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  1. Let us choose if we want to play solo or in a group. I hate it when people in my friendlist join my game, but I want to play completly solo because the loot chance is better.
  2. I'd really love to have an survival/endless mode ^.^
  3. I wish it would be like in DD 1, that you only need mana to upgrade it. In this case gold.
  4. I've suggested the same thing, but didn't got any attention :D +1
  5. Kazu

    Disable Cutscene

    Please add an option to disable cutscenes. They are quite annoying after while, so please let us choose if we want to watch them or skip by default. Or make it so that if we watched them once, it will skip on default. Same goes for the cutscene with the chest. It's 99% a green chest, we don't even need to see it. Either way, let us choose to disable them or not.
  6. Please, let us grind the wyvern tokens instead of waiting a full day just to get 3 tokens just to wait again. An "Uber Sphere" needs 60 wyvern tokens, which means you'll have to wait 16,33 days to get the first Uber Sphere, 20 another days to get the second one and so on. You need a total of 66,33 days or roughly 2 months just to get all four "Uber Sphere". Sorry, but are you insane? What are we supposed to do in the meantime? Level 100 chars to 25 with only 8 character slots? Grind gold/items so that as soon as the trading comes gold/items are worthless because there is too much of it or roll
  7. I've now come to a point where I miss the endgame. I know that this game is still in Pre-Alpha, but grinding for gear that is maybe one or two points better does suit me at all. Diablo 3 has a so called "Paragon" System in which you can level up your character after reaching the maximum level. For each level you gain after you reached the maximum level you can allocate one point in four different trees. Paragon Level 1 would be the core specs, level 2 would be offensive specs, level 3 defensive and level four utility specs and this repeats each cycle. For anyone unfamiliar with the system: h
  8. They could probably remove the drop, but leaving only gold there seems kinda unfair. If they change it, they should increase the chance of getting a higher rarity based on the difficulty. For Mythic something like this: Story = 5% Freeplay 20+ = 15% Freeplay 25+ = 25% Freeplay 25++ = 35% Freeplay 25+++ =50% and for legendary like this: Story = 1% Freeplay 20+ = 5% Freeplay 25+ = 10% Freeplay 25++ = 15% Freeplay 25+++ =25% And for Hard Mode 5% additional. This would be more rewarding for trying to play higher difficulties and progress even further.
  9. I really miss the bonuses like faster projectiles, multiple projectiles and so on.
  10. When did they added new equipment? Can't find anything in the changelog.
  11. Hey guys, this idea just stuck in my head because I'm a huge Diablo 3 player. They've added a NPC called Mystic and she lets you reroll only one stat and the costs increases each reroll. This could be implemented here too. You often find good gear but one or more stats are not suited for your class. Like a necklace with a great fireball tower effect, but with hero health and defense speed. Defense speed is good, but as a Apprentice you don't really need hero health because you're mostly fighting from afar. This way you could reroll hero health to defense power. What do you guys think?
  12. Hey guys, I'm playing Dungeon Defenders since it first released back in 2011 and so have I played DD2 for quite a while now. These are my suggestions which could change the game in a positive way. 1. Inventory Hotkey This will enable us to quickly switch between items during the build phase and will be disabled during battle phases. This allows much more diversity in terms of builds against certain enemies that appear only in one wave. 2. Quick Swap Heroes Dungeon Defenders 1 was released in 2011 and gameplay mechanics were different back then. You didn't really had much synergy with each
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