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  1. I'll start off the challenge group with 1300 stat embermount: https://imgur.com/a/0Ij7vFT Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198072745323/
  2. Thanks for the giveaway! https://imgur.com/a/bw5ebem
  3. I'm not sure if these changes would help at all. The main reason why non-minion walls aren't used is because (in essence) they can't tank well enough. With ogres scaling to >100m hp in survivals, the last thing you want is your walls dealing even more damage and getting more aggro when they could instead just be sitting there, blocking the path to your dps towers and barely taking any damage at all. I think the only way to make non-minion walls viable is if you made ogres smarter and allowed them to attack whatever's blocking them if they can't reach their primary target. Of course, thi
  4. I agree that lightning towers are OP and require a nerf at this point. The biggest issue is their range - by chaining, they can reach across the entire map doing AoE damage. Their chain limit isn't that big of a limit, considering their buffed damage as well. Breaking the chain if mobs in-between die and the chain range gets exceeded seems like the most reasonable/'logical' fix to me, although that would probably be too harsh of a nerf.
  5. How would you value: CavalryBean's LeftoversDeath WishBall BlasterQueen GeorgiaHowling WerewolfPloutonionYGK's Extended Meat Carverupgraded non-capsnamed double-caps
  6. How would you value: CavalryBean's LeftoversDeath WishBall BlasterQueen GeorgiaHowling WerewolfPloutonionYGK's Extended Meat Carver
  7. Jester is already a very strong builder right now, especially on survivals. With your proposed change, would all present defences have the same DU as regular defences? I would definitely prefer lower-DU, more random defences compared to regular-DU, less random ones.
  8. Summoner I feel summoner is in a really good position support-wise. You can flash heal + repair at the same time, all while in phase shift and immune to damage. I have no issues at all getting mana during the combat phase - just make sure you have resists and a decent amount of health, same as any other character you would use in combat phase. Squire I have to admit I haven't played squire that much recently, but in my opinion the issue with squire is 100% on Blood Rage. Squire needs Blood Rage active just to deal DPS around that of barb (without any abilities active). As well, barb can
  9. Are you still looking? I can't tell if you've purchased 1 or 5 HP/Range capping ones
  10. Entry One of my favourite memories in DD would be way back when I only had a level 76 squire. I joined someone's game titled "giveaway challenge" or something, he made our group beat summit on nightmare to get one item from his tavern floor. He said he wouldn't help us in any way, but he ended up afk'ing as a character with a cowboy monkey, which really helped :D. It was pretty difficult, but we somehow managed it. And that's the story of how I got my first ultimate weapon!
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