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  1. You can e-mail them about your missing item, alltho it seems to take more time to recorver than it takes to do 2 quick patches, but it might be worth a shot *At least my friend got told to e-mail them when he got rollbacked*. I don't care for my items, I'm not going to see them back anyway, the fact is that when I play on trendynet secure, and I can lose items just because trendy feels like taking a **** instead of saving my items at that particular moment then I am not going to enjoy the game anymore. I'm farming Warping Core for about 10 hours now. Just to get a half decent Crystal Trac
  2. Ragequitting because you lost an item in a rollback (not surprising is it really?), isn't really helpful to developers! (Though your point on the whole is valid :P) i see no point in playing a game if the developers cant even fix the rolling back. and did you take a look at the future? they are going to add even more character levels when stats already mean so little
  3. Rollback made me lose a near perfect tower attack monk staff from the ogre challenge and a max upgrade armor / tower attack. There is near zero chance that I will get either back, and yeah, I am not a fan of mindless grinding, especially in an teamgame which promotes playing alone, ill see you guys back in a year, hopefully things have improved then (lol)
  4. for monster fest insane, get 70+ neutral resist + a fairy + huge dps summon all auras and stand in them, should be easy
  5. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Etna-Chan/screenshot/595827150590228360 my friend also named Etna also shows up as green in the leaderboard since he has the same name as me, while this is not a real bug, It is kind of silly :P
  6. I heard the chicken has random colours, I think it would be nice if we could pay like 50.000 mana, and have a reroll on our item's colour / size =P
  7. Nice bait tr oll.... All I said was that it was ironic that pinkie is calling people new when pinkie is new... calling someone a troll, really? new =/= not having indept knowledge of ingame mechanics
  8. I see. And can you have more than 1 account per computer/steam account? I don't think there is anything against it, don't quote me on that though, I never read something about it so that is just what my gut tells me
  9. Traded it for an almost perfect blasticus. heh, guess that blasticus has hacked stats now too =P
  10. I dont no what board your playing but we did deeper well on medium yesterday in under 12 hours and that includes AFK time. Wouldnt the forgery be faster? not sure though
  11. How did you wind up with a hacked weapon in the first place?
  12. I guess I just don't see the value in loot dropped by mobs or why people care if it dissapears. I can understand if someone saw 1/22 ^d godly pristine disapear before their eyes but other than that...the only good loot are kind of given away from rewards. there are no armor rewards
  13. Guys... I'm not going to say it again. Suggestion Forum. then don't say it
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