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  1. Yes. all floors will be 3 maps from that point on. But...TE has said that they will look into the 3 map thing in Onslaught as many of us have raised some issues about it. Not just about difficulty, but just on the ability for some to not error out in that timeframe is a big deal. They have hinted that it will be going to 1 map per floor for all of that mode in a future update, or some kind of version of that. That is about all we know at this point, but that is very exciting news for a lot of us, especially as we got that bean right on the heels of this huge update full of goodness. So in other words - if the 3 map thing is a turn off for you in any way, in a few months or so - that may change. Okay Thanks, Just something i wanted to know because i plan to do the Ancient power resets a good set of times, and kinda need to know how many maps i'll be doing as I progress.
  2. Onslaughts level 61+, my questions is. Is every floor 3 maps after 60? cause at 60 its 3, and it usually resets to 1/1.
  3. Hello Forum users and DD2 players, I'm seeking a list, google doc, or website that is updating it's information regarding Mods. Specifically Mod information on what it does and there drop locations. I'm not sure dd2 tools is being updated any longer since its still talking about the barbarian patch. I would be grateful for any help. Thanks.
  4. I get this is still in"pre" alpha, but I was lead to believe that there would be more combos/interaction among towers and abilities in the game. so far you have what about 5? not exactly what I'd call interesting for beyond level 25. Here is a list of things I think you could look into: Take a look at your characters. Right now you have more waves that are physically resistant and you have 3 physical characters. Seems kind of off to me. I think you could have 1 close combat oriented and 1 ranged oriented character the use magic damage and then another 1 close combat oriented and 1 ranged oriented that use physical damage. After that you could add hybrids like the Monk. Review your elements of earth, water, wind, and fire. There are a lot that you can do with them, especially once you infuse magic into it. You also have other elements you could take ideas from or use like dark, light, space, or gravity/magnetism for example. Then there are fields you can look into like Science/ Alchemy: mixing ingredients for various affects., Math: using vectors arrows to alter an enemies coarse, Astronomy: star formation spells or buffs. Towers.The towers are more magic damage oriented then physical. Regardless of the Type of character it is (Physical or Magical) I think they should have at minimum 1 of each Magic and Physical Damage oriented. After that They could have more damaging or control towers/traps/ auras/ other. If you have one that is all of 1, then you need to have another that is the opposite. ( I have more ideas on towers that I will be posting elsewhere, Since it is more along the lines of how the game is now.) Finally every character should have 4 abilities and 4 towers. This part you have done really well, i feel like 4 was a good choice in number of towers and abilities. I think, however, you could remove healing as a hot-bar ability, make a new little circle for it, and Keep it as H for healing. This would allow you to add one more ability to your character arsenal and open up more combo possibilities. Well that is all I have to say in this post for now. The game is fun, I've already played 273 Hours, but I think you can do so much more to make it Amazing and keep people interested. So keep up your work TRENDY, and give your supporters something they can get addicted to like DD1.
  5. Yeah, this is pissing me off now, Cant progress as fast as we'd like to because of this rendering issue. hope TE can fix it.
  6. Seems certain spells, and mobs set my friend to Render-DC. Skeleton mobs, Caster mobs, Right click abilities, and ranged abilities.
  7. Bump, I'd Really like to be able to play with my friend here, but seems there are a lot of problems keeping us from playing.
  8. I'm getting a problem like this too, incubate an egg then play a couple of matches come back to see the eggs still in my bag, but no longer incubating. not a good time either with the contest for Beast master at hand, not being able to keep my eggs warm is a huge problem.
  9. it happens, i wouldn't of even known until after i got dc'd, but I'm also getting this issue. I'm verifying my game cache as a just in case. (just finished 8 files were missing) so ill check to see if that fixed it, it also seems the game is downloading something now so maybe it them updating the game. (or just the 8 missing files).
  10. Never the less, good feedback, just needs to be placed in each section and it's places, split your suggestion changes into a thread to each and the place the overall feedback on a thread in the general discussion so other people discuss this matter with you ( however keep in mind, there's a thread specially for huntress feedback in the Game Feedback SubForum, you might prefer to place it there :P) Oh sorry about that. When i looked around i didn't see a huntress thread, I'll look again and break it down. And my main reason for these suggestions is that the huntress doesn't feel like a hunter to me at all really, that was it. Changing these abilities or manipulating them would feel like one more to me. Thanks for your responses!
  11. (only played her from 1-25, nothing beyond that Mostly before this patch, but some after. My opinion has stayed the same.) I Think the She needs A lot of changes. Most of her abilities seem Lack Luster or Boring. Concussive shot: is the only ability I like on her, there may be some balancing you can do, but overall I like the ability. Oil Flask: The changes to the ability made it better, but I still think something else should be here. For Example: Damaging AoE (Rain of Arrows), Huntress Tracking / Mark (Improves Damage dealt to the target), or an Activated Passive (Lying in wait: Making the character gain damage for not moving or taking an action, stacking until they attack, Activated part of the ability could be added attack speed that puts it on a 15s cd (when on cd you won't gain the passive portion of the ability.) Blazing Shot: I like how this ability works with oil flask, but this also doesn't quite hit the mark for a hunter to me. It's a good straight line shot. but that works on only so many monsters since most paths are curvy. Only suggestion I have is to replace it with an Elemental boomerang( either allowing you to change the element via Talent or it uses the same as you weapon) or something. I still don't like Heal as the 4th ability, I hope you make a 4th ability per class, and just bind heal to H or something. Her Traps / Towers are missing something or don't fit My mental picture of a Huntress arsenal. Explosive Trap: I think this should also stun or stagger those in an area when it goes off. Poison Dart: I Like this tower. maybe give us talents that can affect how the poison works. Geyser trap: Though I like the combo it brings it doesn't Fit with her. Instead I think a trap that had camouflage over it. Then SURPRISE, the trap would trigger, launching whatever was on it or smacking a wall of minions in the face with sharpened sticks. Blaze Balloon: I can kind of see this as an ability, but this is where you should be using the oil. then having the area its dropped on be able to be lit on fire for a small amount of time, with a decent recharge time. Maybe adding a Trip Wire to trigger it and behind the wire would be where it would drop. Well that is my Take on the Huntress. Thanks.
  12. The game was difficult to an extent for My friend and I, until we realized and learned the concept of Range/Quality is greater then Quantity. this concept still kinda throws me off, but we're able to farm any and every level with little difficulty because of it. Just know your combos, spec accordingly to improve your tower effects, and either lead your team, or make sure your team leader knows what they're doing. Good luck! Side Note: Yeah to me the harder difficulties should be Kinda like: Hey!, you need more towers... your normal set up isn't going to cut it cupcake, build more and you'll be able to kill these things(which will give you more mana to build and use abilities with), (The levels should have either Less Defensive units, more mobs+ with more hp for the mobs, + that hit harder, +Immune to some effects, or a combination of these)
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bx9mzWPQ6FQ The link above is the link to the video on my channel, that RaymundoMan and I use for our Let's Play! so if you'd like to check it out, it would be appreciated, also if you have any comments please leave them on the channel.
  14. So I'm curious on combos and some possible problems my friend and I are seeing or just not understanding. We would like to know more about how these combo mechanics work and why everyone in the same game isn't getting the benefit even though everyone is working together to make them work. Our problem is this. He uses a monk with the electrical aura, and i use a huntress and a geyser trap. The trap puts a debuff on the target making them take more damage from electric. So why isn't he getting the same bonus for the Combo like I am? Because without his aura i wouldn't be getting the combo EXP and Gold. Another one is the Shatter Combo, He uses the squire and cannonball turret, While I use the mage and the freezing turret (with the Talent that gives a chance to freeze the target). He get the combo bonus and I don't. When we look at the end map Statistics our Exp and gold, it shows us having, are the same amount. So is it just everyone's getting it ,but its not popping up during the map? or is it not showing the combo bonuses? or something else...
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