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  1. Yes dd2 is still planning on f2p early acces is just for people that would like to contribute to the games development, with any bugs or issues with the current game
  2. Some of your files may be corrupted, you may have to manually reinstall the files that are corrupted if that is he case
  3. I was actually wondering the same thing I saw this a while ago, resolved all my questions with this post
  4. Like the vids look forward to new releases when the new patches come
  5. Find some suitable files, try to redownload if that does not work you may have to repair the files manually, you may be able to find a guide somewhere in the forums or just google
  6. Although there might be those people not everyone is gonna be like that. Many people in 25++ are there to grind equipment, so you may understand why they want the easiest set up. You can find enjoyment of the game by playing solo or finding people that also have fun with the game the same way you do.
  7. I find I to be easier with solo leveling you get more mana for upgrades, trendy is putting work into a new matchmaking system. Not much information has been givin for It tho
  8. You have already blamed the designers before knowing all the information. Blockades are just fine in 25++
  9. Is see a lot of potential but I seems the class has no tower potential as all the skills contribute to a melee attack or skill in which the controller(person playing) has no time to sit back and set up a defensive strategy the class is always on the offensive
  10. I agree with you but you can still set up each lane solo, and The game is defiantly a bit more independent on you fighting mobs more then sitting back and watching towers do the work
  11. Yeah survival mode was a big majority of my day and I can't wait for it to be added to dd2
  12. Thank you this helped me from hours of further research xD
  13. That's looks really good great job m8
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