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  1. I'm going to take a wild guess and say you have never run Temple of Polybius or Crystalline Resurgence 3. Try AFKing those and tell me how far you get. Now, I have a total of 0 DD2 knowledge, but an "elite player" in DD1 can for the most part AFK farm some maps because the skill that they used to beat maps with allowed them to complete the map more quickly, giving them more loot drops, thus increasing the amount of rare and powerful loot received. They also used this skill to make builds that were able to efficiently clear the map with minimal effort put into it, given their stats. (Example: the Big Brain Build) More strong loot = easier map runs. AFK farming in DD1 is the result of skill, not a sign of lack of skill. Furthermore, "afk farming" is more of a map design thing than an RNG thing.
  2. It's almost like I said "basic forms of memory hacks" 🤔 By "hidden values" I'm referring to stats that aren't shown on the item card. (Item ID, size, etc)
  3. This would be correct if Temple of Polybius did not exist. You would be extremely hard pressed to beat Temple of Polybius as even a team of level 78 people with 100 hours even if they were well coordinated. People who have 5k+ in a group with Ultimate weapons can waltz through the map in almost under 10 minutes to get rewards that can spawn ult++ cap at level 1. The massive gulf in reward quality between what is farmable with low vs high stats is incredible. Crystal Core is another example. Its ability allows it to heal any damage your crystal has taken, (extremely useful early game) but it is only farmable from Crystalline Resurgence 2 Survival wave 35. That's a tough feat even with 4k stats.
  4. Each difficulty level increased the health and damage scaling of enemy mobs. (Through insane) Insane added build timers to the mix. Nightmare did that and also dropped hero damage by 85% and (slightly) buffed tower damage, added Spiders, Djinn, Sharken, and Goblincopters to all map enemy pools, and reduced Aura size.
  5. 2 noncaps and 10 cubes. 20 CV.
  6. I can get 4 ult++ Blaster Rifles in 8 hours. Maybe even less depending on my map time. How did you come up with that number?
  7. There is something to be said for grinding, but there are some times where it is far too much, and the RNG system in DD1 is not very good. This is coming from someone approaching 6000 hours in DD1. The problem that DD1 has is that once you hit roughly 4-5k stats, it becomes very hard to feel regular progression unless you put significant time into maps on a daily basis. Furthermore, sometimes you just get screwed. For example, Temple of Polybius gives an ult++ reward roughly 1 in every 36 run. I had to finish 122 runs to even get an ult++, never mind whether or not it was a usable one. (It was usable, but that's immaterial here) If you are going to have a grind, you need to be able to feel progress at regular intervals during that grind to keep a playerbase. Sure you can make a .0000000001% drop chance item, but the amount of community that it will hold in your game is tiny. DD1 endgame has survived the length of time that it has not because the drop rate on ult++ is still around 0.5% on some higher end maps that give good items, but because there are people that like the gameplay loop on the way to that 0.5% chance. RNG does not hold a playerbase; solid game mechanics hold a playerbase. Borderlands 2 tripled its drop rate on Legendary items from 3% to 10% in the final patch several years ago, and its community is still around because the game's core mechanics are strong enough to retain a playerbase. I would also like to point out that if you get a Legendary in BL2, it will always fill the same function as a very strong gun regardless of the spawn you get. Not landing a Practicable Conference Call does not make it a bad drop. Getting an ult++ armor (or any armor for that matter) with 3 negative resistances, less than 300 upgrades, and no tower damage is in fact worthless, unlike any weapon part combination to come out of BL2's part pool.
  8. They introduced two new armor types, "Corrupt" and "Divine". Corrupt almost always spawned with positive hero attack stats and resistances while Divinge almost always spawned with tower stats. This woulndn't have been a problem if they were rare armor types, but they put in a number wrong somewhere and there was more Corrupt/Divine spawning than any other type. This led to the rest of the armor types being pointless. They removed accessories and in thier place, we had 7 armor slots. These 3 extra armor pieces also got set bonus. Due to this, it is possible to get 10k stats on max level (60, NOT 100) and makes endgame DDE even more of a joke than thinking that King's Game is a hard endgame map. All map specific weapon rewards were removed. Sure, you can run Akatiti Jungle, but there are no Obsidians waiting for you at the end. There are no Propeller Cats at wave 25 of Sky City. You need to look at ground loot, find the best one, (which would likely be in a blueprint, so you would then have to craft it) or if it is a pet, find an egg, then incubate it (Last I recall it took like 4 map runs or several hours) and pray you get your propeller cat. Since there were no map specific rewards, you just farmed the map with the best quality multiplier, so when Phoenix came out, people would build Embermount Volcano in such a way that would not kill Phoenix and see how long they could farm the endless boss phase. Wat got a run of over 24 hours IIRC. Survivals no longer had waves, it was simply a 1 hour long combat phase. I do not remember if swapping was allowed. This might have been fine if Mages hadn't been changed to heal ALL towers. The easiest way to complete a survival is to phys wall off a crystal inside and aura stack. Sitting slightly behind the wall would be a mage and a spider.The mage healed both the walls and the auras, and the spider made sure the ogres took double damage from the aura ticks. You could afk the map once you did the required upgrading. Things I liked about the game: If you popped an EXP booster, you could go from 0-56 or roughly 0% to 96% of the level cap in one map. That's a lot less painful than 5 hours of running Tavern Defense or Tinkerer's Lab if you want to level a new character. I liked the amulet system a lot. They were an equippable item that gave no stats, but worked as a secondary ability, whose effect strength was determined by the spawn number. (The higher the better) They had effects like calling a localized lightning storm and Initiate's Enemy Drain from DD1. Like Hover Tower said, I liked the movement dash thing that was added, but if it could be more fluid like the Charge Blade's Sliding Slash from Monster Hunter, that would be cool
  9. In this post by Elandrian, there are 2 important pieces of information relevant to this topic: DD:A will use a similar multiplayer system to DD1 Chromatic plans to adopt some sort of Anti-Cheat system Preventing the use of cheats in a peer-to-peer and noncentralized networking method is not as simple as DD2 simply doing everything for the player, thus removing most hacking options, but there is a way to catch or prevent most hacking within DD1's system. This can be accomplished by establishing a system of checks that when tripped will send a notification to HQ that triggers a manual or automated review of the account the packet came from. The most common forms of hacking come from gear, hero stats, and tower hacking. The checks must therefore be directed at finding any abnormalities in stat changes regarding these properties. The game itself runs checks that ask the following questions: Did this item spawn due to an item spawn event, or did it simply appear? (Catches duping by wholesale item spawning) Did the stats on this item change when expected? (Was an upgrade applied) Did the stats change by the expected amount? Did the player's hero stats change when expected? (Level up bonus applied) Did they change by the appropriate amount? Did this tower's stats change when expected? (Did it get upgraded or buffed?) Did they change by the expected amount? Was the DU/MU properly updated when the tower was placed? Does the total amount of DU/MU match the expected amount for the map? Did a change of mana occur when expected? Did it change by the expected amount? These checks will catch a vast majority of all people using basic forms of memory hacks that are the most common. More or less of these checks can be added depending on the mechanics introduced to or removed from the game. The advantage of using these checks is that the game does not have to unnecessarily strain the player's computer with an exe permanently searching for memory intrusions like Steam's VAC system. Another option on items to allow for hacker detection are things like stats that a certain item will always spawn with (The absence of this stat can give away a hacked item) and other invisible item properties. Item ID tying in with certain properties, etc.
  10. I would look more towards DD2 in terms of graphics requirements. Furthermore, some of the lategame DD1 maps (really the engine iteself) have enough coding issues that your FPS will be awful no matter the stats. *cough* Moonbase survival *cough*
  11. Build timers only really matter when you are first entering maps/have low enough stats to need many towers unless the timer itself is significantly low enough to actually restrict build options. (See ToL in DD1) At the point that DD1 has reached, build timers very rarely matter due to the low complexity of DST/LT builds. On a side note, let's keep tower stacking around. ツ
  12. You are missing the point. There are people that enjoy the concept of properly pathing. This is not a waste of time, it is a gameplay element in and of itself. The idea that hotswapping is "needed" is an opinion, and just that. Dropping phrases like "Don't waste players' time needlessly" implies that there is no value to the idea of pathing the first build phase in a map, which I and several others in this thread disagree with. Please stop treating your opinion as a point of fact. That said, Chromatic does seem to want to go in the direction of hotswapping (in build phase only, see Elandrian's post here) so we'll see how it pans out. In my opinion, there are only very few (poorly designed) maps where I agree that build phase hotswapping is a good thing. See Emerald City and Crystalline Dimension map 2. Emerald City even has 3 forges specifically for this, since the map is so large that it is legitimately is a waste of time to traverse the map, and the build phase is so long that you will almost never run into time issues regardless. I am far more interested in the combat phase hotswapping than build phase, but that is solely because I'm almost 100% sure that DD1 character mechanics would cause it to completely ruin certain maps and I wanted to see it happen just for laughs.
  13. You circle around Winter Wonderland 3 times, and only if you use a very outdated build that takes twice as long as the new LT/DST builds. Furthermore, the route that was used in that old build existed because it was the result of people figuring out how to most effectively use the time they were given to place the necessary towers. This goes back to my original point on this system, that adding this hero deck reduces the amount of planning that goes into map builds. That is far more valuable to me than any "freedom" this system offers. It looks like we are at an impasse on either personal opinion or gameplay preferences, so I won't continue this until I see some new points made on the subject.
  14. So it's exactly what I thought it was. I will agree that it has its utility, but my points on the drawbacks of the system are just as valid. It still decreases map preparation and decision making, which I disagree with. Does this also work during combat?
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