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  1. Cool. The reduction in gold is slightly saddening but fine. I only use gold for upgrading anyways and I always have DMs if the gold gets too dry.
  2. I only play solo. I read the patch notes briefly so I might have missed something. The way I read it there was just an increase to the loot chest for each hero in the map. To me this seemed like a great way to reward multiplayer without punishing solo. If this is not the case and they actually lowered over all loot drops to additionally make the increased drops more attractive then this is absolute garbage move. I hope this is a patch bug that gets fixed. there shouldn't have been a reduction to loot if you are solo while at the same time increasing the multiplayer.
  3. Cyborcs and geod don't add diversity they take away your choices of towers. I am very happy there are now counters to them so that I can use the towers I want on a map. There are different types of diverse strategies but Taking away whole categories of defenses doesn't create diversity, it limits it.
  4. I agree with all of the above. I also still really can't do three map floors. However since I can now choose my map I am currently enjoying trying different builds on maps. I would like a replay map button due to many times my crazy choice of tower combos don't work out ;)
  5. of note also, my mini map in life root forest still disappears after all this time. Ran out of things to try I even did a complete uninstall and it's still there after all these years.
  6. I believe it's a balance measure. In DD1 the towers were meant to be the star, that is why you had so much mana. But now that player DPS is in such demand, and capable of holding lanes. You have to dial back the amount of green mana which forces a hybrid of towers and DPS required for most.
  7. The issue is these new items are shiny objects. Unless there are changes to the actual way you play the game they will be a flash in the pan. Yea they attract people that want to collect them them, but they will be doing the same old stuff they did just for the sake of collecting. I'm pretty sure this is more or less a carrot that is designed to make people want to purchase bank slots. Which would be fine if the game was fun to play while collecting.
  8. Everyone always say "When I go into town......." Yeah but most of them are all AFK or they just send random invites looking for a carry. Just because there are a lot of people in town doesn't mean there are a lot of people playing the actual game.
  9. This is probably so from the realm of possibility but hey lets theorize. What if you did the grind all the way up and found pieces of gear you liked and were ready to reset. When you finally reset the gear you are wearing retains it's max possible stats and attribute types. But the current stats are dropped to level appropriate gear based on the heroes' level. So as you level your heroes back up, the stats slowly go back up on the gear until you regain the original values. Hell you could even give the gear a reset tracker that increases the gold sell value so that if one day you find a new pi
  10. There are things about DD2 that I like better than DD1 like the UI, hero swapping, the mana system (not the amount of green mana per wave), no 30 second build timer. I personally like the latest iteration of the shard system on the individual tower. I don't want it to be a clone but I think you are missing the point of the argument. When people point out what the fun parts of DD1 are they are not saying put that in the game. It is an example of the formula that was used that is missing from DD2. Those are examples of what made DD1 so much fun and as a result successful enough (as you pointed o
  11. I would agree with this (except the sharken !@#$ those guys) For me the most fun game play I have had in DD2 was during the nightmare days. Now, the game play in onslaught was fun when I tried it but the implementation of the map system takes the fun away and makes it frustrating. So I think there is something if they want to make the changes necessary. The nightmare mode in DD1 with the new enemies even that damn sharken didn't counter heroes. They made you think though. If your traps are out to far Djinn suck them up. If you don't cover your towers backs the spiders will web them. if you do
  12. You know there lots of indy studios that use a trello and make it public in order to keep people informed of progress.
  13. This was addressed in this post (and other places that I just don't have readily available to link to at the moment). If within two weeks of that post, we have not said anything, feel free to release the hounds. Until then, I just ask that you be patient. :) Yes but the problem I have is the two weeks part. To me it just sounds like typical Trendy were you are going to wait till the last minute and drop a teaser on us. See I just can't get figured out why you can't come out right now and "say these are the things we are currently working on and hopefully in two weeks we will be able to up
  14. This has been said in many different ways. There needs to be more transparency and Trendy needs to be more forthcoming with the information. When people are left uninformed and completely in the dark they tend to form their own theories based only on the information that they can find for themselves. In this case the bad vibes from the player base are feeding off each other. This doesn't mean that the theories are wrong but they could be avoided if you keep your base informed. We wouldn't have to sit here and speculate on what you will or will not do next. As long as Trendy continues their
  15. It doesn't matter if it is higher the same or lower then what I think. The point is that people that log in only to do dailies don't like the game enough to play but still want to get quick DMs in case a change or hero comes out that they might like. Basicly waiting for the right fixes to get in the game. And my point was is that how you want your player base to be?
  16. And how many of those numbers are just people doing dailies and logging off? That alone counts you as played on that day. I can't imagine that people that log in for dailies is the profit generating target group a company goes for.
  17. What do you call stable? Because if you are truly talking about the last 2 years you're crazy. If you are talking a few months, maybe. If you look at the numbers in the last year, the average has gone from 1k to 800 to 700 to 600 now 500s. So if you are talking a stable descent then yes.
  18. I think it was the Barbarian update, so about 2 months or so ago. Link below for you. Both Onslaught and Trials changed at the same time, and all gear should all be based on the new system ever since this update, although Onslaught does not require a certain CS to progress (only have to beat the previous floor), like Trials does. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/153002/power-of-the-ancients-patch-23-barbarians-wrath?scrollTo=153002&page=1#153002 They didn't change at the same time I know that for a fact. I remember when onslaught was released they implemented the new drops for it an
  19. [[58175,users]] [[18530,users]] When did this change? I remember asking specifically will trials drop gear using the new gear score like in onslaught. I also distinctly recall the answer being no trials will still drop gear using the same method it always has. Cool if it changed but I must have missed some hotfix patch that changed it.
  20. This only happens during onslaught. If you are playing trials the gear drops the same as it always did so yes you would need a mule if you want to maximize your loot drops.
  21. This is what my plans are starting over the next couple weeks, leading up to update release. I have to pile on with what [[14552,users]] said. I have been here so long now and have heard this same thing so many times. Always the same super vague snip-it "We have some exciting changes coming up that we think you'll love" But never anything substantial until a dev stream the week before the update. I have not however heard this from you specifically so I will give you the benefit of the doubt and hope the higher ups don't hang you out to dry. I hope you give us actual informative information
  22. I think it's a pretty safe bet that 99.9% of people spend less than an hour per map. The new 3 map system broke that. Yea but how many people log in play one match then dip out like they achieved something that day? Are you saying they didn't? I mean if you make progress is that not an achievement? How much does someone have to do in game for you to consider they actually did something?
  23. I said this before. Way back in pre alpha, there was a huge discussion on what was the optimal time for a map. This discussion covered everything from how long a wave should be to how long the whole map should be. This discussion was born from the same discussion we're having now. How much time should a player expect to have to commit to playing a map? Now as soon as you hit a three map floor you might as well consider that one big map, in terms of time commitment. so again if Trendy took the time to figure this out once why are we reinventing the wheel?
  24. Thanks but that was listed under long term which most would place that in 6 months to a year, maybe even longer since typically your long term goals are just that goals to try and achieve. Doesn't mean it is the next thing or even the the thing after that. Plus it focuses on rewards for doing AP which is probably a good thing for those that can do it. It doesn't even talk about changes that are addressed in this thread.
  25. Where did they say this? Because in this thread it was stated they will "talk" about it when they are ready. That is far from changing it soon. The road map Elandrian put out a while back said they were going to look into Onslaught and AP changes, right after barb and item scores the next thing on that list is AP changes. I can only assume that is very close. This would be nice. Do you recall the thread that was in? My issue is we are currently after barb and item scores and are apparently doing banks and more item things that will require more banks.
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