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  1. It's different from DD1. Now, everything is server-side like MMORPGs. There is no save-file on your computer.
  2. Do we need this? No offence, but it seems it's a waste of green mana.
  3. The similar bug is that when you unequip an item, the item is gone. And you open the item box again, this message "the item is sold" pops up. Yeah, you will never get the item.
  4.  I can fix this bug by using validating program on steam menu. But it happens again and again. So I lost a legendary gear once or twice a week.
  5. When you playing squire, the spec you can only focus is spike barricade. Seems the meaning of existence of squire is to defend something. The problem is that the barricade is like a fragile glass. 2 bombs and 2 hammer attacks are enough to destroy your barricade. Never play squire. Your squire spec is not well designed. I think the designer of this game has no idea how to make a balanced game.
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