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  1. Between Blood Rage or Hero Attack, which one adds more RAW non-elemental damage per point?
  2. I hear some say it's the high five, and some say the flamewarder, but I am not entirely sure
  3. I hear all about them being good for DPS classes, but what exactly is it about them that makes them good and what should I upgrade when I get one?
  4. What do you guys think of the nerfs? I only really have 110~130 pts to work with, but for those who stacked defense damage increase, how are your experiences in Insane?
  5. Heh, well, the fact that you have to get 50 tower speed just to get reduced DPS qualifies it as quite a huge nerf don't you think? Ballistas are already clumsy as hell for anti-air duties and bowlies dominates the harpoon (except over gaps) for ground troops. As for when those cannons should be used, they are best used in tight corridors or down hills. That way your balls have momentum so your balls can touch as many people as they could and not roll gutter balls that will kill your record and causes you to lose any bets that you have made relative to a game of bowling.
  6. Say for all my 25/25 pieces of armor I spent all my points in generic defense (The one that looks like a war hammer) and bring it to 100%, would I become physical damage immune?
  7. Honestly, that's Mage's own problems. In my opinion our tower damages leave much to be desired once you hit insane. ALTHOUGH BOWLIES ARE STILL FUNNY AS HELL TO WATCH
  8. Yah....I saw that topic too. But I am not sold on Squires being OP (especially late game) so I decided to make a patch comparison with even number stats for SQUIRES ONLY. That way squires can reconsider their points spent (and their items) in the post-nerf environment.
  9. Besides the character's own stats, item stats encompasses the other half (and probably more) of a character's total stats. Sometimes mistakes are made during item investment. Maybe you screw up and hit the wrong stats, maybe your build got nerfed and you don't need this certain statistic anymore or maybe you didn't know that stacking points in a certain stats gives a remarkable increase, maybe you didn't know that TF2 Engineer's healing will cost you an arm and a leg (In Mana) if you upgrade the repair too much...the list can go on and on. What I am suggesting is that there be a way to re
  10. Since the Patch changes the DPS ramp for Squires I am going to run with a modest amount of Defender Base Damage instead of 0 base damage. Edit: I also have only 13 Tower Attack Speed, in case anyone's wondering. With 110 DBD: 7.03 Bouncer: 2593 Harpoon: 2747 Bowling: 2829 SPIN TO WIN: 3455 7.04 Bouncer: 2377 Harpoon: 1373 (Attack speed is reduced!) Bowling: 2377 Spinny Spin Garen Time: 2770 Conclusion? What a nerf! But oh well, it's not like the damage was THAT important in Insane anyway. Still, this makes me wonder if I should put any points in Defense Damage now
  11. Any chance a solution can be implemented in the future?
  12. Well it would work if the money you spent on upgrades aren't refunded. Think of it like re-speccing.
  13. I have an item that I spent points on that I now regret, are there any ways for me to revert the changes?
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