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  1. I like this. A lot. The only issue I personally had was anything after Chaos 2 being so linear in terms of builds. I like that every other chaos difficulty I can build traps/auras or towers. I like having fun by building weird stuff and watching it work (or fail). Having my hands tied to just Flamethrower/Ramster really made me lose a lot of motivation. Everything else in the game I was fine with. Also, out of curiosity, is there going to be something done about shards? I try not to complain too much, but I've gotten to Ascension 160 and haven't seen the ONE shard I need to start successful solo progression.
  2. Why are all these white knights defending this game? I understand not every game is perfectly balanced, but they're not usually this bad off. Doesn't matter what we say, Trendy will just let it fall on deaf ears anyways. Seems like every time people bring up an issue about their game, they go the opposite direction. If they listened, maybe they'd have more player base. The majority seem to agree that your current path/priorities aren't too favorable.
  3. I've been playing solo on nightmare for too long. It would be nice to finally have a matchmaking system. Maybe have an option to match ipwr lvls as well? I agree with this 100% Too many people just join a NM4 Incursion or End Game as soon as they're 50 and have absolutely no clue about the game's mechanics. Not to say I'm not afraid to teach them, but it's rather frustrating when they are either half way paying attention or just can't seem to grab the concept at all.
  4. Just remove the forward-lunge mechanic on melee heroes and boom, viable. Side note, it seems that butter was laid off :/ His forum posts are no longer red. Well, that would be fine. They just nerfed resists though. It's back to being punched in the face. :(
  5. Just curious. Why are nerfs being made to some of the rarer loot because they're "too strong", but no balance/new passives are being prioritized for builders. Like most have said, it's already bad enough we've spent 200+ hours just trying to find one of the items in the first place. Guess I'm just not understanding this path. I could understand the wipe in "pre-alpha" stages, but this just seems unnecessary. Wouldn't mind a response. Not trying to flame, just really curious.
  6. I think it's more frustration than hate. Most of the people who makes these comments are probably from pre-alpha days like myself. What I'd like to know, is why we would be interesting in a new map/hero when it's more than likely still going to be trap/frost? We just want our ability to build more than the "meta" Trendy. Please give it back to us.
  7. I specified that it cannot be stacked. If the traps are boosted, they can't get the frost buff. Because the boost buff would be lower than the frost's one, we would prefer using frost instead of boost for the traps. I understand where you're coming from. I too had the same thought running through my head. I think monk's banner should be able to bring the same stats as Frosty, but only effect towers. I say this, because I saw your concern for the "constant" buff that banner brings. Technically frost does too, and even more so because the fact the frost can stack. I feel it'd be very fair, and bring about the versatility that we're all longing for in this game.
  8. They really only need to bring certain towers up to par. There was a time when it was fun just building whatever you wanted to; however, with the removal of tower speed stats from armor/weapon/relic, it has reduced some of the more fun towers to nothing useful. Earth Tower fires off Once every 5 seconds with base stats? How can we possibly make that useful in any way? Earth/Shatter? That means you rely heavily on RNG to freeze a target within the 5 seconds just so they'll die because the tower doesn't do enough damage. One of the reasons traps are so strong as other have mentioned is the fact that they don't take damage from creatures hitting them and they get increased tower speed and damage (frosty power/frostfire). Not to mention they scale the best per cost of DU with upgrades. I think with just a little bit of number crunching this game could be really fun again. Seems so bland to build the same thing in every map. Though, I will say LA monks are still pretty decent because of the massive AOE and frosty's, but all actual tower defenses are far too weak.
  9. Well, the thing is, the reason traps are so strong is because they're paired with Frost Towers. I can't see anything that can be paired with the Ballista. Unless, they do some weird tower combo with Poison Dart towers. Everything other tower seems to have it's place if that makes sense? I'm mostly excited for the change because, even though it's optimal for Tower Power and Tower Crit damage for cannons, the cannon tower can still be optimal with Tower Damage and Tower Health. That being said, it'd be nice to combine the different hero builds into one. Rather than having 4 different squires (Harpoon, Cannon, Tank and waller) that could be shortened to just one. It's a nice change for now. I'm sure they'll implement cooler things in the future!
  10. I have to agree with this idea. It'd be nice to be able to bring a squire for cannon/harpoons and wall at the same time. Always felt like I could only choose 3 heroes because Hearty Barricade squire had to be in your deck. Nice move Trendy!
  11. 'Cause a kobold is a fighter, the higher the challenge, the stronger he becomes! He Trained his whole life for that one objective, to get into the map and run as fast as possible to suicide and destroy as much as he can, that's his every new year resolution, to explode, that's his only one job, that's his dream, all his hopes, he trained his whole life for that single moment, a moment where he blows himself up and brings part of your defenses with him.. Who are you to take that away from him? Are you really going to kill him before he can achieve what he lived his whole life for? Are you that cold? You must be working for the kobolds. For that, I can not respect you!
  12. Would also like to suggest a thing in the future when they finally release all 25+++ incursion maps. My thought is maybe a "random map" mode where if selected, Mythic and Legendary drop rates are increased by 5% as a reward and you get a random map. I feel like that would bring a little bit of fun to the grind rather than farming one map over and over. I doubt it will be implemented, but it's just a fun little suggestion.
  13. I get the idea of farming, I'm no stranger to the concept. I just think it'd be an interesting concept to introduce. I only suggest it because all the heroes have specific gear that help add their towers or auras. So, for example, if I were to find a staff or something with x% to Fireball, it's annoying to get like ability power as the secondary.
  14. You're better off trying to kill them with a geyser trap, blaze balloon is dead broken in damage, it's so baddd To address the true issue here, their damage is too high but it's funny so that it counters non wall builds or too gathered builds, don't want a kobold to kill everything? give it some space! :D I agree with you there, but why does the kobold with MORE mobs on his back run faster than the kobolds with a single pack? Wouldn't more bombs equal more weight? :P
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