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  1. Update logAdded Spheres and Ubers for towers and abilities.. Added a short summary for Towers and Abilities Still to come!Character lore. -Explaining what Hydrolisk is and why he's fighting to protect Etheria.-Stats for the towers (Range, damage, cost, ect)Stats for AbilitiesA potential new element that blends the water and electric element together. A hybrid element.. Categorizing for Spheres (Small, Medium ect) Potential Perks The Hydrolisk fills the same role as the Apprentice with a slight pinch of Abyss; with the Apprentice having powerful Aoe towers and spells and the abyss having a summonable and unique heal, Hydrolisk offers much the same but in a different way and form. The Hydrolisk will be a powerful crowd control hero that can demolish a large group of enemies with his 'Wombo Combo' as you might call it. His towers will focus more on keeping a group suppressed and delayed, but will struggle on a single important target. His basic attack is a simple projectile that functions in a similar sense to the monk's secondary and mage's primary. His secondary it a charge up that releases a wave of water in a straight line knocking units slightly up and backwards. With excellent control of a lane and potential combinations with other towers with interactions with the Electric element, this makes the Hydrolisk a powerful addition to the roster. (Except that he isn't because he's, you know a concept, but for the sake of all this lets pretend he is) Towers Cycle Blaster: A tower that has a wide and long range that ramps up speed and fires out water based projectiles very fast without pinpoint accuracy but in the general area of the primary target dealing small to medium damage. Weakness:A single target can easily ignore the suppression fire of this tower. With low damage, heavy units really don't care about the specs of water that hit them. Strength: Large groups of enemies will feel the hurt, although not individually, but as a collective. With a very fast attack speed, no enemy will be left untouched. By the very definition of 'Spray and Pray' this tower does exactly that. Weak at holding a front, but can prove very effective on the side lines as a harassment, weakening up mobs of enemies before the reach the front. Wave Torrent:A support orientated blockade in the form of a wave that attacks and knocks enemies back when they get within its near melee range. Its untargetable and runs off energy like the monk's aura. However crowd control resistant mobs and special enemies will laugh in your face. Weakness:Not as durable as other barriers. Crowd control resistant enemies having no problems with it, which could be a problem in the higher difficulties of the game. Strength: Perfect at holding off hordes at a distance. Being untargetable enemies will try and get past it instead. Similar to the Arcane barrier knocking back after exploding, but on a more constant reliable basis. Placing this in just the right spot will mean everything. From creating the perfect choke point to helping hold a front with a reliable back line blockade. Ice Shard:A tower that fires a single shard of ice dealing moderate damage to its first target and splintering, hitting targets in a cone behind the first target for medium damage. Weakness:Waves that are spread out or divided will not be as effected. Strength:Mobs that stick close together will be heavily effected. The core of the Hydrolisk's tower damage output. These placed in long lanes with enemies close together will become a fearsome front. Water Tendril:A tentacle like tower that runs off energy which slams onto enemies dealing heavy damage. Weakness:With slow attack speed, these by themselves won't be enough to deal with a large force. Strength: Heavy impact damage and not being able to be attacked makes a tower's life a little easier. A powerful tower that can be used on any part of a lane, whether it be at the front or near the spawn, these will put a dent in the enemies numbers. Summary- A weak front line, but has a powerful kit that excels at assisting the front and harassing enemy groups with supporting fire. Abilities Water Surge:Hydrolisk releases a torrent of water at an area knocking up enemies and dealing damage. Simple crowd control, the first part of his combo. Flash Freeze:Hydrolisk freezes all near by enemies for 2 seconds. This can pair really well with forms of knock up and can assist a heavily assaulted front. Conjuration:Hydrolisk summons a unit that attacks nearby units at range with powerful splash attacks while occasionally healing and providing blue mana for an ally if they are damaged or reach below 50% blue mana. (Can be moved by Hydrolisk on command by turning into a wave and dashing to a position dealing damage and knocking back significantly.) No doubt a powerful presence that can turn a fight and support the team as a hero itself. Water's Blessing:When damaged Hydrolisk will automatically heal a short time after being damaged. This can be casted on an ally giving them a shield that absorbs damage. (If depleted Hydrolisk will take his normal form again. Can be canceled) Replacing the Default heal as inspired by our God the Abyss lord, this can used as a powerful unique supportive ability. Summary- Hydrolisk brings some useful crowd control and supportive abilities that can mingle well with other abilities and tower spheres and a powerful entity to the fight. Ubers Iceifier(Ice Shard): Ice shard now fires a volley of icicles at a single target at a fast rate, dealing high damage and piecing any damage reduction that unit may have. The volley will fire 12 projectiles before resetting. Better single target focus for a strong enemy that can be very effective if placed in zone where clear and uninterrupted sight is present. Glacial Barrier (Wave torrent): Wave torrent now solidifies into solid ice, becoming more durable and if destroyed, reforms after a 4 second delay to 50% health and then regenerating the rest after wave. Perhaps not the best front but more effective that the Wave torrent and yet could serve as an excellent wave breaker. Focused Blast(Flash freeze): Flash freeze is now replaced by a continuous stream of ice on a single target that lasts for as long as Hydrolisk has blue mana. This stream will keep the enemy slowed significantly and increasing the amount of damage done to it. This ability also effects special enemies and ogres. However diminished at later stages. Basically a moving frostbite tower... FROSTY POWER!! Spheres Crushing weight:The Water Tendril deals a heavy 1 second slow on all units effected. Has a chance to deal 15% increased damage. Allows addition crowd control and extra damage output. Explosive ice:The projectiles fired from Ice Shard or Iceifier explode dealing extra magic damage. This allows a significant damage output increase to the Ice Shard or Iceifier at the cost of potential utility. Wave breaker:The Wave torrent knock-back is increased. Further control of a lane with less chance of enemies slipping through due to be knocked back further. Splishy-Splash:Wave torrent now drenches enemies. Zippy Zappy time..... Hydromancer:Primary attacks now Drench. Electrifying in a terrifying new sense. Hope you enjoyed this concept. Please comment on what you liked or didn't like as that will help alot. In the mean time, if you liked this concept check out my other one here! https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/132190/see-comment?scrollTo=1212904#1212904 Hope you enjoyed reading this!
  2. Hmm yea the resistance is gonna be removed, forgot about that. Burning damage would be more logical. I'll be following this thread Much Appreciated! If you're referring to combustion using the fire element being more logical i would agree, but for the sake of being different and using the plasma element twice.
  3. Indeed. I can't decide weather to make it channel on a single target in its area, or it applies a powerful damage over time with the plasma, but i guess the huntress already has that, so i guess have to edit it a bit to verify that more. Thanks for replying, means alot!
  4. Hey KK(>^.^)> SJ, Cool idea! Impressed with the detail and commitment to the concept. SO MUCH FIRE. And I thought mine was long, glad to see others make hero ideas with such passion. Hopefully one day we will see the first fan made hero in DD2 by the end of the year. (P.S Thanks a lot for posting on my concept, really helped alot.) Also curious when we will see DD2's first official heal tower, and on what hero. Keep up the good work on the idea, as it is my understanding you are basically developing it.
  5. Thanks for the reply!!! Yeah I also thought that the lightning and fire element was a bit bland, but its easier to conceptualize with mechanics that work in-game that i can observe, I'll make an edit to it when an idea pops into my head that fits the same role, because one thing i noticed is that the Zipper Zapper is basically the Uber sphere for the monk's electric aura. Also funny you should mention that the fire should make the resistance drop, because that was the original idea in the draft, however i later learned that resistances will be removed or changed, so i likewise changed my idea.(P.S. Thanks for pointing out that editing detail that i missed. Also as im writing this i had an idea for the fire and electric element.
  6. One thing to add maybe would adding numbers/scaling on towers or percentages. Yeah i was thinking of something like that, although didn't feel the need to, because its just a concept, but i can understand that having numbers, scales and percentages helps give the tower and abilities context to where it fits in power and balance wise.
  7. Looking back that's a lot of writing. Who the heck is gonna read that?!
  8. Update Log Changed Zipper Zapper to Plasma Arc changing its mechanics and element. Its Mad Science sphere has also been altered along with Combustion. Refined descriptions. New: Added Tower weakness/strength description.Added some clarification to Alchemist's description.Increased description for Gooperblooper. Removed Kaboom to make room for standard heal, reducing his combat effectiveness but still keeping his defensive strength.Further formatting. Still to come!Stats for the towers (Range, damage, cost, ect)Stats for Abilities. Description for the Plasma element and its interactions. Character LoreAbility UbersPotential Perks This is just a hero concept that i spent a little time conceiving, ultimately hoping that it gives the devs ideas about possible future heroes and towers. The Alchemist is a supportive hero that would want to avoid direct combat, but would hold down the fort while the others go deal with a problem. His kit encourages strategic and cooperative play styles. His basic attacks are him throwing potions that deal small-moderate splash damage, these attacks are terrible at long range but quite effective from high or protective ground(back-line). However Alchemist will struggle to fight units solo or out in the open. His main problem will be air control. Since his basic attacks won't travel as far and arc, they will struggle to hit a target in the air and because all his towers deal with ground more effectively, air units will be the bane of his existence.So by lacking effectiveness alone, he really goes well with others. Is he a core builder like the Squire? I would say no. Although I would say he'll be more on the line of a supportive-core hybrid builder. Towers Noxious Spire: A tower that sprays a constant flow of corrosive gas in a frontal cone that deals small amount of damage quickly to any enemy and increasing the damage it takes from other towers. Weakness: With a low damage output this tower will struggle against heavies that can tank the damage or fast units that can quickly run past it before it starts spraying. Strength:Because of its fast attack and damage rate, smaller units will either be killed or severely weakened by this tower. Not very viable by themselves, however these placed in the right areas will bolster any defense and making tough enemies easier to put down while also helping with the little more numerous foes. Gooperblooper: A cannon that fires a ball of sticky goo at an enemy rooting the target and the surrounding mobs preventing them from moving or attacking for a short duration. There isn't many towers in the game that provide crowd control aside from the geyser trap and the mage towers (with spheres). This will be very useful in choke points were line of sight is limited. Weakness: Slow attack rate makes it not as effective at ranges like the Frost tower and is unable to target air. Strength:Large Aoe allows it to affect a lot of units at the same time while dealing heavier crowd control. (Strange name I know but it suits the mad scientist quite well) Plasma Arc: A strong tower that charges a beam of Ionized Plasma and releases it on to one enemy dealing heavy damage over time as it melts the poor foe into oblivion. This will be the main source of his damage. Paired with the Noxious spire it can do a surprising amount of damage. The only draw back is its slow charge time and single target strike. Small units stand no chance, however larger ones will suffer. Weakness: The beam will not have sufficient time to charge up on an fast enemy. Small units die quickly enough, but tend to 'waste' the towers time that it could use to charge up on Orcs or Darkins (or whatever they're called). Strength: With a fairly large range, a heavy unit targeted by this tower will not survive long enough to get to the front. Manatron: A unique tower that doesn't attack enemies, but instead provides extra green mana at the end of waves, like another chest. However useless to a defense by itself, it can provide that extra mana to strengthen a defense. A strange tower, that could potential let the team down, or really provide what it needs. Very useful on maps were you really need that extra mana to make repairs or upgrades allowing for easier comebacks from a broken defense. Weakness: Doesn't attack enemies. Strength: Provides extra utility. AbilitiesWith really strong utility abilities, Alchemist is a welcome to the battlefield. With high mana costs though, using the right ability at the right time will be crucial. Reinforce: Using chemical compounds, the Alchemist buffs a tower giving it more hp and damage resistance. Lasts 1 wave. This is one of his useful defensive abilities. However at a high cost, using on a barrier or exposed tower, can make the difference between a win and a lose. Chaos Potion: Alchemist throws a potion that causes enemies to enrage and attack surrounding mobs. However a small radius, thrown at the right area will release a ton of pressure off that lane, even if the effect lasts seconds. If used on an ally (or himself) the potion will increase attack speed greatly for a few seconds. A powerful support buff or a dangerous weapon. How you utilize it is up to you. Makeshift: Alchemist quickly makes a fast firing cannon with low hp and limited life. Used either as added firepower or as a last resort defense measure, this will sure to come in handy in many situations. Standard Heal You know what that does UbersRepair Pillar(manatron): Instead of generating mana it instead repairs a near by structure individually (prioritizes barriers) for as long as it has energy (like monk) Certainly useful for holding down a line while you personally tend to another front. Goo Blaster(Gooperblooper): The Goo Blaster fires at a single target slowing it down permanently. More useful at the spawns, this can server as an excellent wave divider, so that a defense is not overwhelmed by numbers SpheresCombustion: Small chance for the Noxious Spire's gas flow to ionize and turn into super heated plasma that burns enemies for considerably more magic damage. More dps in-case the team needs it. Mad Science: The Plasma Arc has a chance to overload dealing a huge amount of damage to the target, however stopping the continuous beam and causing an increased charge time for a short duration. Great for really strong enemies that just won't go down.. Sticky residue: Gooperblooper has a chance to slow down the attack speed of affected enemies for a moderate duration. Further crowd control never hurt anyone Mana flow: Provides a stream of blue mana to a nearby hero For those mana hungry casters who need a top up. So that's basically the concept. Just something i like doing, if you were able to read all of that jibber jabber im impressed. Hope you liked the concept! Plz leave a comment (good or bad) as that will help me curve the design of this hero. Express your thoughts Got a hero concept of your own? Feel free to post in the comments below and I'll be sure to check it out and comment. Did you like this? I made another one if you're interested! https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/132791/hero-concept-just-for-fun-the-hydrolisk
  9. One thing that always bothers me, is that when i win a map and i move onto the next one, there's no connection. If i have just successfully defended the gates then why am i defending the inner city now? Same goes for Ramparts and Throne room. Chat bubbles can explain the mission but it needs something else. It needs something like the Betsy arc. That way you can see the connection between maps and suddenly the campaign has more meaning. Another example is after the Wyven's Den it goes straight into Ramparts siege and Assault on the Thrown room. That is a pivotal point in the campaign and leads up the Harbinger. Although you can kinda tell whats going on through excellent map design, a cut scene would make all the better. The cut scenes don't need to be amazing and a weeks work. A comic strip style from dd 1 or the harbinger opener style with added audio is all it needs.
  10. I like it. I also Love the Tarvan guards. But i had an idea where these guards were like summonable units like the summoner in DD1. Thumbs up to you mate!
  11. Citizens tend to die quickly
  12. I like the idea. Could be a nice Challenge, but then again, where's the challenge in it? So maybe give them full immunity to fire? Also maybe the sharkens will arrive..... I also think the frost tower should have a more powerful effect, like more chance to freeze. A nice touch would to receive a debuff called hypothermia where your move speed and attack speed is decreased. That seems more of a challenge
  13. I would like to see more towers personally. I had this idea where each class can have multiple towers so maybe 7, all unique in terms to what they did, but in the forge you had like a load-out where you could choose which tower you would use depending on what map,difficulty, and strategy you were going to use. If your interested search for 'Tower loadout' to read more about it. Thumbs up StormPlay!
  14. Now lets assume the Summoner class will eventually arrive in DD2. Some questions arise like: What should he be like? How should he interact with other towers? How should he look? What should his towers be? What will his skills be? What perks/specs will he have? These are just some of the things we can think about. So I've made this thread dedicated for people posting idea's about the Summoner. I don't know about you guys but this was my favorite class from DD1. What if the Summoner never gets released? Then the ideas here can help the Devs with other ideas on other matters. So this is my idea for the summoner in DD2. Feel free to implement what you see here in your own ideas I thought it would make more sense if this class wasn't a visitor from another dimension but was like a Commander or General for the realm's/King's army. Perhaps we can call him 1 of those titles or Conscriptor. Looks- I don't know exactly how he would look but perhaps like the Monks body size but in plate/chain Armour, mature looking, and perhaps a banner or a coat-of-arms on his back. Towers- His towers would be the soldiers of the Realm. These could include: Long bowman or Crossbowman, Paladin, Swordsman or Spearman and a Gunman. The Archer unit should have decent damage, good range but a slow attack rate. Thus making these units good from a distance but lacking close up, Probably wearing chain or leather Armour. The Paladin would be the tanky barricade like unit. Armed with a large 2 handed weapon like and axe or a 2h sword he should be immune to knock back, should be around the size of the orcs and have trimmed colour plate Armour. The Swordsman/Spearman, would be the front line unit, being able to block or parry attacks with specs and by having reasonable health and damage this tower should be able to withstand medium assaults. This tower should roam and attack enemies close to where he was placed or manually moved by the Conscriptor to be most effective. Should look basically like a knight or the Tarvan guards and this is the reason i said spearman, because the model is already there, but the swordsman would work better and would make more sense. Now the Gunman. In the map 'ramparts' there is a cannon firing at an aircraft, so they do have the technology to posses firearms. I think this unit should duel wield pistols much like the image below. With a spec they could have a chance to make their bullet ricochet between multiple enemies. This should be an expensive but very effective unit Skills- The Conscriptor Should have skills that resemble the summoner's ones in the first game. Perhaps like a Tent or Pavilion where he can't be Hurt but can control his units Globally, An Inspiration cheer which can heal his units and increase their states for a short time. A skill called 'Call militia', This can be used when a lane is falling or the core is being attacked. This will call a bunch of lightly armed soldiers to help fight for like around 10 seconds to support the lane. His final Skill can be called 'To Arms' where the Conscriptor can arm himself with a weapon and basic damage stats so he can fight for like 30 seconds just in-case things get dirty. Play stye- His play style will be basically the same as DD1. Perhaps a few differences here and there. One difference could be that he can set his towers a preferred target like Strongest first, Weakest first etc, perhaps even a stance, such as aggressive(were the unit will run at the enemies) Defensive (stay where they are and fight the oncoming forces) You get the idea. Perks/specs- I have mentioned some specs earlier such as gunman's ricochet, Swordsman's block. So its time to mention some more. Archers could have a chance to head-shot causing a stun and heavy crit damage and a chance to light their arrows on fire causing burn damage. Paladin could have a knock-back chance when striking. Swordsman could have a chance to enchant their weapon increasing its damage and dealing magical damage. Some specs could also empower his skills like 'To Arms'. These a just a couple of ideas. This took me tones of time to write BTW. Feel free to post your ideas on how the summoner should be done and to comment on mine and other people's ideas. Be nice and constructive. now to prove read....
  15. Yes, lets just violate logic and good game design at a whim because Reasons. Yes, reasons. Not sure blocking towers would be good in normal games, it seems kinda restrictive and defeats the purpose but as i said in a reply it makes more sense in other games modes such as challengers.
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