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  1. This was probably an engine problem in DD1 that wouldn't be in DDA to begin with since Chromatic is using an entirely new engine. That being said the way to make sure it never happens is to hard limit the number of towers a buff beam can buff per DU.
  2. DD1 lobby settings can be manipulated to exactly create your single builder mode. While the setup for multi builder mode is interesting, why does it give better rewards than single builder when it is significantly easier to clear a map with? Making 1 person have all necessary builders makes a map much more stringent than spreading the requirement for good stats across multiple players, combined with 120% DU on the same map. If this "Multi-Builder" mode was created on maps separate from "Single-Builder" maps, I can see it being a lot more interesting and fun, as I think you need the maps to be designed with that kind of setup in mind. As a side note, votekick does not work under the multiplayer network framework Chromatic will be using for DDA.
  3. The last 2 patches have begun a horrible habit of having bad droprates for subpar weapons on annoying maps. As well as mind numbingly strange weapon "balance" changes. Emerald Staff is the one weapon on Emerald City that I want to farm, but it has the worst droprate of all the weapons on the map. The map is also a slog to run through and the magic carpets did not appreciably change map run time. Furthermore I don't think sub 50% is a good droprate when I can get better on Buccaneer Bay which is about 50x easier to run and takes half the time. Every single weapon on CR4 is a hot pile of garbage that is not worth farming. The Mini Kraken has an abysmal drop rate for only being able to get one per account per run. Unlike Ultimate Seahorses, they also are not strong enough to justify farming despite the awful drop rate. I do appreciate the changes that were made to CR4 that made it a lot better to run through.
  4. << EDITED BY ADMIN >> Making any of the unmet flex goals present at launch would not appease you nor any of the other people who were upset by the recent decision to be Switch exclusive on console at launch. You're simply being a disingenuous ass for the sake of attempting to get any sort of apology out of someone you won't accept an apology from to begin with. There are many people who will not support a project on certain principles such as exclusivity, even if it will not affect them to begin with. A PC player might not support DDA, for example, due to the Nintendo exclusivity on consoles because they oppose the idea of exclusives on principle, and have decided to vote with their wallet by not supporting the game. It's a perfectly valid position to take, even if the changes don't affect you.
  5. Interesting that you say you are falling below 80 because you should be locked at max of 61 or 62 anyway. If you went in and manually unlocked framerate you could be experiencing engine problems with the game itself. Is this problem happening in menus, tavern or in a map?
  6. There were a few interesting things I saw in the trailer. You can move while casting Mana Bomb, the tower placement UI, and the mana icons from or similar to DD2. The menu interfaces that we saw looked kinda out of place in a game set in a sort of medieval kingdom and close to something from a futuristic game with the lack of opacity. I get that its to be minimalistic for the small screen on the switch while undocked, but it still feels out of place. Also the tower range indicator only covers the floor. Unlike DD2 it doesn't show the aerial coverage of the tower, which will probably wind up being rather important for late game Harpoons and Deadly Strikers. We also got a better look at the Squire's animations in the context of the game, which imo was better than what we saw in the dev update today. When I saw the animations in the update I was very concerned that we were going to get the DD2 factory robot animations, but it doesn't look nearly as bad when you see them combined with horizonal motion.
  7. These rewards can spawn ult (and even ult++) on Insane, believe it or not. If you want an actual shot at a good Ultimate, however, you need to run the Crystalline Resurgence maps. CR1 gives Crystal Gun CR2 gives Jade Spear CR3 gives both Crystal Staff and Crystal Blade
  8. One thing I've hoped for is bringing back DDE's color customization system. (Probably the best feature of the whole game) It let you color every different part of every pet, armor, and weapon. Unfortunately it was locked to ~15 or so colors instead of the complete RGB tuning of DD1, but it was a fantastic system to have.
  9. Imagine being this retarded 1.) Ice isn't CDT, he's the game's network admin. 2.) Open is for playing with Steam Workshop mods, not retarded Cheat Engine and Grandeu hacks (which doesn't even work half the time anymore anyway) 3.) @everyone LULW
  10. all right then. Since you stated that those are facts, let's go through some problems that show you are currently spewing just as much, if not more, garbage than DD1 people right now. The game never explains to the player what elemental combos are or which ones there are. You have to go outside of the game to know if they even exist. The game never explains to the player the mechanics of any of the mini-bosses. The spawn quality of loot, thanks to the gear upgrade system, is now entirely meaningless. Finding the weapon you want is a complete crapshoot. If you want a bow with 5 projectiles or a staff with 10, there is no map which you can go to and say "I will find something close to what I need here" Furthermore, weapons in the game are massively downgraded. The special effects of weapons from games past are completely missing. The best you can do is mod on generic effects like oil or other elemental damage for those sick CC combos that the game never tells you about and that towers do better anyway. Speaking of mods, the drop rate on T10 mods is garbage, and the reroll rates are just as bad if not worse. At least you have a pity timer, but that underscores the problem with the system. You are meant to have T10 mods for higher Onslaught levels, but the drop rates are so low the devs had to give you a failsafe to even get your hands on them. Pets were also neutered in DD2. In DD1 and DDE a pet could change the entire purpose and playstyle of the character it was put on. In DD2 the best I can say for pets is that they were stat sticks with negligible effects. (Keep in mind that the game only held my interest for 30 hours so take that with a dump truck of salt) The pets clearly don't like it either. Anyone can compare the Propeller cats in DD1 and DD2 and see which one is happier. DD2 also mostly copied DDE's godawful pet hatching system, so you go through the lottery trying to find whatever pet you might be looking for in the first place The difference with the system is instead of DDE's in-wave timer to hatch, you can outright lose eggs instead of forgetting about them. In exchange you can hatch the eggs right away. So they barely made the system a wash instead of outright worse. Character customization is practically nonexistant in DD2. The best you can get is skins, which every other game has. I have yet to see any place to alter colors, and accessories don't exist, which is a massive step down from DDE, where every color on every item could be customized. DD2 is far from a flawless game, let alone a "masterpiece". It's fine if you want to praise DD2 as a good game, and I certainly won't disagree, but to assert that every single design decision that was made was good when it can be clearly shown as a direct downgrade is being a bit unreasonable. I could do the same thing I did here with DD1 and DDE, but I'm not calling them God's gift to video games. I want DD:A to be the best it can be as a Dungeon Defenders game, which is why I specifically listed features that I think improved the game. Blanket statements that any game ought to be replicated exactly with no improvements when long lists of faults can be rattled off at a moment's notice is entirely unhelpful to devs or anyone else who wants to analyze a game to improve their own.
  11. I am confused as to why you would begin your post with that specific wording and then go on to invert Fozzie's post in a way that doesn't help your argument. DD2 has several good aspects to it, but you touched on exactly one of them in your post. In an effort to be constructive, the things I liked about DD2 were: 1. The tower placement system was objectively an upgrade over DD1 in every aspect. 2. The RNG system confined loot stats to a much smaller range, making maps always drop appropriate loot for the map's difficulty. 3. The devs understood that the people playing DD2 were people who, coming in, were interested in the endgame grind and designed the game appropriately. It takes about 9 hours in DD2 to go from 0 to 50, you don't have to replay the campaign maps 3 times to reach the endgame, and the endgame gameplay loop begins basically at 9 hours of playtime. I may think that the way endgame is designed is absolutely awful, but I appreciate that the devs let me get there in less than 30 hours as a new player to the game. 4. Mods are a neat concept that I really liked the direction of and hope come back, but I don't think it went far enough. I'm not too crazy about shards because of what I've heard about gilding and I've also only encountered one shard that actually looks useful. (Destruction shard) There may be more than that, but as of the moment I can only think of things that killed my interest in playing the game.
  12. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198109984755/
  13. The problem with unlocking FPS in DD1 is that some physics effects are tied to the framerate, specifically on Moonbase. It's not advised to uncap it. It's possible, it's just a bad idea.
  14. From what I have read from the devs, they appear to be coding it like DD1 multiplayer, that being P2P connections. Votekick doesn't work here because if the host player is kicked, everyone else's session would also be terminated since the host's client has been disconnected.. Not exactly fair if you were the one hosting the session to begin with. I can't see it happening in a P2P system.
  15. I have 30 hours in DD2 so I at least have some idea of how the game works. I'll admit that's not much but I know the basics It interests me that build timers are a sore point for DD2 players as that is significantly more restrictive than DD1 limitations. Spawn camping is highly encouraged in DD1 as it significantly speeds up clear times. the "spawn kill" builds mostly don't look like DD2 builds because Deadly Strikers and Lightning Towers are insanely broken and can spawn kill from map center. Thanks for clearing up the Mastery stuff.
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