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  1. I came to the forums specifically for this point. I was sitting there thinking "Surely, they couldn't have forgotten an auto-sort button in the inventory for a game that's all about a ton of items dropping, that'd be such a silly mistake!" But I guess they did make that mistake, and now I have to sort everything by hand, like some sort of... goblin, gobu. Now i'll just need to hire a sorting goblin as a temporary workaround! Also, not being able to sell multiple items like before is somewhat annoying too. I do love the improvements to the auto-inventory stuff, and even to the look of the inventory, but it seems Trendy just missed out on a few Quality of Life things in the inventory.
  2. Yes, I did this just last week. The non-gem rewards don't stack at all (they're just accessories that you unlock), but you still get the gems.
  3. First of all, I don't think there's a single person here who thinks the game is perfect. Nor will the game ever be perfect. To somehow create this subset of people that defend everything about the game and then say they're ruining a game that is continuously getting updates that massively change how the game is played is kind of silly. Not to mention Iamisom's (and probably bienvenido3's too) job (as far as i know) is to go around all the social media sites, including these forums, and figure out what the community's bug reports, feedback, general feeling about the game is, and convey all of that to the devs. From what I can tell, they do their job very well, which means they will listen to the people who have genuine concerns like yours, and generally ignore the white knights because they themselves know the game isn't perfect. Yes, I am telling you they couldn't do those changes to difficulty you suggest, and I (and a few other people I think?) have been saying that this whole time. Tossing a bandaid fix like increasing mob damage, ogre trains, increasing enemy stats, would only serve to unbalance the game more, which would cause the loss of more players than if they just wait to retune the difficulty the proper way. You might ask "But why would people leave, a harder game is a better game!" Well, not necessarily. If mob stats were increased right now like you're asking, a LOT of builds will suddenly become non-viable. Just to give examples, do you see anybody using cannonball towers, flameburst towers, earthshatter towers, blaze balloons, ballistas, skyguard towers, lightning auras, oil geysers, and just afk facerolling content? I know I sure don't. Those builds are very sub-optimal with regards to the current meta, and as such aren't used very often. Increasing mob stats without rebalancing heroes would cause people who rely on those defenses and barely scrape by right now to quit out of frustration, whereas people who use pdt's, archers, proton beams, serenity auras, will find they have to pay attention a bit. So, the developers could either: a)Haphazardly increase the difficulty of mobs by raising stats and number of boss mobs OR b)Make enemies more intelligent, add more types of enemies, and balance hero defenses. One of those will lead to a more complete project, and thus less cost, than the other, along with retaining more players. Now, WHY couldn't they do any of what you suggest? Because they're spending their time working on a much more robust system that will last longer than just increasing enemy stats every time somebody complains the game is too easy. Along with that, coding a system like that takes A LOT of time. tl;dr The community managers know how to do their jobs. Thus you can assume the developers know about most of the issues with the game right now. Rather than throwing bandaid updates on, they are working on a much more robust system from what we know from dev logs and dev streams.
  4. That's *literally* the definition of a straw man argument. From wikipedia: A straw man is a common form of argument and is an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent's argument, while actually refuting an argument that was not advanced by that opponent. You bring up some good points, but complaining about things that Trendy is definitely working on (watch today's devstream, they actually mention you by name) and denigrating other members of the community is way more toxic and poisonous to the game than "to white knight obvious crap that needs adressing", BY FAR. Going back on topic, a revamp of nightmare SHOULD ONLY happen when and if all the classes get balanced. Use the original 4 heroes with no pdt's, and no ubers, and you'll find the game to be quite difficult (or at least not very easily afk-able), whereas if you use AL / EV2, you can afk any map. Buffing up NM4 to the point where it would be difficult for and AL / EV2 to afk would make the game damn near impossible for the original 4 heroes with no ubers (otherwise known as new players trying to do nm4) A revamp of the campaign is the first step in rebalancing, as it will encourage more new players to stay. More players staying = more people in end-game = more pressure to actually balance end-game heroes/defenses. Does this mean I think Trendy should halt all attempts at making the game harder until things are balanced? No, I'm sure they can do more than one task at a time. Do I think they should halt all other projects until the game gets made harder? Hell no. A game without content isn't a game at all, and they definitely should keep pumping out content while working on bugs and rebalancing (as they have been this entire time). To just keep complaining and thinking that Trendy doesn't care or know what they're doing is extremely ignorant, and completely ignores all the progress they made since DD2 first became available for early access.
  5. Is it confirmed that there are going to be zero updates between now and late September? I can't imagine that we'll have to wait a full month for an update, considering the new map is probably pretty much done right now. If there is an update before then (i feel like there's going to be one soon - the last update was herald of embermount, which was the 16th. Before that was molten citadel, on the 2nd, so if we go by the trend of a bigger update every 2 weeks, there's probably going to be one on the 30th? But that's just pure speculation, and hopeful, biased speculation at that :P) I highly doubt that we'll have to wait a full month for at least some of the known bugs to get fixed. In terms of difficulty stuff, I really can't see much happening until the revamp, which is probably going to be with the mystic or even after it. The amount of coding to give mobs at least somewhat smart pathing/attacking/grouping, along with probably creating brand new mechanics for mobs is probably insane. Not to mention they probably will test the crap out of it before letting it go live, so it doesnt completely break the game, which could take anywhere from a week to a couple months.
  6. A major theme across topics on the forums right now is passives on items, and the item revamp. What are your opinions on: Removing passives from items and either a)Introducing those effects to spheres? b)Creating "augmentable" items, where the augments are the passives that got removed, and can be upgraded by playing (like pet affection, or item upgrade wheel)? We've heard that there is some sort of item system revamp in the pipeline, what are some details about it?
  7. Don't play with my heart like that ;_;
  8. Oh right, one item every round for a hundred rounds will definitely make you clear your inventory faster than the 10 or so items per round that drop normally. For sure. Especially if you are really good at sorting all your stuff, with the worn/powerful stuff going into its own bag for mass selling, and taking 10 seconds at the end of every round to clear all the garbage and find the good pieces to use. Yeah, definitely. The horde waves were a steady stream of goblins from every lane, 0 breaks in them. It was a lot faster than many people have mentioned on the forums in the past. That's not to say onslaught doesn't wan't me to gouge my brains out with a cheap plastic spoon from how boring it is and how terrible RNG can be, but there were definitely waves that took longer/were a lot more boring (drakin waves kinda sucked, since they seem to only spawn 2 at a time from each lane, at a slow enough rate that there is downtime)
  9. Do you guys even know what item passives are? And how much difference they make compared to the stats on gear? Show me an abyss lord that doesn't try to get 10% archer damage passive on every piece because 10% archer damage is easily worth 400 defense power, or a squire with hearty blockade and automation which is easily worth 1000 defense health, or a monk with karma vortex and radiance, or a huntress with tripwire and flameageddon, or a lavamancer with crystallized magma or tephra bomb or fossilizer, or an apprentice with snowstorm/frosty power, the list goes on, even at the cost of having to go back to ipwr 650 gear until they get lucky with a higher ipwr piece. I'm sure even people who hate following the current meta pay attention to what passives they have and how much of a difference they make, just because of how massively important they are. Just for a reference, at 3398 defense power, 3% volcano damage passive is 328 attack damage, where 335 defense power is 1,109 attack damage. A 10% damage passive would be about 1000 attack damage, meaning it's about equal in power to 335 defense power (at least for a lavamancer). Since you can have both defense power and tower damage increasing passives, a much lower ipwr item with a perfect passive would be better than the highest ipwr item without that passive. A similar story is found for any passive, including ones that affect hero ability damage. You must not pay attention to what your towers do with passives if you think you don't need them anymore. Unless your intent is to make the game harder, in which case, go ahead and ignore passives.
  10. You usually end up getting more gold from selling the rewards from choosing literally anything besides gold on nm4. The gold reward is obviously scaled for campaign difficulty, which means about 100 gold per round. Choosing armor at least gets you a chance at legendaries (and you will get a legendary on the major reward rounds (15,25,35)) Also, last time i did an onslaught (last week i think?), i was getting only ipwr 690-700 gear starting at round 7 or 8.
  11. Going to add in my impressions with lavamancer, along with expanding upon your points Mythos. Slight mix up in the order of things because I like Eruption so much. Eruption: Very powerful ability. Extremely good for clearing a lane if you use proton beams, lightning auras, or traps for clearing a lane along with a dps lavamancer, or for clearing a map if it only has one defense point and you use a turtle setup. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that it changes what the lavamancer's towers do, and wish it would do the same for other defenses as well. It's just such a cool mechanic, and unfortunately isn't nearly as cool if you don't use lavamancer towers. It would be cool if there were more spheres to modify this other than Twice as Bright. Towers:Fissure of Embermount: My biggest gripe with this that is insanely mildly infuriating is that the tooltip says you can place 3, BUT YOU CAN ONLY PLACE 2 AAARRGGHHH I find it very interesting that it only scales with AP (for lava damage) and defense crit damage (for, you guessed it, crit damage). The amount that it scales with AP is absolutely abysmal, while the amount it scales with defense crit is surprisingly high (it does 12,335 crit damage with 3,524.5 defense crit damage) I think it would be really cool to have this be an AP-based tower, to help out with their damage. However, being a 0 DU tower, it can be abused somewhat easily, either through a full roster of lavamancers or a full team of lavamancers, or both. I think a simple and elegant solution to this would be to limit fissures to 3 fissures per character/real person, so there can only be a max of 12 on a map (yes, this is assuming the amount of fissures placeable gets increased to be in line with the tool tip) Oil Geysers: Cool idea, bad implementation. The trigger range is about the same as traps, but the damage radius and effect application radius is only slightly larger. The effect only lasts around 3-4 seconds, so it can fall off before the next geyser can apply the effect. The passive to increase the slow amount on the oil effect is amazing. I wish the oiled effect lasted longer, and the geyser had a larger effect radius, similar to huntress traps. Erupting it removes the ability to oil enemies it seems, which makes the oil slow passive useless. The damage on both the normal tower and the erupted tower is pitifully low, and scales horrendously with upgrades. The only stat that scales insanely with upgrades is tower speed, which I don't see being terribly useful since mobs move out of the radius of the trap so fast, even with the maximum amount of slow (unless it stacks with frosty towers or proton beam? in which case you might be able to completely stop things, which might be cool. I have to test this later.) Tower speed also has 0 effect on the erupted effect of the oil geysers, and the damage they do when erupted is only mildly higher when upgraded. Maw of the Earth Drake: I absolutely love the concept behind this tower. It's a truly amazing and unique mechanic, in my opinion. However, the DU cost is WAAAYY too high for it. I feel like Trendy overestimated the power of this wall by a lot, and it shows in the DU. The range on it is decent, and scales very well with upgrades. However, it suffers from a lot of the same issues that the apprentice frosty towers suffer from, such as target acquisition, where it targets a mob that then dies half a second later, making it have to start over on another mob, targetting kobolds that kamikaze shortly after getting in range, then dying, making it have to start over on another mob, and as far as I know it doesn't even have a slow effect. It takes way too long to petrify enemies at the first rank, and even at the max rank it's not very good, especially since the petrification seems to only last 4 seconds or so. For what we get right now, which is a high-hp barricade that creates temporary walls super inefficiently, unless you erupt it, which is impractical on 80% of maps, and100% of incursions, it has way too high of a DU. I would prefer it to have something like 40-50 du, to be more in line with the hp per DU of the other barricades out there. Repair cost is WAY too high due to the high DU cost, which makes it even more annoying to use than spike blockades (which have automation, so repair themselves / effectively mitigate more damage after the damage hit) Fun fact: Eruption makes their attack speed become about 1.35s at rank 1, and about 1.08s at rank 5. *MIGHT* be really good as a floater wall, sticking it on the heavy lanes as needed. However, this would require an active builder character doing almost nothing but re-placing this tower and hitting eruption next to it. Volcano: I think this tower is pretty much perfect, to be honest. It does a good amount of damage for its high du cost, and goes absolutely insane when you can afford to use eruption. I would say this is in about the right spot for tower power. The projectiles are way too slow, in my opinion, for being large flaming rocks. Abilities:Molten Core: Seems like a cool ability, however I haven't used my lavamancer for hero dps yet, though I have been meaning to do so at some point. I'm surprised to hear that it doesn't ignite targets, considering its a red-hot ball of magma that enemies just walk right through when it stops. Hardened/Inflamed: This is possibly the most disappointing ability of the lavamancer. It was advertised as being "stances or modes you toggle between", with the implication being that it is a permanent change for your character. However, what we got is a buff that lasts about 7 seconds. The mitigation on Hardened is absolutely amazing, on top of the Lavamancer's already seemingly high mitigation. The damage buff on Inflamed is quite nice, but the run speed portion is almost unnoticable. I really like your idea, Mythos, with Hardened/Inflamed giving secondary effects,which inflame already does with the terrible runspeed boost. It would be even cooler if being inflamed lit oiled enemies on fire (Does it? I haven't tested enough to know if it does or not). Submerge / Emerge: Good ability. Way too fast. If there's a map with tight corners, you can bet your britches that you'll fly off it and to your death (Bastille bridge comes to mind, i've fallen into the holes in dragonfall sewers more times than i care to admit). This is further compounded by the Volcanic Might sphere, which increases speed while Submerged by 30%. If you want, you can add in Curse Aura for extra fast hilarity. I agree that the animations take a bit too long, or shouldn't keep you rooted when you use it. The hole that he creates on submerge is applied when he enters the ground, and not before, which would mean it could (maybe?) work with being able to move and activate the ability at the same time, without getting massive amounts of misalignment. The same goes for emerge. The damage on emerge seems alright, and it scales with AP which is cool. Secondary Charge: Does a very decent amount of damage when fully charged, along with being a large aoe. Scales very well with hero damage. I agree that it would be awesome to see it be a directional ability, which would give a larger ability to take out air-based targets, along with increasing mobility. Spheres:Tectonic Break: If Harden/Enflame were a toggle rather than temporary buffs, this would be an amazing sphere. I like the scaling with hero health, which encourages staying in the fray while slapping harden/inflame on cooldown. I've heard it doesn't play nice with Let's Rock, which is unfortunate. Let's Rock: Cool ability, seems effective for when you want to be up in the face of the enemy. Would be terrible if the stacking issues with tectonic break are true, as those two spheres seem like they were intended to be used together. Lateral Blast: Terrible sphere. Terrible range, good damage. The tower is never going to be put anywhere near where it would need to be for this sphere to be good. It has too little hp, and the repair costs are absolutely insane, meaning you would be insane to put it where it could get damaged by anything. I would love it if this shot meteors out sideways in random directions, as it would mean it might actually hit something once in a blue moon and not be completely useless. Twice as Bright: Amazing sphere probably overpowered. It will clear a lane if you use it on traps, auras, or photon beams. It will clear the whole map if you use it in the middle of a turtle setup. It will cause volcano to clear the whole map. It will cause already infuriatingly overpowered skeletal archers to be horrendously monstrous death machines. This is a sphere that will find its way on any active lavamancer, no matter if its a builder or a dps. Oil Spill: It's alright. Another ability that I don't think works when the geysers are erupted, however. If it did work when erupted, you could probably permastun a lane with how fast geysers hit when erupted. Otherwise, they don't hit fast enough at the first rank for this to be a super effective sphere, and the sphere isn't good enough to try to upgrade a bajillion oil geysers to get the stun to hopefully go off constantly. Magma Maelstrom / Fire it Up: I'm going to lump these two together because they're essentially the same thing, but different ways to get to the end result. It's alright if you spam all your abilities constantly (one of each ability actually comes out to exactly 100 resource, which is cool), and Fire it Up will definitely keep you at full mana if all you use is eruption on cooldown. Magma maelstrom would keep you at full mana, too, but you have to use both fissures for that to work effectively. Fireball Effect: With how well Lavamancer mitigates damage, this isn't that useful of a sphere. Since there's only 11 class-specific spheres, it's a decent one to get if you're scared of dying, or don't have any hp gear or points in hp. Volcanic Might: Seeing a speed boost was kind of scary, I fly off cliffs enough as it is. But while typing this up, i got it and the run speed is almost unnoticable for the most part. 20% stun on volcano hits is very solid since it hits so many things all at once, especially when erupted. Knock up on emerge sounds awesome, but would get rendered useless for the same reason apprentice cyclone gets rendered useless: the infuriating "Grounded" random lane effect. I could rant for *days* about that effect and would still be able to rage about it. Crumbling Stone: Sounds good, isn't that great in practice. Maws only petrify fast enough when erupted, in which case it would be a great sphere. Unfortunately, with how random lanes can be, it's not that good even if you want to swap the tower around every round. Batter Up: I honestly don't know how this sphere is supposed to be used. I guess it can be used down corridors, but it seems like you'd be sending the core off the map more often than you would be getting +30% damage. Sphere Suggestions:I love a lot of your suggestions Mythos, they would have been so much more interesting than the spheres we have right now. YES to oil geyser ignition from fissuresI will always support ways to increase eruption durationDamage increase, effect and damage radius increase on oil spheres? Yes please! (can we name this one oil rig?)Spheres to increase functionality of hardened/inflamed sound awesomeIncreasing eruption radius at the cost of its damage seems too good to be true. Probably should only be a 10-20% increase, especially if you're playing an active builder since you won't have AP.Cone eruption would be the ultimate lane clearer for trap/aura builds, i love it.Maw chaining? Oh god yes pleaseMaking fissure into a decent tower seems a bit overpowered since it's free. The tradeoff being 50% mana loss seems really good.Here's my suggestions: Trail of Fire: While Submerged, you leave a trail of fiery rubble in your wake, dealing 50% of your ability power in magical fire damage every 0.5 secondsPassives:They're all pretty solid passives. Oil geyser slow increase is the most notable and maybe the most useful if oil geyser slow can stack with frosty slow or proton beam slow. Tephra bomb seems pretty good, but the projectile is way too slow. The Floor is Lava is a very good ability for an AP built lavamancer. I really hate how passives are spread out so much in such small values. I also hate how passives are another level of RNG on top of the rarity and ipwr RNGs. Fun facts/Bugs:Towers touching the maw of the earth drake when erupted get SUPER ERUPTED, and attack 4x faster! The damage portion seems to be unaffected.Helm of the storms passive works on lavamancer resources! Yay! You can have 200 lava power, and just use your normal attacks to regenerate it! The same goes for gunwitch, too!Pet abilities that regenerate mana work on lavamancer resources! Yay again! Who needs fissures when you have hilariously strong pet abilities and item abilities?Lavamancer seems to have the highest mitigation of all heroes, except for squire when blocking (though it sure does give the squire a run for its money!) It also has the highest hero health scaling! My lavamancer with 15 points in hero health and no hero health gear has a whopping 27,792 hit points! He can tank an ogre stomp or swat and only go down to around half health!Conclusion:The amount of health and mitigation the lavamancer gets compared to the expense / usefulness of his towers leads me to believe he is a much better hero dps character than a builder character. His eruption buff doesn't scale with anything, meaning a builder LM will be just as effective at erupting towers as a dps lavamancer. The only difference is where they would be erupting. Overall, a fun class and I will probably use it, but it didn't have the building power I was expecting (though I did make a mistake and looked at how stupidly overpowered AL archers were before I levelled up my lavamancer, which set unreasonably high expectations I guess (I really don't like how disgustingly overpowered AL archers are, if that wasn't obvious))
  12. With the way item stats work right now (either you have tower stats or you have hero stats, unless you're an AL, in which case you get 1 tower stat, 1 hero stat), hybrid classes just straight up don't work. You sacrifice too much, especially in terms of passives, to actually be very useful. Hybrid classes are more relegated to crowd control and repairing defenses (construction passive is only on one piece which makes this easier), however, the only class that's actually really good at crowd control all the time is gunwitch (squire needs to block and have a taunt passive to be useful CC, monk pushback and knockup is very weak crowd control, huntress can oil and stun, which is probably the best of the original 4 heroes, and apprentice knockup doesn't work half the time because of the grounded lane passive), which means the original heroes are stuck just repairing / shielding defenses, and assisting somewhat, which overall feels quite boring IMO. It would be really cool to have 15-16 abilities to choose from, either as 8 hero abilities and 8 towers, or as 5 damage abilities 5 utility/CC/defense abilities, and 5 towers. But that would require effectively making 2 heroes for every hero we have out there right now, which would probably push back creating actual new heroes back a year or more. What would be really cool is to see an item stat system like DD1 and DDE, where every item had every stat, just in varying amounts, and sometimes negative. The issue with this is passives, which are a MAJOR part of gearing right now, would be much more of a mess than they are right now. The topic about removing gear passives is a very good discussion on this point.
  13. What would you count as making the game harder? Making it take longer for towers to kill mobs, such as increasing hp, or adding resistances? Making mobs do more damage to towers? The counter to both of those would be to not afk and kill/CC mobs. No matter how you look at it, an increase in difficulty means you won't be able to afk. ESPECIALLY with how imbalanced towers are right now. A map that an AL can afk will require constant supervision by the original 4 heroes. I think Zimmermann is right, and we need balance between heroes and towers before any sort of difficulty increase can be made. (Do you even know how much of a power difference there is between skeletal archers and ANY tower (besides maybe PDT) from the original 4 heroes? I looked at all the damage towers compared to archers, and archers completely blow them out of the water in almost every regard, damage, attack speed, aoe, lane coverage. If you want difficulty, just stop using AL and EV2, and you'll have difficulty)
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