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  1. This has always happened and is an issue within the graphics system itself. If the game detects significant load on the processing (and it will, since its not very well coded) it will halve the texture quality of several loaded assets to reduce load.
  2. The last 2 patches have begun a horrible habit of having bad droprates for subpar weapons on annoying maps. As well as mind numbingly strange weapon "balance" changes. Emerald Staff is the one weapon on Emerald City that I want to farm, but it has the worst droprate of all the weapons on the map. The map is also a slog to run through and the magic carpets did not appreciably change map run time. Furthermore I don't think sub 50% is a good droprate when I can get better on Buccaneer Bay which is about 50x easier to run and takes half the time. Every single weapon on CR4 is a hot
  3. Interesting that you say you are falling below 80 because you should be locked at max of 61 or 62 anyway. If you went in and manually unlocked framerate you could be experiencing engine problems with the game itself. Is this problem happening in menus, tavern or in a map?
  4. These rewards can spawn ult (and even ult++) on Insane, believe it or not. If you want an actual shot at a good Ultimate, however, you need to run the Crystalline Resurgence maps. CR1 gives Crystal Gun CR2 gives Jade Spear CR3 gives both Crystal Staff and Crystal Blade
  5. Imagine being this retarded 1.) Ice isn't CDT, he's the game's network admin. 2.) Open is for playing with Steam Workshop mods, not retarded Cheat Engine and Grandeu hacks (which doesn't even work half the time anymore anyway) 3.) @everyone LULW
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198109984755/
  7. T U R B O C A N C E R That is all
  8. From what I remember the Akatiti boss goes down as fast as he does because you are basically guaranteed to hit his weak point with Charge Beam no matter what you do so you always get the damage boost. It also helps that he's on the ground. If you know where the Palantir boss spawns, though, he goes down about twice as fast as Aka boss. A lot of people don't start far enough forward and wait until he comes to them. You would have to really gut the WW bosses to put them anywhere near on par with Palantir.
  9. Before that patch, you'd be lucky to find an Annatar with better than 70 in any given stat, now they just spawn at Lab Assault quality. Which means they're still trash.
  10. I've wanted this for a long time. It should happen.
  11. Caimen0

    Item Check Thread

    Neither are possible.
  12. 2 noncaps and 10 cubes. 20 CV.
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