definitely cool, though. But Why not adjust the numbers?
  9. Please Trendy! There's some serious visual scaling deficiencies. It's killing the fun. And the whole crit stat is basically a glorified DP stat... The only time i can tell i crit from a non-crit is on training dummies. It's basically a background stat sheet goal, and that's it.
  10. Please? I can't run ramparts/throne/nimbus or that other one no one runs... again.
  11. While it's definitely strange as is, troublesome at low levels and a non-existent threat at high levels... Build your towers more strategically. Try to place them around a corner possibility.. force them to enter range. If that doesn't work, maybe place a monk lightning aura or huntress trap at the location they snipe.
  12. I'll give you an A+ for formatting! I kinda disagree with this change on the other hand. The game is designed around getting 100 mythicals but only a handful being good. The item rolls and luck are part of the farm to greatness! That would remove a huge part of the farm to find the perfect stat rolls... If they added a few more stats to populate the gear, then it might work. Which should happen regardless, IMO. Give us defense range back! Or maybe a hero attack speed/crit idk..
  13. I think we are experiencing the pre-ALPHA problem...
  14. lol same here... i was in a dry spot during multi 4 player, went to soloed 2 maps and each one gave up a legendary. Maybe i see more mythicals in 4 player... but legenday is as random as can be. Edit: Come to think of it, not even more mythicals in 4 player, just more greens and blues.
  15. I have one in my inventory the same way. Except DP instead of AP. But, it's a "Cannoneers Legendary Totem" Amazing legendary... lol
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