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  1. queue up for harbinger map, launching in 4...3...2...1, endless black loading screen.
  2. Does this even drop anymore? Also, does anyone feel like its much harder to get hearty blockade drops that have hero health and blockade health? I've spent at least 30 hours on my squire since the loot system patch and i havent found ONE.
  3. nope, they are a myth. Dont exist, *** game
  4. its trap centric because of the hero deck, nothing more to it.
  5. you cant solo anything in this game because there is a hero deck and you cant do *** unless you have a full party of people.
  6. Still early access and all trendy has done since then is release a plethora of costumes and worthless pay to skin content. They haven't fixed any problems and aren't listening to the community in over a year now. End game progression is garbage. Loot system is garbage and not rewarding and is just way too grindy. Bosses are a joke. Hero deck ruins the game and creates a meta of frosty apprentice, trap huntress, blockade squire, and purge of evil monk. Pets are absolutely useless and feel like a hassle to level and upgrade. People only play one map endgame which is gates inc. What is onslaught
  7. are frosty towers affected by defense power or only the unique passives?
  8. My steam name is "skinnywhiteandgorgeous" add me so we can play nm4.
  9. You completely missed the point of my post. I dont have just one character that I play. The hero deck is bad because it creates a meta of of efficiency. The only way to be the most efficient with only 4 character slots right now is to have a frosty mage, blockade squire, traptress, and a serenity aura monk. This leaves no room for any other type of build or character because if i want to play a map solo endgame, I HAVE TO use this setup and i wont have any room for a dps character or any type of other build. The hero deck either needs to be expanded or removed.
  10. I love this game and put over 600 hours in the first dungeon defenders. I seriously just hate the hero deck. It limits our ability to be creative and try different types of builds depending on what map it is and what style we like to play. It creates a "meta" where to be the most efficient you have to have one type of build for your four characters and most of the time its four builders and you dont have room for a dps character. This makes it so you have to rely on other people to either build or dps and its very very hard to play the game solo.
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