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  1. will the "Deadly Striker Tower" still fire through walls ? loved that in the early games
  2. I dont think that it is right that when you unequip the Uber your lightning strikes wich you already placed are not affected. This sound like a bug and is gameplay technical bull***.
  3. Ok Guys. After i got my first Uber Sphere i have to say something about it.The Uber Lightning Strikes Sphere First of all here are my Stats: The Uber Sphere get as it says a HUGE amount of dmg boost but of the cost of Single Target. So here are some Screenshots for better explain what it means: Lightning lvl 1 without Uber: Lightning lvl 1 with Uber: Lightning lvl max without Uber: Lightning lvl max with Uber: So at the first look, this is a amazing dmg boost, BUT (and that is why i think this Uber is useless). I have tested it in Wyren Den Incursion Hard together with the Geysir Trap from the Archer: For every shot the Uber loose ~ 3%-4%. This means after 10 Hits (after 10secs with 1sec attack speed) the Sphere have lost 40% from 100%. So the Lightning Strike now looses so fast HP that you cant realy use it effective. You have to run from one to an other and repair, repair, repair and repair... So you also have to upgrade the Lightning Strike as fast as possible for more HP. But also with 200% it looses so fast HP that still run and repair. And in fact that it only hit one target you have to build a lot of more Lightning Strikes, wich means more to repair. It is nearly impossible to kill effective a group of monster with it. For single target ofc it is strong. But realy, the only one wich get killed effective with this Sphere are the Bosses. For all others it is useless. So here my Ideas: 1) Take away the %HP of it so it cant be destroyed. Because today it is easier to defend with the normal Lightning Strike than with the Uber, wich should not be the sense of the Uber i think. This first sounds to OP but i had play a long time to get one UBER and it should be an insane Upgrade for your Towers, not a downgrade 2) Give it the normal -1% loose for each attack AND a chance for a chain lightning, maybe 30% or 50%. + You also can give it more DP costs, like 50 instead of 30 After all im a bit angry about it. I spend a lot of time to get this (like ~20days) and finnaly it sucks. It would be great if i could sell it and try an other Uber. :/
  4. I hope they will do this. i mean its very frustated to see that my aura has only 45% and other players go up to 100%+.
  5. Guggelhupf


    Its a Pre-Alpha >_< not an already finished and released game. Do u cry again when the game come out f2p and u bought ist ? I think you forget in wich state of the game you play. Just calm down there will be more and more bug come until it comes to "alpha" > "beta" > "realease". And when a nearly the same bug comes after release you can be sure that they will do a rollback. but in a pre-alpha it makes no sense!
  6. this makes no sense. it doesnt change anything in the dmg... A better idea has SorakaPlz like: +projectile speed -firing rate / +firing rate -firing arc / +penetration -area of effect this realy change ur playstyle. Or change the element from the fire tower (mage) to frost/lightning/water or choose from +aoe / +firespeed / +?
  7. I like ur idea Odai and im 100% agree with it, but Black Man: I dont thing its a good idea to buff and debuff a tower at the same time. it feels like it doesnt change anything. Like you do the same dmg only with an other effect.
  8. Guggelhupf

    Server List

    Great! Just great! I hope this, or something similar will come to DD2 :) +1 from me!
  9. /agree Please! The lobby system in DD2 isnt realy good for some points: 1. I want to play a map wich I (!!) want, also in puplic. So i join a puplic game and get kicked in a random map, wich i dont like. So i leave and try again: 2. I get kicked in a puplic tavern where the Host ist afk (ok we can votekick now) and i leave again and try a new puplic game: 3. Im lucky and come in the map i want, but its "normal" and not "hard" and i leave again... 4. I want to play together with my friend in a puplic game, so i join a game (with a map i dont want to play) and try to invite my friend...but its already full. 5. I found a game. Im the host (yes) i can choose the map i want to play (cheers) and .... after the map started i get vote-kicked out of it....... 6. Finally i open a private game, but im lonely :( So Please! 1. give us the option to open a private game to a puplic game, so hopefully there join some ppl in my game. 2. give us the option to look for a specific map wich we (!!) want to join wich is also marked as "normal" or "hard". 3. give us the option to open a group in social tavern so i can join with my friends in a puplic game. 4. give ONLY the host of the game a "kick-button" or protect the host from "vote-kick". The lobby system in DD1/DDe was perfect, the only thing we needed was a kick system for the host. So Please change this! And after that, do bug fixes ;) and after that u can give us new content ;) with new bugs of course :D ;)
  10. I agree all what you say about the stupid token limit and have to something to say too: This is a Pre-Alpha! Why we have to wait for content? This makes no sense for me. I mean maybe in a beta its ok to wait some time to test something, but in a pre-alpha? Not realy... There are so few guys who play DD2, at 02:00 am german time there is nobody more ingame. So please dont let us wait like 20days of playing to test ONE "uber" or like 2 month for the "betsy egg" and maybe when we finally have one it has major bugs or something! I hope you understand what i mean ;)
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