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  1. Just stop responding to Seph. Anybody who handwaves away numbers without an actual argument and deems something invalid "just 'cause" isn't worth conversing with. He's choosing to accepting non-representative, anecdotal evidence as proof of a viewpoint. It's pointless to argue with the lowest common denominator like that.
  2. It definitely could, but it could make failed attempts due to bad RNG on certain game modes less painful when you have a designated builder.
  3. Leveling after 25 is extremely grindy, not that end game is much different. Rebuilding the same map over and over again is extremely boring and in the long run takes a good chunk of time. I propose adding the option to snapshot starting builds and allowing players to instantly rebuild set ups they have snapshotted in the past. Realistically this would be most valuable on wave one for the initial set up, but you could do incremental snapshots to auto-build between waves. It would cut out a lot of the monotonous and boring parts and get you into the action faster.
  4. The exp per level ramps up too quickly, needs toned down.
  5. If two people open the same mana chest at the exact same time, they both get half the normal mana.
  6. It's that. Tumblr is leaking.
  7. Need high level equipment for all classes. Preferably uninvested. Post the stats here or contact me on Steam: rain3x
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