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  1. Alpha900, you should go back to page 1 and read what is coming in the patch.
  2. actually what i think is happening is he's useing the event weapons givin to him by trendy to give out to the comunity to trade with. after the events of course. i do something similer, except i give them out to legit randoms to spread the word about the events to non forum members I wish they didn't give out the event weapons again. Almost every lobby I go into, someone has an event weapon. They aren't as rare anymore. *Sigh* oh well..
  3. 1 ranged damage/774 additional base damage/+10 projectiles/+120 charge speed/ +20000 projectile speed/+10 knockback 10 hero health/10 hero speed/10 hero damage/10 hero casting rate 10 first ability/10 second ability/10 tower health/10 tower rate of fire I suggest trying your very hardest not to fall for the event weapon special :) ????, krayt color I think it was 1328 damage/10 sps/+5000 projectile speed and 10 reload thats all i can remember How's it have ranged damage (monk) then charge speed (apprentice), sps and reload speed (huntress) ???????
  4. Well the patch is going to,and i quote Classic22 "Will make the chicken the most powerful pet in the game,as promiced" So yes,post patch the chicken will be better,but it dosent matter if you get it now or later because the patch will standarise the chicken for all players,so everyone will have the same chicken stat wise. Colors will still be random! *whoot* *whoot* EPIC CHICKOON! sheesh, throwing the guy under the bus lol..
  5. ya cant wait but wondering if we might get new heroes for consoles? not happening bud :(
  6. YAY!! We can all lag lobbies with it now -____-
  7. Make shure the weapon you have is base damage if your gunna be swinging,there are restiant kolbolds Spell check FTL sheesh.. but anyway, I tried it on Hard with two other people and one AFK so simulate the host. One person stood in front of the southern spawn and just blocked the whole time. The other two handled each side of the top part of the map with giant base damage weapons and chickens (or animus)
  8. do you stream DD often?
  9. I forgot what 'self heal' was since I met Kairi :skeleton: But no, don't neglect the casting rate.
  10. without squire towers 0_0 Quite the feat you got there bud..
  11. wooden sentinel? so does that mean defense reconstructor isnt broke ? Does it shoot yellow projectiles? If so, then no it isn't.
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