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  1. We think that should be fixed, too, but since we couldn't confirm, we didn't put it in the patch notes. Let me know if you're still running into it. peronally, the only times i enountered the ramster thing was when line of sight of the tower was not clear, i.e when they were placed in the bottom of stairs with the walls up top. i actually thought that was intentional for a while :P
  2. this is amazing, great work! havent managed to even complete c5 yet so got nothing to contribute on that front myself though :P
  3. forgot to mention the siege rollers. and yeah the range shard grind is indeed an extremely painfull one, got my first today after getting to ascension level 147 :D
  4. alrighty, pretty much the same stats my abyss lord is going for, so i can just switch my gear around to test out my gunwitch. thanks for the help ;)
  5. what towers are you using? you should try to opt for flamethrowers, ramsters and frostbite towers(just remember that the frosty bind shard is bugged and actually does the oposite of what is says). when you do the first few waves only upgrade frostbites and ramsters and you AA if you AA's cant handle the air, shouldnt really need to upgrade more than twice for AA. never upgrade flames though not worth it at all. usually after max frostbites i either do walls if required or ramsters if not. apart from that the best tip i can give you is keep experimenting, if something isnt working at all, try
  6. been playing around on my abyss lord since the patch hit and i kind of want to try out my gunwitch again. the problem is i have no clue what stats to go for, im currently farming c4 without any issues and doing the jump to c5 soon so i need something that is capable of doing c5
  7. currently i wouldnt recommend going for auras and beams. the EMP orcs or cyborks as they are called, literally completely shuts down both. hopefully this will change later on as i too enjoy auras in particular. you could possibly make them "usable" but no where near the level they should be at. auras also have a cap on their attack rate at 0.75 which makes gearing for it kind of uninteresting. tbh though i havent really tried beams so cant really say for certain if they are bad or good.
  8. i will suggest a fairly simple temporary solution to this untill you can get a proper fix for the issue. you could simply make bosses die in the same manner as regular units when everything else is dead or my preferred option to avoid just cheesing the bosses down by waiting for them to die, is make it so that bosses that doesn't move out of the spawning area for 1-2 minutes die by themselves. another possible option would be to temporarily remove siege rollers since the others doesnt take that long to kill when they are in the spawn area, but then again i like having the siege rollers around
  9. so i've been trying to use this shard for a while now, and it doesnt really seem to do anything atm. damage numbers are all the same as the ones without the shard equipped. anyone else done more extensive testing?
  10. thanks a bunch, been wanting to try out auras some more once i get the aura shard and range. dd2tools didnt have the info thats why i had to ask the forums :)
  11. do anyone have any information on which chaos level the Encroaching Flames shard is located?
  12. well the title pretty much says it all, currently the 1100 du available is way to restricted. especially for higher chaos levels. you cant even get enough towers per lane to defend effectively unless you already have insane gear and all the right shards. it should be at 1200-1250 range so you can actually defend each lane properly. Currently the only way to build on the map is to simply let the windows controls die which in my honest opinion isnt very rewarding. especially for people inclined to build in a way that loses no sub objectives. and even if you do build without defending them you s
  13. the range is ok, but it isnt good enough to put it out of the EMP orcs' range. not even sure if that would work though. never really been a fan of boost auras with the very limited DU some of the maps have. also where do you get the deadly strike shard? saw on the wiki yesteday it said chaos 1, today it was changed to chaos 4. been farming both interchangably for 15 ish hours
  14. so here it is, monk auras and nimbus clouds simply cannot be used in trials, because the EMP orcs just simply disables them before they even get in the auras range, same goes for nimbus clouds too. they get disabled at MAX RANGE of the cloud which is pretty damn broken. the orcs doesnt even have to do anything but casually walk on an opposite lane to ruin your day completely. but the nimbus cloud being disabled at max range has to be a bug no? its wierd though because it worked fine yesterday, they actually had to do the slam attack to disable the nimbus clouds. it could also be map specific s
  15. really starting to get sick of soloing everything..... and playing with randoms is out of the question. this needs fixing ASAP or people really will start to lose interest , me and my friend started playing 2 or 3 days ago, we had a couple of hours of playtime then this patch hit and been soloing ever since -.- its kinda lame that something this serious hasn't been fixed for 2 days, i've almost completed every map on hard solo....
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