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  1. It can give the huntress a nice damage of physical burst, specially if you combine with ghostly howl and/or an armoured cleanser can really cut into bosses HP and clear waves fast. Definitely worth the get if you have the wyvern tokens lying around and want to have a DPS huntress. Although if you think you may ever build a trap huntress (traptress) I would suggest getting the elemental uber first due to the fact it converts the explosive trap damage from physical to magical damage which allows you to build them in both resistant lanes.
  2. The only other trouble I am having is sticking to full screen mode and being able to alt tab. You wouldn't happen to know a fix for that either? It just tends to black-screen and then crash with an engine failure error. I might have to do a bit more research to discover that for myself.
  3. You sir are a lifesaver, this actually managed to work for me the first time round. I will have to keep you updated on whether or not it reverts to its old state. For now I can actually play on my new PC rather than my old toaster! Seems to be the only one out of all the suggested fixes I have found that actually managed to work. Good work and would highly suggest this fix to others suffering from the same fate.
  4. Yes, using the sidewalls or building a tower is usually easier if you don't have that passive move speed.
  5. Thanks for the great input! It has been mentioned before and is definitely on the list of things too do. Don't forget trendy have a lot on their plate.
  6. A bit too aggressive for a comedic statement, just remember your audience and how ambiguous text can be specially on the internet.
  7. God the salt is real. Chill still in pre-alpha they try to fix the bug and balance things be patient and submit any bug reports you can.
  8. Has anyone actually experienced the bug since the last hot fix? I haven't had it occur once and I have played crossroads quite a bit. Hopefully it was just the pathing issue that were potentially bugging the ogre out, but I haven't had my taste of onslaught since.
  9. I don't mind the dps at the moment hero interaction is still present if you choose for it too be. Although I wouldn't mind high class weapons to have elemental passove on them that allow combos to occur. Drench and lightning is quite fun with a lightning pet and a bow. also just so you know there is a specific "suggestion" component of the forum, you can see more ideas there.
  10. I love the elemental pet attacks, gives me a reason to select on over the other now, but i still love my purpeller kitty.
  11. Sigh If i have to restate my intentions I will. This isn't the usual boots bug circle-jerk that you are use to supporting, I was simply explaining the mechanics of the game in a comedic way that seemed to WHOOSH past many a peoples heads. Although shouldn't expect people too understand jokes on the internet. I just wanted people to understand that if you use the bug at the moment another person can cancel the effect out by also standing on the towers and removing your buff, as in they counterract each other. This could also be useful information for when they re-code them, because if the boot
  12. we all understand the fact that multiplayer gives bonus and that the op is worded wrong but there is no logic too why playing with others should give an advantage the scaling of the difficulty isn't enough for the multiplayer drops tol be greater. It is also understood its omly in alpha but most people believe that this is something that needs to be looked at. There is nothing worse than going into a multiplayer game and being cussed out for not having the best gear. this has forced nūmerous players into solo which then has the domino effect of reducing their chance to get end game items. it
  13. In regards too another of my posts, why would I play a solo game an get reduced chance of drops and lesser amount of exp among other things. I didn't complain once about how they play the game, i was just stating if you want to mess with the bug exploiters it is quite easy too do. Also i assume you're not in a low populated gaming time zone like me when there is literally only one game running. I can leave and search as many times as I want but there is usually only one game being played. Sure i could wait for over an hour an perhaps get lucky by being put into another game but i Don't fee
  14. Plus it would bring more of a challenge too the deck system using combos and deciding what too bring in terms of classes/builds.
  15. Sick of being abused by those who choose too abuse? Sick of making levels so easy that it drains all the fun out of the game? Not patient enough to wait for the hot fix? Well we want you too join the ANTI-BUG squad today. We will give you an opportunity to get back at those scummy exploiters, (warning may be called bad mannered) Ok the so current bug when you stand on the towers with the newly released betsy boots the passive boost makes the current damage of the tower go into the 1000s more than it should, there is a way too counter act and cancel this form of cheating. It requires for you
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